Friday, March 06, 2009

Oh, dear

I just slogged through some of my older posts in order to get to my very first post. I wanted to know exactly when I began blogging. This is something I don't sit around thinking about a great deal; I always have to look it up (and I missed my bloggiversary, at least once). Guess when I began to blog? June 6, 2006. 6-6-06. Is that a bad thing or just very, very freaky?


  1. Judging by your success, I'd say it was a very good thing...

    Especially for us.


  2. Love the graphic--I just had to change my name..not only did you use it used it best!

    You've got a great blog!!

    Novel Bookworm.....AKA Optimistic Bookfool...

  3. How funny! Just one of those freakish events of life I guess. :) My driver's license number ends in 666, and it makes it very easy to remember.

  4. Well it's definitely not a bad thing, because I can't imagine the blogging world without you! But indeed it is a freaky thing :p You seem to be devil free though ;)

  5. LOL - I think it's just freaky.

  6. Very freaky, my friend. lol.

  7. CJ,

    Well, thank you, dear. I don't think I'll ever forget my bloggiversary, again! :)


    What a nice thing to say, thanks! I didn't mind a second bookfool in the galaxy one bit, but I like your new name. It's kind of amazing how hard it can be to come up with a decent blog title, isn't it?


    That's the first thing I thought when I made that discovery, last night: "Oh, now I'll never forget my bloggiversary, again!" It does make things easy, if a little freaky. :)


    I don't know. The guys probably think they're living with a bit of a devil. Thank you. I was not expecting such a potload of compliments when I went to moderate, this mor--uh, afternoon. (I started As Shadows Fade, last night, if that tells you anything.)


    Freaky and memorable! :)


    I'm glad everyone's in agreement that it's not a bad thing. I had to laugh when I realized I'd totally overlooked that fact for nearly three years! :)

  8. My husband used to work for a company whose mailing address included the street number 666 and some people would get really freaked out by it. Hubby and his coworkers always got a good laugh out of that.

  9. Wendy,

    That's pretty funny! I think some people really do think every time there's a 666 involved, the antiChrist could be just around the corner but if that was true he'd be everywhere, right? LOL

  10. crazy! But I think, this far into the game- you're good.

  11. Oh my, I don't think I can read your blog anymore now that I know that. Nice knowing you! ;-)

    LOL. Ah but seriously - that is a little weird yes, but that is a nice perk that it makes your blogiversary an easy date to remember! I have a devil of a time remembering when mine is (That's right! Don't think I'm not going to get on board with lame devil humor!).

  12. Jessica,

    Well, then, whew! If Jessica says it's okay . . . :)


    Oh, no. I drove Megan away!!

    Okay, second paragraph and I know my life is not yet over because Megan is still hanging around. Thank goodness. Did you ever get your books?

    Hahaha! Love that joke, you sneaky devil. ;) It will definitely make my blog(g)iversary easier to remember! Is there an official spelling? It just seems to me that the "g" in blog(g)iversary should be doubled because of the short "o". I've wondered that for at least a year, now.

    Sorry, babbling.

  13. I forgot my blog anniversary last year. I was too caught up in the Advent Calendar and it passed by! Have to make more of an effort to remember it this year, because I think I posted late about it the year before that, too.

  14. Kailana,

    I don't know that I ever would have bothered to celebrate the anniversary of my blog, had I not noticed that so many other people do so. I guess I don't think of it as quite the milestone that some do, although it becomes a more interesting date to note the longer you blog. It's hard being an airhead, isn't it? :)

  15. I agree with Bermudaonion, that's freaky! There was this guy at work. We all knew there was something shady about him. My daughter was the last to find out and when she told me she took him home from work one night (she worked with us), they stopped at the gas station to get gas and guess how much it came to to fill it up? $6.66.

  16. Dorothy,

    Sounds like cosmic confirmation that the guy was not to be trusted!

  17. I think I'll have to stop reading your blog now, because you're obviously friends with the DEVIL! *hiss*

  18. Trish,

    Wait till you hear my evil laugh. Okay, actually, it's kind of a wienie evil laugh and it would make you giggle. I think I just forgot the point.

  19. Well Bookfool, you either sell your soul to the devil or sell it to the blogosphere... What one have you chosen! LOL! Crazy coincidence :)

  20. Michelle,

    Sold out to the blogosphere! Staying away from the devil, thank you very much. ;)

  21. Just to make you feel better--that is my birthday! June 6th! That particular year, I had lots of fun devil comments directed my way, as I'm sure you can imagine! I think 6 is a great number personally! :)

  22. Laura,

    At least you weren't born in 2006. That's positive. :)


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