Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tuesday Twaddle on Wednesday - PB release, new arrivals, la di dah

Today is Yesterday was Paperback Release Day for All Woman and Springtime by Brandon W. Jones!  It's a fabulous book.  I was really quite stunned that the book was this author's first.  You should definitely get a copy.  I'm twitter friends with the author and happy to report that he's hard at work on his second novel.  I absolutely can't wait to see what he comes up with, next.

I'm focusing on finishing up The Pope's Last Crusade:  How an American Jesuit Helped Pope Pius XI's Campaign to Stop Hitler by Peter Eisner.  Very timely, since the selection process for a new pope has been underway, this week.  A pope from Argentina!  Who'd have thought?  If I don't finish tonight, I should be locked up in a library for good.  I've only got a handful of pages remaining.

Recent arrivals:

The Registry by Shannon Stoker - A New Adult title from HarperCollins for review
Black Box by Julie Schumacher - A "young readers" book (looks like middle reader to me) that has been on my wish list at Paperback Swap for several years.  I know I originally found out about this by reading a blog review somewhere, but it's been too long to remember which blog.
Jericho Season 3: Civil War - A graphic novel that continues the TV series Jericho.  It backtracks a bit to fill readers in on the story.  I've already read this and enjoyed it (purchased).
Swimming at Night by Lucy Clarke - from Touchstone Books (Simon and Schuster) for review
Lincoln's Dreams by Connie Willis - from Paperback Swap.  Now that I own a copy, I see that a lot of people really hate this one.  Hmm.
My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante - Purchased; a Europa book I've been interested since its release.
Little Wolf Goes to School and Little Bear's Baby Brother by Mary Packard, illus. by Lisa McCue - from Sterling Children's for review with two others in the series

And, now:

Tuesday is on the brink of ending but I hope to get this posted just under the wire.  Kiddo is currently home on Spring Break and Huzzybuns took off the day to get some important things accomplished before they both abandon me -- Kiddo back to school at the weekend and Huz off to Merry Olde England.  I pretty much love having them around so it's going to suck when they both take off.

I suppose their absence should give me a bit more time to catch up on that nasty pile-up of reviews in the sidebar.  Either that or it'll be a good time to host a party.  Shhh!  Don't tell!  We'll read piles of books together and drink something . . . uh, posh?  Like fizzy grape juice!  Yes!!!!

I have to go, now.  I'm getting too excited.

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  1. That's the way to handle everyone leaving you. Go for it!

  2. How did I not know you're a Jericho fan??? I liked the graphic novel too, but honestly, I would have rather seen it played out on the small screen. Oh how I loved that show...

    1. Debi,

      I'm a new Jericho fan. I totally missed the series when it was on TV but it's available for streaming so I had a bit of a marathon, recently. I LOVED it! There were some oddities about it (like the fact that Stanley's farm really appeared to be on flat, Western-Kansas land, at the beginning but then later on it appeared to be located within rolling hills) but I loved the progression of the storyline, especially when it became more action-oriented. Like Firefly, I think it could have gone on for a very long time if it had been given a decent chance.

      Yep, I'd rather see a third season than read a graphic novel, but it was nice to have the option to read on.

  3. I'm shocked that you aren't tagging along to England! Hope you have a good party. ;)

    1. Couldn't go, this time. It's the Big Boss's trip and they're driving everywhere. No wives allowed to tag along. Sounds like a pretty exhausting trip, but I'm definitely envious. It's been snowing in Manchester. Kiddo and I are in misery with sinus headaches. Spring. I hates it.

    2. We're supposed to get more snow tonight. Again. Something must be in bloom somewhere, though. My husband's being sneezing for the past 24 hours. Ugh.


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