Sunday, December 10, 2006

You asked for it! Chunkster Challenge Guidelines

Because I need a break from wrapping up presents to pop in the mail, tomorrow, here are your (ta-da!)

Chunkster Challenge Guidelines

1. Time period: The Chunkster Challenge will run from Jan1, 2007 - June 30, 2007.

2. How fat must a "chunkster" be? Anything that makes you say, "Whoa! That's freakin' intimidating!" But, my personal opinion of what constitutes a chunkster is anything over 400 pages.

3. How many books do I have to read? Here, again, I'm going to be extremely flexible because some of you have busier lives, read slower, or are just too terrified to shoot too high and I think that's fine. If you only want to challenge yourself to read one, so be it. So, the official answer is however many you choose.

4. Do I have to choose specific titles? You can either choose specific titles that you want to read during the 6-month challenge OR you may list a pile from which you hope to read a specific number. Please include what you intend to read in a post at your blog site, when you sign up. You know, just to make it look official. You can link back to this post to be kind to other people, but it's not a requirement.

5. Why are you making this so ridiculously flexible, you foolish woman? Because I'm not very good at choosing titles and sticking to them. Let's face it, people, Bookfool is one flighty chick. So, I'm going to have a pile from which I plan to attempt a certain number, myself.

6. Will there be prizes? Glory? Little angels making joyful noises when I finish? Whoa! Angels? Okay, yes, there will be some prizes because I like giving things away. I'm probably not as good at choosing prizes as Santa, but I'll do my darnedest and I plan to hold two drawings - the first will be for a tote bag to carry your chunksters around, on January 8, and the final drawing at completion of the challenge will probably be really cool but I'm not sure what's in it, yet. Glory? Well, you'll get your name on a list if you succeed. Little angels singing? 'Fraid not. Unless I'm missing something. Prizes will be random. Randomness is the way life goes, after all. Guess I need to locate a hat to draw names from.

7. How do I sign up? Post a comment to this little guideline post--be sure to include your name and blog site-- by January 7. Please do me the kindness of writing out the URL to your blog site, as I'm still having a great deal of difficulty loading pages since setting up a new computer (I have a lousy connection, anyway). You can call yourself by your iconic name - like Bookcrazy or Booknut or whatever, rather than a real name. I don't mind that a bit. But, if you win a prize I'll kind of need to know who you really are and where, because the postman doesn't like me to address things thusly: "Booknut, Somewhere in North America or on one of those other continents". For some reason, that just doesn't work. I will leave you a no-stalking promise, which means I won't share your personal info with anyone.

8. What if I don't know how to copy that button thing and put it on my blog site? Then, you and I probably have something in common. I'm working on how to put the button in my side column and link to my own post. The button isn't crucial, but it's really cute, isn't it? Carrie at Overdue Books created the button. You have my permission to call her nice names and shower her with gifts for being a kind soul.

9. Should I tell you every time I finish a book on my challenge list? No. Please wait till June to inform me of your success and at that time I'll compile a list of those who finished and the titles they read.

If I've forgotten anything, please feel free to say so. If the comment list gets overwhelming, I'll wave and tell you I'm drowning. This will require at least one of you to send me an alpha male to rescue me. Hahaha.

Happy Reading!


  1. YAHOO! I'm in Bookfool! Clicking on my name goes to my site of "Thoughts of Joy...".

    And now that you count 400 as a "Chunkster", my book is worth over 2! :)

    Thanks for taking the time to do such a wonderfully, informative post!

    Can't wait to start.

  2. Anonymous6:12 PM

    I am going to go for the Chunkster Challenge prize or not! I'll post my list as soon as I can find some chunky books that grab me.

  3. Bless you! (Is it okay to say that?) The flexibility you are so kindly allowing us gives me a chance to participate. Now to think of which books I want to select . . .

    As Janet said, prizes or not, it's fun just to be a part of challenges like this.

    Thanks, Bookfool! My site is called Musings of a Bookish Kitty, which you can get to through my username. I also go by Wendy, either one is fine to use.

  4. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Hey Bookfool! I am all in! I have had books that have been screaming at me to read. lol I I have quite a few with 5 additions depending on how time allows. :) My site Lover of Books and you can find it off my name. :) This is going to be so much fun!

  5. Anonymous8:12 PM

    My list is posted. I'm using a minimum of 600 pages and planning for one a month (with a couple of spares just in case). The first two will overlap with the Classics Challenge.

    My list is posted here:

  6. Hi Joy, Janet, Wendy, Krista and Suzi!

    Glad you're all joining in!

    Actually, Joy, a book is only one book no matter how you slice it but I think sagas like Lonesome Dove feel like more than one book! ;)

    Wendy, I love your blog and that little kitty in the library is darling. I can see my list of blogs I love is going to grow, thanks to this challenge!

    Hi Krista! I need to add you to my bloggy links - nudge me if I forget.

    SuziQ, If I was as organized as you are, I would have written your name down a week ago. But, I'm not. Darn.

  7. I can do only one book? Fabulous! Okay, I think I can manage one, in six months. The trick is naming it and then actually reading the darn thing. It's my 24/7 work season, Feb-May, which is one reason why I didn't jump on this in the first place.

  8. Literary Feline,

    I forgot to answer, sorry. Yes, it's okay to say "bless you". I'm pretty sure I've sneezed recently, even if you weren't allowed to thank me for being flexible. :)

  9. Carrie,

    That's why I'm saying it's okay to just read one if that's all you can handle. Everyone has different things going on, so I figure if it's a challenge to you to read one fat book, why not? The more the merrier, eh? :)

  10. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Aw Bookfool - I'm not really as organized as I appear to be. I figure if I pretend to be organized - maybe some of it will really rub off.

    BTW - Thanks for kicking off this challenge and making me really pull some of these off the shelf and actually read them!

  11. Anonymous10:11 PM

    I'm in. Love your flexible rules. I've been struggling, trying to figure out which books to read for all these challenges. My goal is to have my lists up for all the challenges in the next week... or 2! :P

  12. I am in. I am currently still defining my challenge, but I am cross challenge reading Moby Dick in January. After that we will have to see.

    My site:

  13. Anonymous5:01 AM

    I'm in! I always love having chunksters around, so that part won't be difficult - actually reading it at the allotted time might be more difficult! LOL!

  14. Woo! I'm in! I'll work on my list and post it soon.

    And just wave that pretty little hand and I'll send Hugh on over ;)

  15. Anonymous6:08 AM

    I've been waiting for this one, I'm in!!!

    Will post my choices in a few days. Thanks so much,bookfool!

  16. Don't know if I could do this challenge, as I have a ton of books in my TBR pile.. and none of them are chunksters.

    Thanks for the books and bookmark though! I just got them on Friday.. and I've already started Touched by Angels.

  17. I had said I wasn't going to do any more challenges but this isn't too bad at all! I'll think on this a bit and post soon.

  18. Anonymous10:50 AM

    I'm going to do this one!
    It sounds like a lot of fun.

    now - I just have to browse my books to find ones that fit. I tend to hide the chunkster's because they scar me. lol!

  19. Oh, boy, aren't we going to have fun?


    I used to do the same thing and I think you could have described my life as "organized chaos". Now, just drop the organized portion and you've got it. :)


    I'm still working on my lists, too. Holiday demands are taking over my life a little. I'm glad you're joining!


    Nice to meet you! Yours was one of the rare pages I managed to load, this morning, and I love it. Thanks for joining in!


    I haven't been to your blog in a while because of problems with loading pages, but I actually succeeded, today - love the idea of the blog tour! And, thanks for joining!


    You can just go ahead and send Hugh on over, hon. I don't need to be on the verge of drowning to appreciate him. ;) Let's just tip the challenge boat a little for effect, though, shall we?


    I got all three of your messages and deleted two of them, since they were the same. I absolutely cannot get to your blog at all, right now! I have no idea what the deal is, but I'll keep trying!! Glad you're joining!


    There are an awful lot of challenges to balance, aren't there? Glad you're with us! I have to list mine, pretty soon, also.

    Hey Kris,

    I bury my chunksters, too. I've been digging them out, though. We can be terrified together. :)

  20. You already know I'm in on this challenge, but here's my official "Sign me up!" comment and the link to not only my blog, but the post which has my huge list of possibilities. Eeeek! I'll get the widget/button in my side bar, asap. Great turn out, btw! Everyone's talking about the Chunkster Challenge.

    I actually posted my list a few days ago. I am going to make my challenge for a year, but during the period you are hosting for, my aim is to read 3-6 books from the list provided at the above link.

  22. Here's my list!!!

  23. **GIGGLE**

    I would NEVER use Hugh to win a challenge! NEVER! I find it too hard to share him ;Þ

  24. Angela,

    Glad the books made it safely! The challenge is meant to help get through fat books lying about, so don't worry if you don't have any chunksters to challenge yourself with. It just means you're one of the lucky people who don't bring home books that frighten them. I'll never quite get why I do that. Oh, yeah, maybe because I just love books so much I figure I'll read everything, eventually! :)

  25. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Hi, bookfool!

    Sorry about those duplicate comments - blogger's acting all weird on me today. And don't worry about not being able to access my blog - hopefully this is just a glitch which will disappear in a few days.

    I'll put my list up soon.

  26. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I'm so excited about this challenge and can't wait to start reading all those chunksters that are sitting around :)

  27. It's probably because the large books that I do buy, I'm so excited to read them, that I do it right away.

  28. Yes, please, count me in too! I definitely am up for Chunksters, especially Russian Chunksters! There's something about devouring a long book, more than 400 pages, which really lets you dwell in it. I hate to close the covers!

    Now I'm going to try to post your button on my sidebar. We can all be in prayer for me...

  29. Les,

    I'm an airhead, so thanks for reminding me that you're joining. I hope I'll be back to blog-hopping soon, but the husband is gone for the 4th week in a row and he's in charge of getting the DSL. Soon, soon, I hope!!!


    Gotcha! Thanks for the link!


    Thanks. You MUST share Hugh! It's part of the unwritten chunkster rules. ;)


    No problem about the duplicate comments. That happens all the time. I'll keep checking back; I miss visiting your blog!


    Welcome and uh-oh. I love your blog! My bloggy links are going to be huge! I particularly love kitty pics. :)


    I wish I managed to do that, but I tend to buy piles from the library sale and that's what really bogs me down. Hopefully, this challenge will help me catch up a little on the fatties!


    I'm also quite fond of Russian writers. And, darn, I really need to put the button in my own danged sidebar. I'm trying to keep up with all the posts and clean my messy house. It gets a little out of hand when I'm not feeling well.

  30. Count me in! I posted my list at Overdue Books

    So many of my TBR books are chunksters. This is a great challenge for me.

    Glad you liked the button!

  31. Anonymous3:47 AM

    I have posted three titles on my blog

    I may add more but for now this ought to keep me happy.

  32. I wasn't going to commit to another challenge, but with rules like this, who can resist?! Count me in - I will do at least one. I have lots of books to choose from, so it will take me a day or two to narrow them down and put in a list. I'll then choose from the list. Thanks for doing this - I really do love chunky books!

  33. Michelle,

    I love the button! Thanks, again! I've got you added to the list. :)


    I haven't even managed to post a title, yet, so you're doing great. Michelle is also going to read The Book Thief. I hope the two of you love it as much as I did! I tried to leave a message on your comment page, but it wouldn't let me get to my blogger account, btw. Not sure what was up with that, but I've got you listed!


    No hurry on the posting, babe. I just want to get everyone added to my little list for drawing purposes. I'm glad you're joining us!!

  34. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Nancy -- I didn't know, 'til this morning, that it was YOU putting forth this challenge! I'd just heard of it alllll over the Blog-o-sphere, and had made up my mind that I wasn't joining, as I couldn't possibly do it.

    But, my group was talking about it so much, that i decided to ask more about it.... and now I'm signing up!

    Here's my link:

    (Or, click here). :o)


    <>< Mizbooks

  35. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Ok, ok, since you are so easy to please, I'm in!! Here's the link to my choices:

    My blog is:


  36. Hey Jenn!

    Yep, it's little old me. Funny, Les said she's hearing about the challenge all over the place and I haven't seen much, but because of computer trouble. Kinda cool to have started a buzz about something!

    I need to list the books I'm going to read for the TBR challenge and get that crazy button up. I'm like a 2-year-old trying to write my name with a fat crayon when I do HTML. LOL

    Okay, gotcha down. Thanks for the link and I'm thrilled that you're joining in!!!

  37. Here is a link to my chunkster challenge version. Lot's of big books in my tbr pile, though not all are weighty in other ways.

  38. Lisa,

    My husband might disagree that I'm easy to please. LOL Glad you're joining. I love your blog. :)


    That link didn't show up, but no worries. I've already located your blog and added it to my list. Thanks!!

  39. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I don't know why you could post except maybe because I am using beta. Anyway. I am ready.

  40. Janet,

    I meant I haven't gotten around to listing the books I'm going to attempt for various challenges. I need to get on the ball. December's a busy month; that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. ;)

  41. Claire and Hollydolly,

    Glad you're joining in!! I've added you to my list!

  42. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Hooray! I'm in! my site is called Wormbook (url: Looks like fun.

  43. Ellen,

    I'm glad you're joining! Thanks, I've added you to the list. :)

  44. I would like to join the Chunkster Challenge too!
    I may have to think about what title to choose from.
    But I am seriously thinking of reading the Bible from cover to cover both the old and new testament.
    Does that count?
    I think it may take me til June to do it.


  45. Okay, I'm in. I'll post my list tomorrow or maybe later today.

  46. Thanks, Paula and Kookiejar for the URLs. :)


    I don't see why not! The Bible is a book, all right - and it's monstrous. I've been thinking about making another attempt to read it in a year, myself. I've failed several times.


    Great! I've got you added to the list!

  47. Are we allowed to count re-reads towards this?

    I ask because last year I challenged myself to read 100 books (for a Livejournal community) and found that it put me off re-reading longer books, because I knew I wouldn't make my two-per-week goal.

    I'd love to revisit some longer books, and am not at all fazed by 400 pages ordinarily. But I don't think I could read ONLY long, previously unread books for six months...

  48. K,

    It's a self-challenge, really, so you're only challenging yourself to what you feel like you can cope with or desire to read. There's no way I could just read chunksters for six months. I'd completely lose my mind.

    So, the short answer is, "If you think it's a challenge to reread a chunkster or two (or, however many), fine." I'm not the chunkster police. Oh, boy, that sounds funny.

    Anyway . . . you decide how many you want to try to read and what titles you're going to attempt. As I mentioned in the guidelines, you can list a stack and say, "I want to try to read three of those," as I've done. Or you can choose specific titles. The idea is to shove yourself through something that you'd otherwise put off.

    Also, if a 400-page book doesn't normally faze you, I'd shoot for longer ones because otherwise you're not really challenging yourself, right?

  49. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Do I have a choice? Find my post up by the end of the evening. Sign.*Shouts of joy*Crash* Now where did I put those books?

  50. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Hi there! I'm new here but do count me in. I'll post my list soon :)

    You can find me here:

  51. Nessie,

    LOL I know that crash noise well. :) Glad you're joining! We'd be lost without you, of course.

    Bookish Lore,

    I just peeked at your blog and love that name, Literary Craving. So fitting! I've added you, thanks!!

  52. I'm in.

  53. Gotcha, Isabella!

    Sorry you don't like the name, but I'm glad you're joining in!!

  54. Ooo I want to participate as I love reading chunky novels but I don't have a book blog, just a book livejournal:(

  55. OK, I'm in, then!

  56. Jodie,

    Cool, glad you're here. :) Do you have an address where I can "find" you if you win something?


    Yea! I'm glad you're joining us!

  57. Hello again! I finally posted my list for the Chunkster Challenge. Thanks for hosting it!

  58. Thanks bookfool! Then I will do that, and choose to read the Bible,from cover to cover (the one with the old and new test.combined) as my chunkster challenge!

  59. Anonymous1:29 AM

    I want to join in, too! I'll comment again later today with my list, I want to do some research on some of these other blogs to look for something great!

  60. Paula,

    Terrific and good luck! The Bible is quite challenging. I've just recently bought a new version that I hope I'll be able to get through. Fingers crossed. I'm chipping away at it, little by little. :)


    I've got you added to the list! Peeked at your blog and I know what you mean. I want to be able to speak freely, so there are a few people I haven't told about my blog.

  61. I will be reading Wilkie Collins's The Moonstone.

  62. Great, Claire!

    I've got you down. The Moonstone and The Woman in White are two novels I hope to get to, some day.

  63. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Ok, my list is finally up HERE.

  64. The one book I've been putting off for years because of its intimidating size is War and Peace. So I'll join your challenge and finally read War and Peace, and one or two other chunksters. The list is up at the sidebar of Masterpieces.

  65. Nat,

    Cool list. I've got White Teeth and need to get to it. It's buried, though, somewhere. I need to turn one room into a library. And, I flipped through I Am a Cat in Barnes & Noble, last week. The copy I looked at had far more pages - closer to 800, I think. The prose alone looked to be pretty challenging.

    Thanks for leading me to your post!

  66. Henk,

    I've added you to my updated list. Every single one of the books on your challenge list fall under the "tried and failed" or "hope to get to" categories on my mental bookshelf. Don Quixote is so good. I can't figure out why I can't finish that book. Best of luck and thanks for joining!

  67. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Thanks for the challenge! I am using it as extra special sauce on a couple of weighty tomes that are a struggle. My bookish blog is:; my post about joining the challenge is therein.

  68. Great idea - Can you add me to your challenge list? Thanks!

  69. Eva,

    I've added you to the list, thanks! I'm terrified of James Joyce, myself. Maybe if I took a class I could handle reading his work with other people . . . I don't know, though!


    Yeppers, you sure can join! I just peeked at your list, also, and I see we have a couple of challenge books in common. I'm really hoping I'll get to The Way the Crow Flies, early on. It's a biggie, all right.

  70. Bookfool, I've posted a hopeful list for your challenge here:
    I'm excited but daunted.

  71. Framed,

    I'm just now looking at your list (busy day, here!). I've read four of them: Wuthering Heights, The Book Thief, The Thirteenth Tale and Outlander. I wasn't particularly fond of Wuthering Heights or The Thirteenth Tale, but most everyone else in the world seems to like them. I LOVED The Book Thief. And, as huge as Outlander is, I read it in three days. I'm a slow reader, but I couldn't put that sucker down. Unfortunately, I hated the ending and haven't read any more of the series.

    Try not to be daunted - it's for fun and to try to knock some of the biggies off the pile. If it works, it works. It's not worth stressing over, though, ya know? I felt that way when I started thinking about all the challenges and then I decided I'm just going to do my best and get see what happens. :)

  72. I'm in too!! I'll have to think about my list some, but I may cross over some I have listed for a couple of other challenges. Thanks for hosting such a fun idea - to help us dive into those giant tomes sitting around...My blog is Reading at the Nest.

  73. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I'd love to join! I think clicking on my name should give you the link to my blog, but just in case:

    I'm off to choose books for the challenge now!

  74. Jackie,

    I've added you to the list of participants, but I'm getting a dead link. It might be just me, but can you double-check it for me?

  75. Aarti,

    I've added you, thanks. But, uh-oh, you have a lot of interesting titles on your list. You're making me drool. No book-buying, no book-buying. Oh, who am I trying to kid? LOL

    Love your blog. :)

  76. Anonymous12:52 PM

    How kind of you to say you like my blog when I only have three entries on there :-) Unless you're referring to LiveJournal. It's only been about 1.5 hours since I set up at Blogger, and already people are being so welcoming! I love it!

    I think it makes sense that you like the books on my list- I'm a fan of a wet Colin Firth as well, so we clearly both have excellent taste!

  77. Aarti,

    Yes, it's the blogger version I was referring to. I like the look, the layout, the name, and the posts! Even though there aren't many!

  78. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Thanks! I replied to you at my blog, before realizing you probably won't check there!

  79. Anonymous5:30 PM

    I really like this idea! Please sign me up! My blogger site is, and you should be able to get there through my user name...

  80. Count me in! I think I will read Ahab's Wife . . . I have picked it up several times at Barne and Noble, and tis is a terrfic excuse to buy and read it!

    I am at Persian Purls and Yarnovers

  81. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  82. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Count me in. I'm just reading one, though: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.

    My blog is

  83. Hi - sorry - it's I think I had a typo in it! My name doesn't work since my blog is in typepad. Thanks!

  84. BeccaU,

    I've got you down, thanks!


    I got both of your messages and deleted the second one - sometimes blogger can be a headache. :) Got you added to the list, thanks!


    One is better than none, if you ask me. :) I've added you, thanks!


    Okay, the new URL works great, thanks! I can't see any visible difference - it's awfully easy to overlook a typo in these things. Thanks for giving me the corrected address!

  85. I'm going to join this one, too. If we had the whole year, I think I'd make my goal five (since I have plans to read Dawn to Decadence across the whole year, but since it's only six months, I'll say...two, at least, but maybe three. I'll post a list on my blog before the deadline

  86. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Ooo ooo can I join?
    I'll aim for 3 books over 400 pgs with a few spares.

    You can find my list here:

    Thanks for starting such a loverly challenge! Can't wait to start...


  87. Krakovianka,

    I've added you to the list, thanks! I considered making the challenge a year long but decided I wanted the ending to feel like it would arrive, at some point. A year seems a little long. LOL


    Of course you can join! I just peeked at your list and it's a good one. Best of luck!

  88. Hi Restless Reader!

    Great, glad you're joining! I haven't managed to read Dorothy Parker, yet. I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts. :)

  89. I am signed up I think. I will try to find some books that are part of the requirements. Do they have to be from your tbr pile or can they be library books. I will list them when I think of them.

  90. Yes I do and I'll drop a post soon to say what I'll be readig. I'm going to try for 6 books. My adress is

  91. OK, I'm in. At this point, I'm only signing up for one book - East of Eden, by John Steinbeck. But since you're giving us until June, I will hopefully add another as well. Fun!

  92. I'm in--thanks for the great challenge to get to books I've meant to read and are gathering dust on my shelf.

  93. I'm aiming high with the Chunkster Challenge! I hope to read five biggies. My blog, "Random Thoughts" is at:

  94. Hello! I'd like to join the fun - my list is at

  95. Michelle,

    The Chunkster Challenge is meant to help us get around to reading the fat books we've been putting off, so I don't think the source matters and library books are fine. :)


    Thanks, I've added your address!


    I've got you down, but I don't have a URL for you. Do you have a blog or email addy where I can reach you? Oopsy. I have East of Eden, too. Forgot all about that one.


    I've added you to the list. I see you just finished The Age of Innocence. I love, love, loved that book!


    Wowee, you are aiming high! Good for you! I've added you to the list. Thanks and you go, girl!


    I've added you to the list. Of your challenge books, I've only read one: One Hundred Years of Solitude. It was mind-blowing. I haven't ever quite decided whether I loved it or was just boggled by it. LOL

  96. I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for the New Year and these great challenges pushed me over the edge. So I am in and very excited. My site is called My Ramblings and Readings. Thanks for organizing this.

  97. Anne,

    I've added you to the list, thanks! Totally cool that you started a blog to join in on the challenges!! I love it! Hope you enjoy your chosen reads!!

  98. Anonymous6:05 PM


    Better late than never, I guess. Count me in.

    My blog is Lynne's Little Corner of the World (


  99. You can count me in - I'll be starting the year witha chunkster as it's out Reading Circle choice for January - The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell. In for a penny, in for a pound.

  100. Lynne,

    I've added you to the list, thanks! I just peeked at your blog and could relate to the posts about living with a hormone-driven youngster. LOL Mine's male, though. I think that helps a little.

    Book Fiend,

    I've added you to the list, also. My husband has a Bernard Cornwell on his bedside table. I think it's Stonehenge, but I'm not certain - definitely is pretty fat. I've yet to read any of his books, but I keep thinking I will, one day. :)

  101. I've given this challenge a lot of pondering time, Bookfool! I thought I'd better really challenge myself, as I regularly sink into long books, so my list of 6 fat ones in 6 months is now posted at

  102. Anonymous8:45 PM

    I would love to join. Brand new to blogging so please give me time to figure out how to post properly.

    I will post my list shortly. Geesh, I just finished a few whoppers too. Oh well.

  103. Melanie,

    I've added you to the list, thanks! Lots of pondering, eh? I noticed you said you read a lot of fat books, on your blog. I read more than I realized, this year, but I don't think I'll be a fan of big books unless I learn to read faster. :)


    Glad you're joining in! I've added you, also, thanks!

  104. Anonymous12:40 AM

    If this is a double post I am sorry, but I didnt see me in the list of comments.

    I would love to join and I love chunky books. They are my fav!

    My blog is.

    Ok, I hope I did this right this time. Thanks for your patience.


  105. I would love to join, on this the first day of the new year and of the challenge!

    I have listed 9 books, of which I hope to read 6, at


  106. Kay,

    Both your messages eventually showed up, but maybe things are getting sluggish now that we're up to (gasp!) 109 comments. I've added you to the list. Glad you're joining in! I'm already loving my first choice but I have a feeling it's going to take me eons to get through! Happy New Year!

    Pour of Tor,

    Wowee, you picked some good ones! I read Suite Francaise, last year, and I didn't love her choice to portray upper-class characters but the setting was so real and such a great way to understand life in an occupied nation that I just loved it. The notes in the back are even better than the book, although a bit heartbreaking.

    I still need to get through Don Quixote, too. Okay, shutting up. I've added you to the list. Thanks for such a lovely post about the challenge and best of luck! Happy New Year!

  107. Bookfool, my Chunkster books are now listed. It would be nice to get through _Jane Eyre_ before the Masterpiece Theatre version airs in a couple of weeks, and this challenge will get things rolling.

    I've been enjoying looking at your blog.


  108. Fay,

    Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. You've given me my warm fuzzy for the day. :)

    I don't see your name on the list, so I'm adding you. Tell me if I'm overlooking something because the list is getting long and I'm a little weary. Too many explosions, last night. LOL


    Excellent, I've just added you. Love that quote at the top of your blog!

  109. I still lack a few pounds of weighing 400, but I should be able to qualify as a Chunkster by June...

    Thanks for the challenge. I am in.

    I should be reading several books that qualify before June, but there is one that I have been avoiding so I guess it will be my formal target. John Frame's book The Doctrine of God runs to 864 pages.

    Well, I had better go get started on it, June is right around the corner.

  110. Oops. I forgot to list by blog address...

  111. Kevin,

    LOL! I've got you listed, Chunky Boy (nudge, nudge). Love your profile image. Your page is one of those photo-heavy ones that shut me down and made me sigh, but I got to see some of your family photos before things went blooey and I had to reboot. What a great-looking bunch! Hubby was born in Ft. Worth and we've got all sorts of friends and relatives in the DFW area. I think they've all dumped me off the Christmas card list because I've gotten so bad about sending out cards, though. Yeeps.

    I hope I'll have DSL by the time you finish with that book - I want to read about it. Thanks for joining! :)

  112. Amanda,

    I've added you, thanks!!

  113. Count me in.

  114. 3M,

    I've added you to the list, thanks! Just FYI, I homeschooled my eldest for a year, many years back. I enjoyed myself more than he did, but to this day he has to admit it was one of the best learning experiences he ever had. :)

  115. OK....I'm in!! I'm CRAZY because I don't really have all that much time.....BUT I just picked up The Crimson Petal and the White and it is SO a Chunkster!

    So, please add me to your list, if that's ok?? My blog site is Thanks!!

  116. I have been thinking about this for the longest time. I'm signing up, only one book really. But since I am flighty, I'm putting in two, and commit to finishing one, or both.

    The books are:
    Jonathan Strange adn Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke [846 pages]

    Women Who Run with Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Ester PhD [520 pages]

    Shoshana at Unseal My Lips

  117. Stephanie,

    I've added you, thanks. Yeppers, that's a chunkster, all right! You can squeeze it in. You've got 6 months, right? I've read a whole 133 pages of mine and I'm just blushing with joy. ;)


    Oh, my gosh, you are Superwoman! I can't load your whole page, but I can see bits and pieces and I'm in awe. You have five kids, know 13 uses for WD-40 (which, ahem, I copied) AND you read? Goodness. I need balancing lessons from you.

    Oh, and I've added you to the list. Your family is beautiful! When I had one baby I read about a book a month. LOL You go, girl!

  118. Count me in for the Chunkster Challenge. I haven't solidified a complete list yet...but I know that "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck will be on it for sure. I will let you know what my final list contains as soon as I decide!

    Thanks for a fun and flexible challenge:)

  119. Thanks so much for the add to the Challenge. I will update my blog today with my Chunksters. I'm setting the bar pretty high for now! I have 4 books that I want to finish before June that are Chunksters!!

    The Crimson Petal and the White by Michael Faber is 920 pages.
    Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George is 964 pages.
    I am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe is 738 pages.
    Sunne in Splendour by Sharon K. Penman is 936 pages.


  120. I hope it's not too late to join. I'm thinking of reading Thomas Pynchon's AGAINST THE DAY. It looks like a challenge.

    Malady from
    Life By Candlelight

  121. Emily,

    I've added you, thanks. I've got East of Eden but I guess that one will have to wait till later! I'll look forward to reading your thoughts. :)


    That's one heck of a list! Cleopatra's a whopper, isn't it? I've got that one on my list and I'm really hoping I'll get to it. We shall see!


    I got both of your messages - sorry so slow. I have to approve them and this was just one of those days, very long. I'm so tired I can't see straight and my husband moved my reading lamp! Argh! Gotta figure out where I can put it because he took away my table. LOL Yep, one of those days. Incidentally, I went ahead and deleted the second message to avoid duplication. I've just added you to the list, thanks!

  122. Count me in! Sandie from ANeedToRead. I don't have a blog.

  123. I found your site from some of the other book challenges I'm attempting to complete (TBR and Winter Classics) and decided yours looks like fun, too.

    My list is posted at my newly created site, My Reading Adventures. url:

    Thanks for coming up with such a neat challenge!

  124. Hi Nancy! I'm officially signing up to do the Chunkster Challenge. I'll post my list in a little while--I need to update my blog.

    Tammy from ANTR

  125. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Just realized you said to comment here, rather than on the updated list. Lest I mess up my chances to participate, I thought I'd post here and make sure you know I'm in.

    Again, the site is

  126. Hi Sandie!

    Good to see you, here! I've just added you to the list! I know where to find you, of course. ;)


    I've added you to the list but I'm at the library trying to figure out how to play on high-speed internet. I don't know how to highlight without a mouse, so pardon the delay - I'll put a link up, later. :)

    Hi Tammy!

    I need to update, too. Haven't even bothered to mention that I finished a book on Thursday, in AN2R. You can post anywhere to let me know when you have your list for me to link up to. This particular set of comments is getting hard to load. :)


    I've added you, but as with Susan I can't link up to your blog because I'm technically incompetent (esp. without a mouse - I'm too accustomed to my little mouse). It doesn't matter where you post. I did originally say post here, but I wasn't expecting this kind of response!! Thanks for joining in!

  127. Count me in!!! I hope I'm not too late!

  128. Allison,

    You're not too late. Glad you're joining in. :)

  129. I am officially seveneen minutes past the deadine if you are going by Eastern Standard Time. I beg exemption, however, due to the fact that I was not aware of this challenge until approximately six minutes ago, and even upon deciding that I wished to participate, I had to sign up for a Google account just to be able to post a comment stating that I wished to participate.

    So. Can I? Can I? Huh? Huh?

    I will get an entry up over at To The Hilt ( as soon as possible. Tonight - or this morning, rather - it is a bit too late. Or early, depending on the direction you're viewing it from.

  130. I'm going to do this. The two books I have on my list are "The Time Traveler's Wife" and "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell." I'm only going to list two because I'm also in the process of a Masters program, which in and of itself, requires a lot of reading!

  131. Please count me in on the challenge! I made myself a list, and phew, just looking at it is making me sweat!

  132. Well, it's Jan 7th, so hopefully I'm not too late!

    I'd like to join-my site is


  133. Country Goalie,

    Oh, dear, how could I resist an appeal like that? LOL Okay, you're in. Be careful, you can scrape yourself crawling in under deadlines like that.


    I got ridiculously excited, thinking the "MS" meant "Mississippi" in your screen name. Middle School! Oh, my. You're very courageous. Obviously, I have to let you in, also. The Time-Traveler's Wife was one of my Top 10 for 2005. You've got a good read ahead of you. Good luck at school!


    Snookered again. You're in. Happy reading! :)


    You're #87 on the list. Goodness. I had no idea 87 people would join in! Have fun!

  134. Is it too late to join? I am going to be reading Swann's Way by Proust.

    Happy Reading...

  135. thank you so much for adding me & there are many times where I feel like the cowardly lion when faced with some of my middle schoolers!

  136. Amanda,

    Okay, you pulled my leg but you're the last one. Have fun reading!


    I can't even imagine myself in your shoes!

  137. Yay! A much needed motivation for tackling some books given to me a few birthdays ago. A date with the Russians is in order. Love the flexi rules and will be posting a list soon after perusing my shelves:

  138. I want to join this callenge too!!!
    Gotta think about how many I will read. Have a page which is a work in progress:

  139. Hi Trish,

    I've just added you. My blog was a work in progress, not long ago. Wait till you get in the swing of things. You've got to be careful not to run out of time to read. LOL Well, I do, anyway.

  140. Thanks much for the add and visit. The flexible rules of the competition and your user friendly review rating system are awesome.

  141. Acquisitionist,

    Thank you! I'm glad you're joining in and thanks for the comment on my review method. I considered dropping that, but your comment and a few others have convinced me to stick with it. :)

  142. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Is it too late to join the Chunkster Challenge?

  143. Tonette,

    I can add you. Just don't tell anyone. :)

  144. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Thank you, thank you! I won't tell a soul, my lips are sealed. ;o) I am going to post my Chunkster list monthly, as I am a fickle gal and likely to change my mind if I make a 6-month list. Where you actually able to follow my link?

  145. Tonette,

    Do let me know your results in June, please, because I have a crappy connection and it's very difficult to visit other blogs so I can't follow everyone's progress. Yeah, I'm fickle, too. I have trouble sticking to lists so I always have alternates and then end up substituting. LOL

    Yep, I was able to cut and paste the URL and open your MySpace page, no problem. And, then, I couldn't get this comment section to open for about 10 minutes. I just never know when things are going to work. Oddly, you aren't the last straggler. :)

  146. Anonymous6:31 AM

    I have tried to blog with Blogger, but it is so slow that I can never actually set up the Blog and I have a fast connection. I did the MySpace Blog since I already had the MySpace. I wasn't sure if the cut/paste would

    This is a fantastic idea! I will be checking back here often and will update you in June. I will also update my books on my blog, if your connection lets you over there. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this challenge.

  147. That's strange; it does seem like things have gotten slower with Blogger but Bookfoolery was actually my third attempt to create a blog and Blogger was the easiest of the three and had more features. I gave up on one because it didn't seem to interface well with Picasa. I do have a terrible connection, though, and it just seems to get worse. Weird.

    Enjoy your chunksters!

  148. Hi Bookfool!
    I am still plugging away at the Bible that I am reading for my Chunkster Challenge. I want to ask if you will add my Husband Stephen(Mr. Computer Hater) if you will add him to the Chunkster Challenge.
    He is reading The
    Lord of Them Rings Trilogy by: J.R.R. Tolkien.
    I will post about his progress on my site.

  149. Paula,

    Yes, I'll be glad to add your husband. Since he's a computer hater, does that mean he has no blog? I can put "no blog" or Mr. Computer Hater - whatever. LOL I just want to make sure I'm not missing something. :)

  150. I've taken on the Challenge and are aiming for a book a month- but I haven't started yet! It's extraordinary the number of people who seem to be participating, isn't it?

  151. BookFool, I wonder if I could modify my chunsker. My long-awaited book, third in a series finally arrive. It's called
    The Summer Garden by Paullina Simmons, and this trade paperback has 839 pages.

    I want these instead. I will probably still finished the other two, but I want this as the main one because I can't wait to dive into it. Tatiana and Alexander have such a wonderful, great epical love story.

    My page will probably load better now. I've updated it and trimmed it some. :)

  152. Sarah,

    I've added you to the list, thanks!


    I'm a fickle reader, so the challenge is deliberately flexible. You can change your mind at any time. I opted not to keep a list of what everyone is reading. Instead, I'll just have everyone check back in June to let me know what they've finished. Sound good? That way, if you get 100 pages into a chunkster and decide it sucks, you can move on to another title guilt-free. :)

  153. I'm in. I just picked up Sacred Games and if that isn't a chunkster I don't know what is.

  154. Gina,

    I've added you but I couldn't figure out if you have a blog to list beside your name. Could you let me know if you do, so I'll know where to find you?

  155. Yes my Husband is blogless.
    But still wants to join he challenge.
    But I can report his progress reading Lord of the Ring trilogy on my blog.
    Thanks bookfool!

  156. Anonymous9:36 PM

    I have been an avid reader of long novels, since I read War and Peace, when I was 13. I don't have a blog. Can I take this challenge, and post to this site?


  157. Paula,

    That's fine. Just be sure to check back in for both of you in June, please!

    Anonymous (sorry, if you entered a name it isn't showing up),

    Feel free to join in, but I need a name to post to the list and then just check back in to let me know what title(s) you've completed in June. :)

  158. Anonymous11:14 AM

    I realize that I'm absurdly late to join, but I had just started book-blogging at the time the contest began.

    Even if I don't make the official cut-off and qualify for the prize or recognition, I'm going to post the link to your page on my blog. This should be a blast!



  159. Ted,

    I've added you to the list! Glad you're joining in! :)

  160. Anonymous7:31 AM

    I'm a little late too, but can I just join (unofficially)? Just love the idea of a challenge. I did read a "chunkster" in Jan and Feb :)


  161. Lena,

    You can still join. There's still plenty of time to read all those fat books on your Billy shelves. We're actually planning to get some Billys, next time we head to a city with an Ikea; toppling piles become tiresome. :)

  162. Anonymous1:45 PM

    May I take part in this challenge, even though I don't have a blog???


  163. Hi Rachel,

    Yes, you may certainly join in. Please check back in June to let me know of your success(es) and if you want to be in the final drawing I'll need a contact address, at that time. :) Have fun reading!

  164. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Oh darn! I didn't learn about this challenge until just now but I would love to join. Is it really really too late? Maybe I could read from the sidelines?

    My four books in case you're interested
    March: War and Peace - Leo Tolstoy
    April: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell - Susanna Clarke
    May: Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis
    June: Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand

    I'm Ashleigh at

  165. Ashleigh,

    Since there's no longer a huge, overwhelming influx of people (and plenty of time left to read), I'm still letting in stragglers. I'll add you to the list. :)

  166. I know I am 3 months late, but I'd like to eneter the chunkster challenge, and add a new Challenge of my own.
    Please visit my blog at BiblioHistoria.

    I have started a Non-Fiction Challenge for anyone who is interested.

  167. Historia,

    No problem; I've added you. I figure it's fine, since there are still three months to go. I'll probably post about it in a day or two.

  168. Well, I posted a review of one of my chunksters but have no clue where to put up the link it has been so long. Anyway I'll leave it here and you can tell me if I've "done wrong." Happy reading.

  169. Sarala,

    Thanks! I'll dash right over. :)

  170. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Hello I'm just checking back to announce that I've completed my Chunckster Challenge books over at
    I'm really glad I participated. Thanks for thinking of such a cool challenge! My book shelfs are definately a little lighter now:)

  171. I was just wondering if you have any plans to do this challenge again in 2008?


  172. Teddy Rose,

    I won't be able to host a second round of the Chunkster Challenge, this year, because I'm having to run back and forth between Mississippi and Oklahoma to take my mother for chemo, but I hope to do it in 2009. :)


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