Monday, December 22, 2008

Oops, I lied . . . again

I forgot that I have a book tour, tomorrow, so there will be one post coming up. Thanks to all for the Christmas greetings! We have something weird going on in our den, at the moment (puddles -- little cold puddles . . . no idea where they're coming from, although the roof is new, so it's not from above), so please pardon me if it takes some time to reply to comments! I have to clear out the den to make sure it's just in those few little spots.


  1. Yuck! I hope you figure out where you're getting puddles from. Have a Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks, Samantha! It's baffling. At the moment, there isn't more water bubbling up, so we're just waiting. My biggest problem at the moment is that the cat just took my seat on the futon. Ha. Reading waits for the cat to shove over. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, that is mighty strange! Hope it's nothing serious!

  4. uh oh. Puddles are never good, no matter where they come from.

  5. Ooh, a cat with a Santa hat! Granted it's cartoon but it's cute.

    Have a merry, merry Christmas Bookfool! And yes, hope you figure out where the puddles come from :)

  6. Debi,

    It's weird. We dried them up and so far nothing has come back, so maybe it was a fluke. And, the little puddles were small enough that I'm not *too* worried. But, you know . . . weird.


    That's kind of my thought. I asked my husband if he stumbled through the den with a glass of water and spilled some, last night. Of course, that's impossible. He goes to bed earlier than I do and is snoring before I turn out the light, but it was a nice thought. LOL


    Look back a year and you'll see that in 2007 I posed my cat in a Santa hat, poor critter. She is the most mild-mannered beast on the planet. Isn't the cartoon cute?

    Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  7. I hope you are able to figure out what is causing the puddles.

    My heater broke down last week and the repairman was telling me I should have a roofer come out and take a look at the roof around our heater/air unit. He was surprised we haven't had any leaks. And then of course, it's been raining. I've been dreading going home and finding puddles, but so far, I've been lucky. Let's hope it holds until I can get someone out to look at the roof.

  8. Wendy,

    We're totally clueless, but the good news is that the puddles haven't returned since hubby toweled them up. Weird. Also, the oven door just fell off. I think you and I need to get new houses. Hope you don't have any leakage with the roof. Normally, that's not a big worry in California, right? :)

  9. Yikes! Water issues are enough to send me to the looney bin! I hope your puddles are past history. As far as the oven door, maybe it's a sign to take it easy this week? :) I really dislike house issues.

    Merry Christmas, dear friend!

  10. Les,

    We've had so many water issues in this house, it's not even remotely funny. So far, though, no return. We'll see what happens when it rains.

    The oven door is a sign that we need to stop putting things off. It's been troublesome for a while; I couldn't shut it and David had to use force. It's a double oven, so we still have the smaller, bottom part to cook with, but we got a toaster oven just in case.

    I hate house issues, too.

    Merry Christmas, Les!!!


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