Friday, August 12, 2011

Fiona Friday - Little Buddies

Isabel and Fiona are both what we call "buddy cats" or "puppy cats," the type of felines who follow their human from room to room (I'm the chosen human -- Isabel, in particular, seems to be terrified of the guys' big feet). When I'm on the computer, Izzy is right here, tucked under the monitor or behind it.

Fiona, meanwhile, claims the floor. She sometimes will head off to the kitchen to lounge in her favorite chair, but usually she's right behind me when I'm at the desk or sprawled nearby when I fold laundry on the den carpet. When I'm reading, she chooses to curl up on her cardboard scratching pad, climb to the top of the IKEAs or gaze out the bedroom window.

It's a little difficult to get a picture of Fiona, these days. Can you tell she's not a big fan of the camera?

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  1. They so adorable! I feel like I've said that before once or twice :)

  2. They're both adorable. Our dog's gotten so she turns her head when I try to take her picture, even with my phone.

  3. Amy,

    Thank you! Yes, I do believe you have said that a time or two. ;)


    Thanks! Ah, darn. Frustrating, isn't it?

  4. Yes, Fiona looks a little more irritated. My cat sleeps under the covers of my bed during the day but at night she hangs out with me. I wish she had a friend to hang out with but she does not respond well to other cats. Sigh!

  5. My daughter has a puppy cat too, and he follows her around like the sun rises and sets on her. The others are more aloof, though for some reason they all like to crowd into the big bed at night! I love the lounging kitty photos!

  6. Jenny,

    I have to admit that wide-eyed look makes me chuckle, even if it means I'm not getting a more normal shot of Fiona. Cats are such a hoot.

    Aw, sorry your kitty doesn't want a buddy. Having two cats is cool because if one is not interested in hanging out with you, the other one usually is. I love it that mine get along. My last two kinda hated each other. I was worried that we'd end up with that happening, again, but fortunately we got our mild-mannered tabby, first, and only waited 6 months before adding Isabel to the family. I think that probably helped. Spooky was already 2 years old when eldest son brought home Sunshine. They were both great cats individually, but they fought a LOT.


    Puppy cats are the coolest, aren't they? I like a slightly needy yet independent pet. But, then . . . I just love cats. I take them however they come. Very cool about all your kitties piling into bed at night! Isabel is starting to climb up on the bed more often. I think she must have been just a little bit traumatized when we got her. It's taken her a while to gain trust in certain things. She used to cry if we picked her up, but now I can pick her up, cuddle her and give her a kiss without her fussing.

  7. They just look so CUDDLY! but do not bring them to Boston, 'K?

  8. Care,

    They are cuddly. And, I don't think they'd like Boston. Too busy-noisy for sensitive kitties!!


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