Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Awkward Family Pet Photos by Bender and Chernack

I decided I'm just going to dive into the book reviews I need to finish up from 2011 and come back to my 2012 goals later, since I'm still thinking about them.

Awkward Family Pet Photos is the only book I got for Christmas from family (I did get one from a blogger friend and hope to read it, soon). You may have seen the Awkward Family Photos website and its companion site with photos of families and their pets. The book is a collection of some of the photos from the website, some with added description, and a few awkward pet stories tossed in for good measure.

There's really not much to say about the book. Some of the photos are really funny, some actually quite clever (I love the photo of a family standing in the shape of a Christmas tree, wearing identical outfits and each holding out a large ornament) and some a little embarrassing. There are a few very old photos to show that people have been posing with their animals for a long, long time. Awkward Family Pet Photos is a good pick-me-up for a bad day -- lots of smiles involved.

We used to take an annual family Christmas photo and have lapsed, since the eldest moved out, but I think it's notable that we've usually tried to include our cats in the family photos. Cat wrangling is such fun. There was always plenty of laughter when we took those photos and I think we need to resume that tradition, next year. Awkward Family Pet Photos was a good reminder.

More brief reviews to come!

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  1. This book looks fun. :)

  2. Kelly,

    It's very fun. I think you'd like it. Have you seen the website?

  3. I bet this would be good for some smiles.

  4. Kathy,

    It is, indeed.

  5. Oh my goodness. What a great cover. That is hilarious. I bet it is a great pick-me-up for a bad day…maybe I should get a copy…and keep it at work…. lol

  6. Funny , Hope the pets did not get Upset !!!

  7. Heather,

    It's a definite upper. I think I may have to keep mine in a handy place for when I need something to smile about. :)

    Pet Lover,

    There are no frantic-looking, ears-back animals in this book -- just happy, well-loved pets whose owners consider them part of the family. It's funny and sweet.


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