Sunday, March 08, 2009

Word Gets Around by Lisa Wingate

Word Gets Around by Lisa Wingate
Copyright 2009
Bethany House - Romantic Christian Fiction
367 pages

Word Gets Around is the second book in a series set in tiny Daily, Texas. The first book is Talk of the Town.

In Word Gets Around, Lauren Eldridge drives home to Daily from her job in Kansas when her father asks her for help taming a spirited former racehorse. The horse may be starring in a movie -- a movie that could cause her father to lose everything if it falls through. Lauren hasn't returned to Daily since shortly after recovering from a tragic accident. Will she be able to put the past behind her or will the people of her hometown continue to remind her of that night of horror?

Nate Heath is a screenwriter who has written meaningless action thrillers for his best friend Justin Shay since they traveled to Hollywood in a stolen car. Weary of trying to rescue Shay from addiction and from the times he's been sucked into the trouble that goes with being Shay's friend, Nate retreated to a mountain home, hoping to write something of quality. But now Shay needs him to rescue a script that is well known as a total disaster. Nate reluctantly tags along to Texas, planning to back out of the project but once again swayed by his persuasive buddy. It'll take a miracle to breathe life into the disastrous script in time for the visit of a potential backer.

Talk of the Town (the first in the series) was a sweet, romantic story that focuses on small-town life and crazy characters as much as the central romance. Word Gets Around is much the same -- funny characters and situations with some heart-tugging moments. I found Word Gets Around a bit more serious but there were quite a few smile-inducing moments and only a couple of tear-jerker scenes. Lisa Wingate really knows how to describe the nutty aspects of life in a small town but she blends plenty of meaning into her stories. I absolutely love this series. The romance is predictable without being dull, the Christianity is simply a part of the characters' lives and not what I consider preachy, and the characters are a hoot.

I do think it's best to read this particular series in order. Talk of the Town lays the foundation of life in Daily, Texas and familiarizes readers with the most important recurring characters. The series is light-hearted, funny and sweet. I particularly recommend these books for times when you're in need of an upper or a mental break from heavier literature. They're clean and appropriate reading for youngsters, as well.


  1. Probably not my thing (and the cover is a little cheesy!!), but I'm really glad you enjoyed it. That's all we can ask for from a good book, isn't it?

  2. Stephanie,

    It's a sweet book, but there aren't any vampires. LOL The cover image is actually not the same image they used. On my book, that same model is chewing on a piece of wheat and looks a little less giddy. I'm not sure which I like better. Yep, definitely. I loved it and that's what counts!

  3. I am happy we both loved it. I hope there will be a third in the series. I would love to revisit the characters. :)

  4. Brittanie,

    Me, too. I hope she continues this series for a while. Lisa Wingate gets small-town Southern life. The characters are so much fun!


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