Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fiona Friday - How to hit a high note


And, while I've got you . . . the latter part of this week has been headachy, hence the quiet. But, whilst fighting Picasa and a migraine, I've been very entertained.

Some things Isabel did, today:
  • Popped bubbles in a sink full of water
  • Played soccer with an earplug
  • Attacked the fringe on a woolen throw rug
  • Pounced Fiona
  • Tried to flush the toilet, repeatedly

Things Fiona did:
  1. Stress ate
  2. Got pounced
  3. Hid from Isabel

Things husband did:
  • Got stuck behind a flaming, car-carrying, 18-wheeler (He is still waiting for firefighters to clear the road at 12:20 AM)
I didn't make it to my Face-to-Face book group on Wednesday night because a migraine sent me to bed, but I am only 1/3 of the way into Empire of the Summer Moon, anyway. It's a great book; it's just heavy on people slaughtering each other. I get weary of the violence and set it aside, now and then. I'm not sure reading stories about WWII in Kurt Vonnegut's Armageddon in Retrospect was necessarily the right choice for a break from Comanches and Texans killing each other but, as always, I'm thoroughly impressed with Vonnegut.

Just walked in:

  • Paris My Sweet by Amy Thomas - from Sourcebooks, for review
  • Learned Optimism by Martin E. P. Seligman - purchased
  • A box of coffee that husband ordered online. Mmmm.

Just watched:

Logan's Run starring Michael York and Jenny Agutter - I was pleased to note that I recognized the source when Peter Ustinov quoted from T. S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.

That's all for now!

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  1. Anonymous6:39 AM

    I think I can see her tonsils. Do cats have tonsils? LOL

    Sorry about your headache. I'm struggling with allergies - very unhappily. A common thing for me at this time of year.

    Now, what's this book about Comanches and Texans?

    1. Um . . . I don't know if cats have tonsils, actually. LOL

      Headache's gone, for now. It's the wacky weather. Can't make it's mind up between sunny or gloomy.

      The Empire of the Summer Moon is about Quanah Parker, the last Comanche chief, and the downfall of the Comanches. Texans vs. Comanches are only a part of the book, but apparently it was the Texans who decided to fight Indian style (on horseback, with the word "exterminate" in mind). Prior to that, the Comanches were an unbeatable, cruel foe. The book is excellent; it's just got a lot of descriptions of torture killings. Eww.

  2. I hope that was a ginormous yawn!

    1. No, silly, that was a high A. Pretty amazing. I can only hit that note on a good day.

  3. That is one kitty that needs a nap!

    1. She needs accompaniment, a choir, a slave who will stop joking about her. I promise you Fiona is not shy on nap time. ;)

  4. I've been waffling about Paris, My Sweet, but I think I'm gonna take the plunge.

    Sorry to hear the hubs got stuck behind the flaming vehicle. That's just madness.

    And "attacked the fringe on a woolen throw rug" made me cackle because I first read it as "attached the FRIDGE on a woolen throw rug." I was imagining a magic-carpet-like slide and hiss move.

    1. I'm not sure what I think about Paris, My Sweet. I'm on about page 22 (I went ahead and started it) and I'm finding that I like her light, chatty style but the descriptions of sweets are making me feel a little ill. I can't handle a lot of sugar. Apparently, foodie books about nothing but chasing down good chocolate and cake shops might not be the thing for me.

      Husband was very lucky. He was driving along at regular highway speed when two highway patrol cars shot around him and blocked off the road. Had he kept going, he might have been in big trouble. As it was, he stopped somewhere between 100-200 feet of the truck. He said the nice thing about being at the front of the line after an accident is that there's nobody in your way for miles. LOL

      Sometimes Isabel attacks a little clip thing on the fridge but if she ever attacks the actual refrigerator, I think we're going to need to find a cat psychologist. She is a very entertaining cat, that's for sure!

  5. Probably because she's a fan of crunchy dry food. In fact, she's getting a little chunky. I am going to have to ignore the begging and give her a bit less.

  6. Wow! I hope your husband finally made it home.

    I love that there's always one cat that's the instigator and one that ends up...stress eating. I like that, by the way, my cat does it all the time and now I know what do call it.

    1. Jenny,

      He made it home safely, thanks. It took about an hour to get the fire put out and everything checked and cleared, so he was totally exhausted when he arrived. Luggage, clothing and papers are flung across my living room floor. I just left them there because I don't know what the heck to do with husband's stuff!

      LOL Yep, that does seem to be the way it works out! Poor Fiona. She has loads of personality but she really is a little bit cowed by Isabel.

  7. I'm glad to see that your husband is okay - how scary! I hope that you are feeling better too! Migraines are so awful.

    Your descriptions of the cats' activities cracked me up. I have two cats with very different personalities and they keep me entertained as well.

    1. Thanks, Alyce! I'm glad husband's okay, too! He said toward the end of the fire, there were a lot of popping noises that he thought were probably tires blowing. He had an urge to back up. LOL And, thank you, I do feel better.

      Cats are great entertainment, aren't they? As I'm sitting here typing, I can hear Isabel batting a jingle ball. :)

  8. Oh gosh that is adorable. lol. Also, I hope that your husband is ok!

    1. Thanks, Amy!

      Husband's fine, thanks. Apparently he was stuck on the highway for 2 hours, not 1. I was having a nice bath while I waited for husband. He took a little video of the flames and flashing lights. It's pretty cool to look at but I can see why he was a little nervous!

  9. One day Casey might need a playmate, but in the meantime she entertains herself and us quite well. The guy wears ear plugs at his job and when he brings some home with him we have one delighted cat. Casey is not very happy right now because she wants someone to pick her up, but somehow she got herself all wet... I am guessing the pot soaking in the kitchen sink. Since I never actually caught her on the counter, though, I am pretending otherwise.

    1. I really love having two cats because they do play with each other. Since mine are so freaking active, I appreciate the two of them running off a bit of energy.

      Earplugs are such a surprisingly delightful toy for cats, aren't they? I love watching Izzy play with hers.

      Aw, poor Casey. So, does she not mind water? It's cute when Isabel plays with water but she's made a few mistakes and we both got soaked. One time she jumped into the toilet while it was flushing and popped right back out. Hilarious.

  10. I should retry some Vonnegut. I was pretty smitten in HS but haven't read anything since.

    Cute kitties as always. I hope the hub made it home ok.

    1. Carrie,

      I am smitten, too. It's been quite a while since I read Vonnegut so it was fun reacquainting myself with his writing. Every time I read him, I want to read more, more, more.

      Huz made it home fine. He was really beat, though. Next trip is Italy. I am only mildly envious, since it's going to be a quick hop and he'll be in a tiny village that doesn't even appear in the tour guides.


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