Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fiona Friday - I am preparing to bolt

"Just so you know, human . . . I'm not sticking around. See the ears flattening? The wide eyes? I was totally zen till you pulled out the evil camera thing." -- Fiona

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  1. She's definitely on to you!

  2. O and E usually 'assume the to-be-photographed' position as soon as they see me with a camera. Happy Friday to you!

  3. My cat does this right before he bolts too! It must be a hardwired kitty behavior!

  4. I always think that my camera must look like a big monster eye (that flashes) because he gets really upset too. :)

  5. Kathy,

    She's a smart one. ;)


    LOL I love Oscar and Esther!


    I guess so!


    Part of the problem is probably the fact that I've been using autofocus, so there's a little UV light that flashes in her eyes. That really ticks her off. I need to manually focus to see if she'll stay still!

  6. Yup - getting ready to turn on the turbochargers and peel out.

  7. SuziQ,

    You obviously know that look well. ;)


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