Monday, March 07, 2011

February Reads in Review - 2011

February was yummy. Lick, lick. It's true that I just said that because I wanted to use the photo above, but it was a decent month.

Incidentally, I hope this blog doesn't seem to be turning into the All Izzy, All the Time Channel. She's just so darn cute that I'm having a blast photographing Isabel. Fiona is still every bit as charming and lovely but Izzy is the one who is currently into everything and practically omnipresent (she's a little needy), so she's the kitty who tends to be handy for photography. I hope you'll pardon me for the onslaught of Izzy pics.

February Reads (with links to my reviews):

13 books, about 3,000 pages. It looks like I went super light on the reading, this month, with a little romance, a little non-fiction (nothing intense), a couple children's books and some very fun young adult reads. In fact, I'm kind of craving a little depth and thinking I may dive into a classic, soon. I've got The Phantom of the Opera sitting at my bedside and some historical fiction chunksters on the agenda.

Back to February: I really liked most everything I read, but How to Ditch Your Fairy, Moonface, The Procrastination Equation and My Love, My Enemy were my favorites. High Points and Lows was a really interesting perspective on faith that I couldn't always relate to, but I adored the author's down-to-earth thoughts, so it was an almost favorite, way up there in the enjoyment level. Gone was an excellent wrap-up to a series I've enjoyed. Overall, I'm happy with February.

How is your reading and blogging year going, so far?

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  1. You really have gotten a lot read, but my reading has been so stalled lately that I am starting to feel discouraged. I am hoping to get back into the swing of things soon. I also love all the photos of Izzy!

  2. I love the Izzy photos! I'm always taking pictures of my cats too and have hundreds of them on my computer. :) Congrats on all of the reading you got done in February!

  3. Zibilee,

    Some months are just like that. When I'm having trouble reading or feeling disappointed with what I've read, I'll often read a stack of children's books or YA, graphic novels or short books, just to make myself feel better. I hope you get back in the swing of things, soon. Many thanks! I have too much fun photographing my kitty girls!!


    Thanks! I always love your kitty photos, too. They're such pretty animals and it's always fun to try to find some new way to capture them. Thank you! I'm really happy with February. Need to read faster in March. I'm okay with what I've read, but I've got quite a stack to get through! :)

  4. Looks like you had a good month. :) My reading has been all over the place lately...

  5. Kelly,

    I'm happy with my month. My reading is *always* all over the place, but I know that's frustrating you. I hope things improve for you, soon!

  6. I made the favorite list! Happy.

    Of note, I am starting to REALLY realize what a tough world publishing is. Went to buy a copy of a Balzac and The Chinese Seamstress, which has been critically acclaimed and made into a movie, etc. To my complete surprise, bookstores are already no longer carrying it. Got a library copy though.

  7. Piers,

    You certainly did! I need to reread your book but I'm so swamped with real life that I only managed to read one book, this entire week. Horrors!

    The publishing world is a big bear with sharp claws that will rip you to shreds. And, it's kind of odd, too. I've seen some books I thought were poorly written linger on the bookstore shelves for years, still apparently selling, while books that receive critical acclaim either disappear or require special order. So, it's a big bear and an odd duck, that publishing world. I haven't read The Chinese Seamstress. Now, I'll have no choice but to look it up. LOL


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