Tuesday, September 05, 2017

I'm back! How's everyone?

We just returned from vacation on Sunday and, of course, I've been away from the blog for about 6 weeks. So, I have a bit of book sorting to do (lots of arrivals - they just finally trickled down to nothing, this past 2 weeks) along with locating my calendar (still packed) and figuring out what exactly I read in August. When I step away from the Internet, I really step away. I didn't even log my reads, here, as I usually do. Thank goodness for the portability of Goodreads. 

Here's a cheetah blep (the tongue out of the mouth thing is called a "blep" in my kitty Facebook group - not sure if it's called that elsewhere):

I may have to do my usual Malarkey-type post in installments. Not sure how I'm going to work this, but at any rate, I hope to get my reads and arrivals posted very soon (starting tomorrow) and then return to writing reviews and putting up the normal posts. My reading suffered dramatically during vacation. We had long days and fell into bed exhausted at night so I only finished one book while we were in South Africa and finished another the night we arrived home.

Recent stats (to be updated with the full month's reads in August, soon) . . .

Books I finished:

  • Reincarnation Blues by Michael Poore
  • Defining Moments in Black History: Reading Between the Lies by Dick Gregory

Currently reading:

  • The Goddess of Mtwara and Other Stories: The Caine Prize for African Writing, 2017 - purchased in O. R. Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg - and there's another book I meant to buy but couldn't find on the return trip, darn it. 
  • The Way to London: A Novel of WWII by Alix Rickloff

We had three flights for the return trip (about 30-something hours of travel) and my ankles and feet always swell so badly that I have to take a day off to just rest up and let the swelling go down, so yesterday was spent trying to read and relax without falling asleep. But, I kept nodding off and dropping The Way to London on my face, which was pretty funny. We always try very hard to readjust to local time so I was fighting sleep hard. Apart from waking up at 3:30 AM, we both feel pretty normal, today, so I guess it mostly worked. We're shifting back to home time quickly.

The kitties are so happy we're home. I was showered with affection (kitty kisses, lots of chattering about how happy she was to see me from Isabel, lots of rubbing and being climbed upon and a good bit of fur up my nose) from both girls but they were calm and clearly well cared for while we were away.

To any Texas friends impacted by Harvey, I've been thinking about you. Having lived through Katrina and her aftermath, I understand that the recovery is a long and painful process. Here's hoping that Hurricane Irma is not as catastrophic to the U.S. as expected.

Hopefully, I'll get myself organized and start posting book photos, tomorrow! How has everyone been? Read anything fabulous?

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  1. Welcome back! Love the cheetah pic I'm glad your kitties survived your absence and I look forward to seeing you around again.

    1. Thanks, Jenny! It's good to be back.

  2. Cute kitty. :) Glad the jetlag wasn't dreadful. No hurricanes here, but the smoke from the fires is pretty awful.

    1. Thanks, Les! Honestly, I don't feel jetlagged at all; Huz is having it a bit rough, though. The only problem I'm having is waking up at 3AM. Hopefully, we'll both get over that, soon. We've just stayed up, so far, and crashed early. The fires sound absolutely horrifying. Looks like Irma is headed north through Florida and to the Carolinas, now, but I stocked up on hurricane necessities, just in case, and I was not the only one. The bottled water and bleach were especially low at Walmart. I'm sure people are remembering Katrina and being cautious, as I am.


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