Saturday, March 23, 2013

Week in Review

This was a busy blogging week because the cats and I were all on our own, so I'm going to be kind and do a recap post.  

-- On Sunday, I spent the day on our patio, writing.  Birds, bees (not the nice European kind that are dying off, but the giant inch-long variety) and a lizard kept me company.  Isabel was irritated.  Writing with Friends is mostly photos, a montage of the wildlife that kept me company and a photo of Izzy looking grumpy.

-- Monday's Catch-Up Post included short reviews of The Dalai Lama's Cat by David Michie, Coventry by Helen Humphreys, Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans, Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, and Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

-- Monday Malarkey on Tuesday contained the usual malarkey: recent arrivals, some springy photos and -- well, this is unusual --a pic of the dog we dog-sat over the weekend.

-- On Wednesday I posted my review of Swimming at Night by Lucy Clarke.  Naturally there's a cat photo.  The girls are fascinated by something in the photo, but I don't know what because I was too busy snapping their portrait.

-- I posted my review of The India Fan by Victoria Holt on Thursday with -- get this -- no other material! No babble, no photos.  That happens maybe once in a blue moon.

-- Then, I forgot it was Friday and posted a review of The Pope's Last Crusade by Peter Eisner, with a photo of a cardinal -- you know, the kind with feathers.

-- By the time I realized it was Friday, I was already working on my review of Poison by Bridget Zinn, so I tossed in a Fiona Friday photo (of Isabel) and posted a second time.

I've just begun streaming Island at War.  Some moments are so intense that I have turned off the volume.

And, now I'm going to take off a week or so from blogging.  I'm on about page 300 of Elizabeth Chadwick's Shadows and Strongholds.  Husband is due to arrive home from the UK some time today; but, his first plane got a late start and we're expecting more inclement weather so it's likely he'll be delayed (and I'll get to sneak in a little reading time).  Have a terrific weekend and week!  Happy Reading!

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  1. Aw, cute picture. Have a great week!

  2. Hi. I am highly influenced by you. Your blog is my homepage on the browser. I used to read a lot prior to my graduation. Now I am almost 30 and my reading speed is approximately 40 pages per hour. Sometimes I even abandon the book I started reading. Maybe my concentration and focus have come down. I really want the friendly advice on what to read and how to read. I am a software engineer in India and apart from weekends I hardly get 3-4 hours of reading in the weekdays. I am a big fan of movies/TV Series too. I spend a lot of time in watching those. I want to invest more time in reading instead. Please show me the correct path.

    1. Amar,

      I think it's just a matter of discovering what topics you love. Once you know what appeals to you, reading more naturally follows.

  3. I have a lot to catch up on with you!! And I received a lovely postcard from you :D I shall send one back :)

    1. That's one reason I figured I might as well take a week off, Chris -- I've posted a *lot*. Time to stop and let my regular readers catch up.

      I'm glad the postcard arrived safely! Can't wait to see what you send. It can't possibly be as bizarre as that last one. LOL


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