Friday, September 02, 2011

Fiona Friday - Isabel, Isabel and what she has to do with Billy Collins, the poet

This is an all-Isabel Fiona Friday. Sorry, Fi. We'll be sure to let Fi return to being the one and only star, at least for a day, next week.

I was gobbling down the poetry in Billy Collins' Horoscopes for the Dead (a lucky Borders Closing purchase) when Isabel jumped up onto our bathroom counter, climbed into the sink and promptly curled up. This is a new one for Izzy. She occasionally hollers at me or knocks things off the counter till I show up to turn on the tap so she can have a drink. But, she's never taken a nap in the sink, before!

So, what does a cat napping in the sink have to do with Billy Collins? Well, if you've read anything by Billy Collins, you know he can take the most mundane experience, overheard conversation or little bit of nature spotted on a walk and turn it into something completely witty, wise and wonderful. Of course, I thought it was totally cute when Isabel curled up in the sink and attacked the drain hole. But, then I needed to wash my hands. And, after washing hands in the kitchen sink, I read a little more Billy Collins and stopped to wonder where I was going to brush my teeth.

I was ready to call up Mr. Collins and ask him to turn this experience into some sort of verse that would make it sound a little more fun than it was turning out to be. "Wise, witty and wonderful" were just not going to come out of any pen I put to paper. But, still . . . it was awfully cute.

And, on a totally different note, I have to show you what happened when I set out the jewelry I purchased for my son's wedding -- which didn't, in fact, arrive until after we returned from Nashville -- to photograph for curious friends. Isabel is always out to prove SuziQ's comment that with cats, "Everything's a toy."

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  1. We should all live with the attitude that "everything's a toy!"

  2. Kathy,

    LOL Probably so! The cat certainly has her share of fun!

  3. I'll take a nap in the sink; it was 101 today, so hot that for the first time in 28 years school was cancelled due to heat. We have no air conditioning in our elementary building, remember, so the kids escaped. But the teachers? We were there from 8 until 4. Ask Isabella to please move over, wouldja?

  4. I have pictures of various cats over the years sleeping in the sink. It's cute. :)

  5. I love when cats sleep in sinks. It's so cute! I have the same problem with my cat. She thinks everything is a toy and every bit of fabric lying around is a new bed. Not so fun because she sheds so bad.

  6. Bellezza,

    I lived through many of those 100+ days at school, as a child. We had no air conditioning in the early years and it's hard to forget that kind of discomfort. Hard to believe they made you stay if they let the kids off the hook!

    Isabel would probably share the tub with you. I don't know about the sink. She was pretty fiercely determined not to let a curious Fiona bother her! :)


    I don't think any of my cats have ever slept in a sink, but many of them have flopped out in the bathtub on hot days. Isabel is the smallest cat we've ever been owned by, though. It's possible all our other cats wouldn't have fit. It's super cute till you need to use the sink. LOL


    It's adorable but since this is new to us, I'm kind of hoping Isabel will return to the bathtub. I rather like being able to *use* the sink when I need it! Ah, yes, I know the "every bit of fabric" thing well. Isabel actually sometimes pulls towels down off the rack to lie on and right now we've got a bedspread that she did that with, as well. Practically the moment I finished folding it and set it on top of the bed, she was sinking her claws into it, yanking it down to make her own little sleeping spot. I've just left it that way. Fiona thinks it's a great sleeping spot, too. I am such a sucker.

  7. My little orange and white kitty that passed away was a sink lover too. I have numerous pictures of him just napping and chilling out in there. I always think it's so cute when they do that!

  8. Zibilee,

    It is definitely cute! Isabel's only climbed into the sink once, since I snapped those photos. It remains to be seen whether or not that will become a frequent hang-out.

  9. Hahaha…she is SO stinking cute!!! And darn it! i forgot to check the poetry section at Borders!!! Argh.

  10. Chris,

    My Isabel thanks you. Oh, no! You must go back!!! I've found some terrific poetry books. They don't seem to sell quickly.

  11. She looks so sweet all curled up in the sink! My kitties are relishing the boys' first day at school. They're all sprawled out in the sunlight unconscious - not having to worry about little boys sneaking up on them.

  12. I have a few pictures floating around somewhere of cats in sinks. They must enjoy the cool, yet cozy feel of the porcelain.

    Have I mentioned how much I love that necklace?!?! ;)

  13. Les,

    Izzy's my first sink cat. It was hot, so I think the coolness of the porcelain probably felt good and sinks are definitely shaped to fit a cat in repose, aren't they?

    I do believe you mentioned that you like the necklace. :)


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