Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taking a break

Quick, how many cats does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Answer: Just one and her name is Isabel. She's very talented.

Izzy, Fi and I have about 10 very busy days coming up. I'll be cleaning and enjoying family; the fur girls will help in a way that only felines can.

<---"Here, Mom, let me help you fold that towel."

"Housework? Where's the nearest cat-sized escape hatch?" ----->

At some point, either next week or the week after, I'll be touring The Mountains Bow Down by Sibella Giorello. But, I don't have a date for that tour, yet, and The Mountains Bow Down is the only book left in my sidebar that I haven't reviewed! Like, freak me out, dude.

Seems like a good time to take off, doesn't it? Maybe I can catch up on some reading, in between tossing out piles of whatever the heck is in those corners. Who puts all that junk in the corners of my house? I don't think I can blame the cats for the clutter (although they do have a massive kitty-toy collection).

First on the reading agenda: I must finish Cutting for Stone by next Wednesday. I have not yet managed to finish a chosen book in time for my face-to-face book group's reading discussion (well, except for those two in December . . . but the point is lost if you don't make it to the meeting), so I'm going to focus on that one. It should take me a few days, since Cutting for Stone is a chunkster. Otherwise, I'm just going to read what calls to me.

See you soon!!

Bookfool on a brief break


  1. How can I possibly take, and post, photographs of my kitties to compare with yours? No way! You capture your fur girls :) in the most wonderful states of being! Please, and I'll ask Lesley, too, won't you both come to Chicago this Summer after Italy? I can't go there, but I so want a girls time together with you two. Also, my mother read Cutting for Stone, and for what it's worth she loved it. Happy down time!

  2. Bellezza,

    Aw, you can do the same, no problem. It's just a matter of always having a camera handy, so when the cats do something interesting you run like a bunny (or a cheetah, or maybe in my case an elephant or hippo), grab the camera and snap, snap, snap! LOL Thank you, though.

    I would love to meet up with you and Les in Chicago! I so wish you could go with us. Les told me you can't. We may have a wedding, this summer, but maybe 2012?

  3. Have a wonderful and motivating hard, rest hard, and work hard!!

    I'm off to the Tucson Festival of the Book this weekend and want to store up on the good times as I start my Spring Break!! Yippee, this chica is ready to sit back and enjoy.

    My Airman says that Biloxi is warm and humid lately - fog at times and certainly different weather than he is used to. I hope that you are able to enjoy your spring!

  4. I love all the kitty pictures and I hope that you have a relaxing time away with your fuzzy friends! I also hope that you really enjoy Cutting for Stone. I have heard it's an excellent book, and I already own a copy that I am waiting for the right time to read.

  5. Inside a Book,

    Thanks. I'm not accomplishing much, but I did something I haven't done in over a decade, today -- I sat down to play the piano. I sucked!! But, it didn't matter; it was fun. :)

    I've seen a lot of chatter about the Tuscon Book Festival. Hope you have a great time!

    As to the humidity . . . it's nothing, right now. Your son is lucky he's here so early in the year. In two months, it'll be like a sauna. The Coast is pleasant but can be really intensely hot, like the rest of the state. At least it has the ocean breeze, though. I'm sure it's quite a change from Arizona!! I had trouble adjusting when we moved from Oklahoma, eons ago, and I'm not sure I'll ever be 100% used to humid heat.


    Thanks! I haven't read a word of Cutting for Stone, since my little self-declared holiday began, but I do plan to work on it, tonight. It's really good. I'm in a YA mood, though, so I read If I Stay, last night.

    Thanks, I'm glad you like the kitty pics! I have such fun with my fur girls. They follow me everywhere; I have a little 2-kitty entourage. LOL

  6. Enjoy your break! I really must email you!

  7. Thanks, Kelly!

    The kitty girls and I are having fun, getting ready for family to show up. Yes, you definitely need to write . :)

  8. Anonymous12:37 PM

    When the kitties show up, everything else becomes irrelevant! Yours are such sweethearts - that first photo is particularly fun.

    I have only one, a lovely calico named Dixie Rose, but she's all I can handle. She's beautiful but slightly demanding. I'm sure you don't know anything about that!

  9. Shoreacres,

    That was what I thought about cats -- I can only handle one!! Then, my son brought home our second kitty (this was two kitties ago; both of our first two girls have since died) and there we were. Demanding, for sure. But, they're such affectionate creatures. I still miss both Spooky and Sunshine but Fiona and Isabel are two completely different little balls of love and I am besotted. :)

    Thanks. They are certainly sweethearts. I feel very blessed to have them!! What a cute name, Dixie Rose! I love it!! :)

  10. Cute kitty pics!

    Enjoy your break and read lots of good books!

  11. Thanks, Iliana!

    I spent several days alone, cleaning madly, and now I'm just waiting for the family to show up!! Can't wait. I've had enough of this empty-house thing. LOL

  12. Enjoy your break with the kitties, and enjoy Cutting for Stone - I loved that book!

  13. Ann,

    Thanks! :)


    Thank you! The kitties and I had a fun weekend together (all the menfolk were away -- everyone's here, now). I just finished Cutting for Stone, this morning. It was such a great read -- really one you can sink your teeth into. Looking forward to tonight's F2F meeting!!! :)

  14. Enjoy your break! I've been reading a lot more books just for me lately and it's been fantastic! I hope you get to read a lot of fun books!

  15. Alyce,

    Thanks! I'm having fun with my reading. I finished Cutting for Stone (F2F discussion was great fun!) and the two YA books in my sidebar. All were enjoyable reads. I'm moving away from ARCs and back to just reading off my overstuffed shelves, but I've still got quite a few ARCs to get through. It's more fun to just let your whims carry you, isn't it?

  16. Leah S1:18 AM

    Oh my goodness....I love your cats!!

  17. Leah,

    Thanks! I'm pretty fond of them, myself. ;)


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