Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fiona Fursday - Share, please?

Fiona Friday will return, next week, at its regularly scheduled time. I have a book tour on Friday, this week.

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  1. Um, is she actually going to eat those strawberries? I could leave a steak and my cat alone together and she wouldn't touch it. She's the pickiest eater in the cat world.

  2. Jenny,

    Isabel eats anything and everything unless I say, "NO!" firmly and remove her from the table. She is shockingly unpicky for a cat. That was breakfast in bed on my birthday (I had a very fancy tablecloth - a bath towel).

  3. Come see me, Fiona - I'll share with you!

  4. I can totally believe that a cat might like strawberries. My sister had a cat that she found as a stray. She thinks maybe he remembered times of no food too well, because he would eat everything. He once tore a hole in a bag of bread and ate half the loaf. When she put a tray of muffins on top of the fridge to cool, he found a way to get up there and he ate the tops off all the muffins.

    My cat, on the other hand, barely even eats her own food, much less mine, although she is terribly interested in everything I eat and wants to get more up close and personal in her inspections than I would like.

  5. Happy belated birthday! Don't be surprised if Kiki picks up on "Fursday" and occasionally adds it to her "Caturday" posts.

  6. Kathy,

    I'll tell her that. You may have regrets. ;)

    Library Girl,

    There's no telling how long Isabel was on her own. She was found in the bushes outside our veterinary clinic. And, yep, she will really eat just about anything. She's torn into bags of bread and she finishes my cereal leftovers, every morning. I turned my back on her in the kitchen, a day or two ago, and when I turned around she was up on the stove, licking the salmon spread. Plus, she eats just about anything off the floor.

    Fiona's a bit on the picky side but Isabel is crazy. She will climb up on my lap while I'm holding a bowl in the air to keep her out of it, stand on her back legs and put her front paws on the bowl. I'd better not have guests over for dinner till she's learned some manners!




    Feel free! I figured if I was going to move Fiona Friday to Thursday, I might as well have fun. And, thank you. It's been a couple weeks since my birthday. :)


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