Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 Months Worth of Reading - Because I've completely forgotten to do monthly recaps, this year

A little bird told me it's almost June. Shock! Where does the time go? I haven't done a single "looking back" monthly update, this year, so I've decided to just throw five months' worth at you. If I've reviewed a book or at least mentioned it, there is a link to my review, below.




31. Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down - Sandra Boynton
35. Living Buddha, Living Christ - Thich Naht Hanh



62. The Lola Quartet - Emily St. John Mandel

Those I didn't review:

Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down by Sandra Boynton is an older book that I read intending to buzz through it then donate. Not only is it hilarious but it also happens to contain a lot of cultural references that make your eyes boggle a bit. Oh, yes, remember when computers were HUGE and everyone had a phone with a cord that attached to the wall? I'm sure it'll be doubly fun, 10 years years from now. #getridofFAIL

Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh is all about accepting each others' religions and living in peace. I loved it, but I wasn't sure what to say about the book and since it was a loaner borrowed from one of the ladies at the gym, I gave it back without pulling out any quotations.

Instead of reviewing The Lola Quartet by Emily St. John Mandel (which I liked but didn't love) the author will be dropping in to do a guest review, sometime in the near future.

I'm pretty sure I've reviewed everything else except I Always, Always Get My Way, which I mentioned briefly and took out of my sidebar but still intend to review. I've only got 2 or 3 children's books that I need to review. I may save them and have a Children's Day. We shall see. I'm completely unpredictable, let's face it.

I've read a lot of terrific books, this year, but May was not my best month because I finished quite a few that I probably should have given up on. My favorites were the two YA books, Pure and Glow, The London Eye Mystery, The Queen and Next to Love. Two Wars is excellent but the ending was a bit of a let-down as I wanted to know more about the after-effects of the deadly battle on the author. The Paper Garden and A Wedding in Haiti were both fascinating and I liked The Reconstructionist because it was so very different. The rest were so-so. The only book I finished that I really, really wish I hadn't read at all was Forgotten Country.

At the moment, I'm really enjoying my reading, though, so hopefully June will be a terrific reading month. I shall try to make it so.

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  1. Holy crap, girl! I can't believe how many books you've read this year! Keep up the good work!

  2. SO much more impressive than my year so far!! This month AND last month, I read one book each month :/ Awful..the good news is, you were responsible for two of those!! A Thich Nhat Hanh book and the Sleepy Hollow Family Almanac! Loved them both :)

    1. I think you have some pretty good excuses for not having a great year, so far, Chris!!! Hopefully, your reading will pick up, now that you're all moved and your dad is improving. He's still improving, right? Very cool that I was responsible for two reads that you loved! Thanks for mentioning that. :)

  3. You are doing awesome this year, Nancy! And you are way better at reviewing than I ever seem to be...

    1. Thanks, Kelly! Well . . . I try. I'm happy that I've at least said something about most of the books I've read. I've done a lot more combined mini-review posts than I'd like, but I'm happy. :)


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