Friday, January 27, 2017

Fiona Friday - Not sure I like this

This was a pretty cute interaction. Fiona was lying on the couch cushion when Isabel decided to join her. I thought that top photo looked like she was saying, "What is happening to me?" There was a photo that I took in-between, in which the cats touched noses, but then Fiona looked at Isabel (bottom photo) with an "I'm not sure I like this" expression and, sure enough, she didn't stick around. Still, the whole episode was adorable.

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  1. This totally reminds me of my cats. They only just tolerate each other. But I think if one were to die the other world miss them.

    1. Mine will snuggle together but occasionally Fiona thinks Isabel is just being a pain in the patootie and says, "I'm outta here." It's pretty funny. I do think even cats who dislike each other miss the other critter when it dies. I'm sure I've told you our last two were not great friends. I think Spooky missed Sunshine, for a short time, but she really loved being Only Cat, so it was mostly positive for her, having that last two years during which she got all the attention.


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