Friday, January 06, 2012

Fiona Friday - Isabel's turn

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  1. Love her!


  2. Oh, Isabel! Do you want to come over to play?

  3. Thanks, ladies. She is a cutie.

    Bellezza, you'd love to play with her. She is hilarious when she plays jingle-ball chase.

  4. Wow, is she like a professional model or something? That come hither look is nice! ;)

  5. Aw, your kitty looks a lot like my kitty, Malcolm. Same markings (we call it eyeliner!)

  6. Love, love, love this pic! :)

    LOL The word verification is "hound!"

  7. What a great photo! Love it.

  8. OMG Nancy, she is SUCH a cutie pie!!! Gah, I wish I could snuggle with her without needing a trip to the ER ;p

  9. Oh, you guys, I'd better not tell Isabel about these comments or her head will surely swell. LOL


    Well, of course I agree with you. ;)


    LOL Izzy does make a very fine model because she's not afraid of the camera! I love that!


    When Isabel was new to us, our Schwan's man (who has 5 cats) saw her and said, "Oh! She has Cleopatra eyes!" Yep, just like eyeliner! Your Malcolm is undoubtedly a gorgeous kitty. :)


    Thanks! That is so funny! Of all the words . . .


    Thank you, m'dear. Miss Isabel is an excellent model. :)


    Oh, no! Are your allergies that bad? When you come visit, I'll have to vacuum like crazy and have the Benadryl ready, then. 'Cause you *have* to come in and see my shelves. Note that I'm just expecting you to visit, this year.

  10. She is precious and just a beautiful little girl!!

  11. Zibilee,

    Isabel and I thank you. :)


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