Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wahoo! Wednesday: Christmas edition

Wahoo! for snowflakes, even if the best we can do is plastic. I love even fake snowflakes -- paper, crystal, plastic . . . you name it.

Wahoo! for funky camera effects! Here's a swipe past our Christmas tree:

Wahoo! for compromise! We now have a tree with a combination of little birds and candy canes (the red blurs).

Everyone's happy. I bought enough candy canes for the kiddo to set aside a little pile to eat, so he won't be stripping our tree, at least for a few days.

Wishing everyone a wahooey day and a charming Christmas season!

Pine-scented, peppermint-tolerant Bookfool


  1. I love your little bird ornaments! And that's so perfectly a Bookfool tree :) Very nice.

    I'm a big snowflake fan too. Our Christmas cards this year are glittery snowflakes. Quite pretty! Speaking of, I need your address to send you one! Shoot me an email if you don't mind or just click the "contact me" button on the top of my blog.

    I'm glad that there's been a settlement on how the candy cane situation will be handled. The tree now gets to keep it's canes!

  2. Anonymous11:06 PM

    u r so good at taking wonderful pics.. you and Meryl are my favorites :)

    and Wahoo for such a cool blogger buddy :)

    have an awesome Christmas girl :)

  3. Fun pictures. Love your header picture and the quote, too.

  4. Chris,

    Thank you. My bird ornaments would surely love you, if you happened to walk in. The birds do add the Bookfool touch. :)

    Snowflakes are pretty, even if they're cheap plastic. I love the shape, the sparkle . . . just love 'em. I'll send you my address, tomorrow. I need to get to bed; it's 2:00 am.

    Yep, looks like things are settled! Kiddo had fun finished the caning of the tree and he has a little pile set aside to eat. :)


    Why thank you!


    Thank you!


    Thank you! Who is Meryl? I want to see her pics!

    I do have excellent buddies. Thank you. I wish you a wonderful Christmas, too!


    Thank you! Can you tell I'm suddenly in the mood to enjoy Christmas and all its trappings? :)

  5. First things first. I LOVE your header. Great photo!!

    I wish you could have some of our real snow. I'm not looking forward to the icy weather coming our way today. Might just have to stay home and read!

    I really like the abstract of your Christmas tree. Well done!!

    Pretty little chickadee hanging out in your tree. Oh, maybe I should decorate!!

    Happy Holidays!!

  6. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Can you come take pictures of our tree and ornaments?

  7. Yes, you are definitely in the spirit with snowflakes, crazy Christmas lights, and little birds! Love the header!

  8. Les,

    Thank you! I'm rather fond of the way that one turned out.

    I should pay attention to the news; I didn't know you have ice coming. You should definitely stay home. I prescribe a day in bed with a pile of books.

    Am I making you feel festive? ;)


    That kind of depends on where you live. :)


    We're all having fun with the season, this year. I think we needed a little joy in this house. :)

  9. Anonymous9:18 AM

    there You gor-

    She also takes cool pics :-)

  10. Pretty little bird :)

    So glad this year it's feeling a lot more Christmasy for you!

  11. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Great pictures. Merry Christmas to you too!

  12. Veens,

    I just looked. She does take wonderful photos. Thanks for the link!


    Thank you! We're having a good time. I used to love Christmas and now I remember why. :)


    Thank you!

  13. Wow...I love your pic with the cool camera effects! And I love the bird ornament...I just love to watch birds in general so I think I need one of those ornaments myself!

  14. Jo-Jo,

    Thank you! I've collected bird ornaments, the past couple of years and this is my first chance to use them. Some came from Pier 1 (don't know if they have any this year) and I think the rest were bought at Bass Pro Shop. I love Bass Pro; I could wander around in there all day. My husband thinks that's hilarious.

  15. I love the bird ornament! And I'm a fan of snowflakes too, even though I also never get to see any actual ones :P

  16. Nymeth,

    Thank you! I love my little birds. We get a snow that sticks about every 7 years, on average. And, by "sticks", I mean doesn't melt instantly. It may last an hour, but I'd rather see flurries or a tiny bit of accumulation than have nothing at all.

  17. Birds and candy canes...that sounds utterly gorgeous! Will you show us a picture of the whole tree?

  18. Debi,

    I'm not sure. The living room is a mess, but I'll try to get around to photographing the whole tree. It looks best in bits and pieces. When you let the kid decorate . . . well, let's just say he's not a perfectionist. :)

  19. I have to admit that although I don't like winter I love snowflakes. There's just something about them-they are just so beautiful. I do like when we have a snowfall that is the big snowflakes here. It's fun to go outside and let them fall on your tongue.

  20. Wahoo!!! We only have one little bird on the tree (present from Grandma off of her tree). Lots of cats, though!

    Love the special effects picture.

  21. Dar,

    I've always loved winter, but it's very possible I'd be tired of it, by now, if we'd ended up staying someplace farther north. :)

    Snowflakes are beautiful -- such a stunning little miracle of nature. I love the big ones, too, although you can imagine I don't see them very often. We haven't even seen flurries in 3 years.


    Cats! It's never even occurred to me to look for cat ornaments. How weird, since I love them. I can't find all of my little birds; I was really disorganized when I bought some of them because I came home to an emptied den and almost no walking room when I returned from Oklahoma, last year (and we still have no den). We're working on a major purge of possessions and I'm hoping I'll find the rest when we're going through boxes. But, after Christmas. :)

    Thank you!

  22. LOL...I know the feeling! I hand the kids the ornaments and they hang. Despite helpful suggestions of "make sure you spread them out" there's always branches with ornaments co-habitating and whole sections of the tree that appear to be no mans land. And somehow it just carries its own special beauty anyway...

  23. Debi,

    Yep, we had some gaping holes, for a while there. I quietly filled in the gaps with my birds, when the kiddo wasn't looking. He seems just fine with it. And, honestly, it wouldn't kill me to leave the tree alone, with candy canes clustering here and fighting there.

  24. I wish I could draw a decent snowflake, but then, I can't draw much of anything. :-) I was trying to decorate the attendance board at work this morning in hopes of livening it up. :-)

    I enjoyed the photos! Your mentioning of candy canes on the Christmas tree--I still have from years ago that we put on our tree each year (except this year--no tree this year). I hope no one ever tries to eat them. Haha I imagine they'd be very chewy by now.

  25. In a pinch, I'd go with scissors and white paper. Forget drawing. LOL

    Thank you! Oooh, I'd throw out those old candy canes. They do get a little nasty, after a while!


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