Friday, September 09, 2011

Fiona Friday - Happy Places

Some of Fiona's favorite places, top to bottom:
  • My office floor (very messy, sorry to offend any eyeballs)
  • The bedroom window
  • The front entry rug (we haven't bothered to put down a slip-proof guard to stop her from taking magic carpet rides, so it's also a favorite during playtime)
  • On top of the hamper

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  1. She does look very content!

  2. She really is such a regal and beautiful cat. Love these pictures!

  3. My kitty loves magic carpet rides too!

  4. I laugh to think of regal-looking Fiona doing something so silly as taking magic carpet rides. It's amazing how grand cats can look one minute, and how funny they can be the next.

  5. Hee hee, she always looks so pleased to have her picture taken. ;)

  6. Love that top shot! She looks so content!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  7. Kathy,

    Usually. Fi is a pretty happy girl. :)


    Thank you! She's also very playful. Fi is a great kitty. :)




    Awesome! It's hilarious to watch a cat make a running leap onto a rug to go for a ride, isn't it? Such fun!

  8. Library Girl,

    That's one thing I love about cats They can be serene one minute and running through a tunnel or chasing a paperclip around the room, the next. We have such fun around here. :)


    She's not a fan of the camera, that's for sure. I tried to take a pic of her, tonight. I've been gone for a few days and I thought, "She'll cooperate!" Nope, she jumped up and ran away. Ah, well.


    That was definitely a relaxed moment. Too bad about the messy background. Somebunny has some tidying to do!

  9. Oh, that first pic! How perfectly catty!

  10. Jenclair,

    LOL Bit of a kitty sprawl going there, for sure!

  11. Those feet!! So cute!!!

  12. You should see the good shots, where the feet are in focus, Carrie. Love those little pink toe pads!!!


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