Monday, December 11, 2006

Six Weird Things About Me

I've been tagged by Bellezza. Thanks, Bellezza, I love being tagged!

The Rules: Each player of this game starts with the “6 weird things about you”. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

There are a heck of a lot more than six weird things about me, I'm sure. But, here goes . . .

Six Weird Things About Me

1. I can spend hours just looking up a silly image to go with one of these memes and then I end up with something that looks like a kindergartener designed it. What a waste. So weird, too, right? But, I really like the two I found for this particular meme.

2. I used to hate change and now I can't stand the lack of it. When I was young and my parents sold a chair, I told them they could NOT take it away and held on to the wooden slats at the back until I ran out of strength. Now, sheesh, you could have just about anything but my books. It's just stuff. I'd love to go back to moving every 18 months for the fresh start.

3. When my husband is away on business, if he doesn't call me within a certain amount of time, I am always, always frantic. I visualize him lying in a ditch or inside twisted wreckage and I'm just sure he's been carjacked or mugged or something until he calls. One time, I called the credit card companies to see if he'd managed to at least get to the airport to rent a car (yes, and nobody carjacked him, even though he was in Florida).

4. I have a couple of strange fears in public - that I'll smell bad or make an unpleasant, um, noise (you know, like pass gas - that qualifies for both). I told a friend about those fears, once, and she laughed so hard I thought she was going to give herself an aneurysm.

5. I married young because my then-boyfriend gave me an ultimatum - marry me or we break up - and I was afraid nobody else would ask. I was 19 when I walked down the aisle. A little young to be worrying about potentially becoming an old maid, I must admit. Amazingly, we're still together after 24 years and sometimes like each other.

6. Probably the weirdest thing about me is that I have the occasional experience that I'd call "psychic". The best example is probably the recurring vision that I had before 9/11. We were scheduled to leave for a trip to England and Scotland on Sept. 21 of 2001. From the moment my husband bought the tickets, I had this strange feeling that we weren't going to be there; I couldn't visualize myself in England even though I'd been there twice. As we got closer to the date of our departure, whenever I thought about our trip I would "see" a large passenger plane flying over green, green country and hear the word "Lockerbie". I thought I was seriously losing it, but it got so intense that I finally told my husband on Sunday, Sept. 9. He's known me since I was 17, so he's familiar with my "feelings" and knows they can be frighteningly accurate, but he absolutely did not know what to do about it. On Tuesday morning, I called him at work and said, "Okay, now I understand that vision - Lockerbie was a terrorist attack involving a passenger plane, so it was just a warning of what was coming." I didn't think it really had anything to do with us, apart from the fact that we wouldn't be going to England. Hubby said he realized the meaning of my "vision" as soon as he saw what was happening. It was soooo weird.

Freaked out, anyone? And, what do you think of that statue? Weird enough for ya?

And, as I said, I could come up with a lot more. I'm definitely a beat or two off from the rest of humanity, but I'm used to it.

I'm having a terrible time getting to other blogs, sometimes, so I'll hope the people I tag have not already done this one. So . . . I nominate Angela (aka SciFiChick), Nat, Lotus, Sassymonkey, Marg, and Bookgirl. If you've already done this one, just ignore m
e. I can cope, really. And, I don't mind if it takes you a month to get to it; I know this is busy time for everyone.

Bookwise . . . I finished two books, this weekend: Holiday Wishes by Kate Austin, Stevi Mittman and Mary Schramski and Awakening by Kate Austin. Hope to get the reviews for those and some challenge buttons and lists up, soon. Pardon my sluggishness.

Currently reading: Holly by Jude Deveraux

Yours in weirdness, Bookfool


  1. Oooh, I've had those psychic moments, but most of mine have involved premonitions in dreams and whatnot. Freakily accurate premonitions.

    And I love the images you come up with for posts!

  2. Me weird? Never! Right - ha,ha. I love this and I can relate to your psychic stuff. I have so many stories of weird things like that happening to me. Anyway, I promise to do this meme later this week :)

  3. Andi,

    I've had the dream kind of premonition, also. It's the waking visions that really freak me out, though, I guess because having a vision while you're awake screams, "Psycho Woman". LOL

    And, thanks. Gotta be careful, though, looking up images for words like "weird", I discovered!


    Oh, boy, I can't wait to see what you have to say!!! Thanks for playing! I hope you'll tell at least one psychic story. I think the real ones are even better than fiction. :)

  4. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Hi, bookfool!

    Many thanks for tagging me. This looks like a great meme and I would love to do it, however, there may be a slight delay,hope that's OK.

    I'm totally in awe of your psychic abilities, bookfool. It's a beautiful gift and there are many ways you can hone in on your already sharp instincts. I wish I could think of some book titles off the top of my head that teach you to do this, but I can't. One book that does come to mind is "Practical Intuition" by Laura Day, but I'm not sure if that's the one you'll need.

    Great meme and I enjoyed learning more about you!

  5. Lotus,

    There's really no hurry on the meme. I kind of like it when these things get dragged out so everyone has a chance to post their version. :)

    I'd love titles about honing psychic abilities, so if you ever think of any, let me know! I just looked up Practical Intuition and it appears to be about using your intuition in decision-making, so that's probably not the right title for me, but I've never bothered to look. I think I'll go play in a bit. Thanks!

  6. What an amazing psychic story! I would have been completely stunned on 9/11 if I'd been having those premonitions. More stunned than I already was, actually.

  7. Bookfool, thanks for participating! I loved the pictures as much as I loved the responses; that top one would be great on a letterhead, wouldn't it? Shock the heck out of the recipient...anyway, isn't it weird about how sometimes we get this attachment (like to your chair)? I remember meeting a girl my age in Italy, when I was about 8. We played together all day, and when it was time to leave the beach, I was INCONSOLABLE! Hello, I didn't even know her! I also can commiserate with giving stuff away. I'd love a fresh start after inheriting all my furniture from my beloved family, or my husband's. Therefore, it's sentimental, but not necessarily beautiful. I'm glad that you were not injured in Lockerbie! Phew, it's good your husband supported your premonition.

  8. Les,

    Like everyone else, we were shocked, stunned, and horrified on 9/11. But, yeah, it was quite a moment when we realized that the vision was really a premonition and . . . well, probably relieved that I didn't require a visit to a room with mattress wallpaper. LOL


    Isn't that a great photo? My eyes were watering and I had to reach for a kleenex to get the mascara out of them, after I saw that. It was a great moment because kiddo was right behind me and also laughing.

    It really is funny how we cling to things, definitely! I still could use some help getting rid of clutter I cling to (from a neutral party, to whom those stupid little trinkets mean nothing), but the older I get the more I realize I don't need anything but a few outfits, a bed to sleep on, a roof over my head and food to eat. Some people don't even have those things. I need to dwell on that thought. :)

    And, yes, I'm very lucky I have a husband who takes my sixth sense seriously. He could tell you a few more doozies. LOL

  9. Writing up my list now.. so many to choose from..

  10. Alright I posted my list of weirdness :) And, it's official, I've joined the chunkster challenge and posted a button and all!

  11. Oh, boy! Can't wait to see your list, Angela.

    And, I'll be right over, Bookgirl!

  12. Nancy, I posted my weird things on Bellezza's original post if you're interested. Just wasn't in the mood to put it out there officially on my blog. I'm such a party-pooper these days.

  13. Les,

    I enjoyed reading them. It's okay to be a party pooper. Your blog is your domain, after all. :J)

  14. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Bookfool, loved reading your meme. This may be one of the best memes I've seen, it's so revealing and fun. I love the images you found and kindly shared. My husband sent me an email that had the top image along with several other inventive ad gimmicks. Very funny. I would like to know more about that funny one at the bottom of your post. Wouldn't you like to know what was the artist's reasons for making this one? Was that a reaction he had personally received or just a haunting nightmare?

  15. Booklogged,

    Thanks, you're too kind. I'm glad you enjoyed reading all about my weirdness. Sounds like you have a cool husband. Mine only emails me to send reminders (most say, "We need to deal with this") or tell me to go answer the darned cell phone. It's a good thing I like him (and am a very, very tolerant woman). LOL Yes, I'd really, really like to know what on earth was going through that sculptor's head!!!!

  16. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Ok, I posted mine. Your pychic vision about 9/11 is rather spooky. I get deja vu from dreams sometimes, but it's just mundane daily things. I find it oddly comforting though. You might like the book I just finished, About Grace. The main character sometimes has dreams in which he can foresee the future, often a death, and how he copes with that information. Anyway, I'll post a review in the next day or so.

  17. Nat,

    Great! I'll pop right over to see yours. That sounds like a great book; I'll watch for your review. Pardon my brevity; I'm a little off, today. :)


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