Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Malarkey - Another kitten update, the books I read, one I set aside and review links

Three weeks of kitten malarkey, and counting.  

We have good days and bad ones, cat-wise.  Yesterday, Isabel kept waking up every time I tried to let the kitten out of her room (Prissy is an energetic little critter and needs space to run and play).  Since I couldn't let her out, I went to her room to keep her company but Prissy kept jumping up on me and biting me.  I finally had to leave.  It's just pent-up energy but I'm not going to sit around getting chewed on.  

Our best day was also one of the worst.  Isabel and Prissy had a little Eskimo kiss (I held Prissy up to let them sniff each other) without Izzy fluffing up or hissing, but later in the day Isabel got fed up and went after Prissy with claws.  Nobody was hurt but it's disappointing that we still have to either stand between the two kitties and prepare to spirit the kitten away if things heat up or only let Prissy out when Isabel's sound asleep. 

This is the look Isabel gets when she's looking down at Prissy from the kitty tree:

I think she makes it pretty clear what she thinks about The Little Invader, don't you?


I only read three books, one of which was a children's board book that I'll review eventually.  The other two were Well Wished by Franny Billingsley and Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson.  I read 90 pages of Godiva by Nicole Galland before DNF'ing it.  I usually only give a book about 50-75 pages to grab me but in this case I held on a little longer, hoping it would eventually become the book I wanted it to be. After setting Godiva aside, I moved on to The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway and I am absolutely loving it.  

On the blog:

I've posted quite a bit, this past week so I think some links are needed.  Today I reviewed:

Yesterday I wrote three mini-reviews in one post:

My Fiona Friday post showed Isabel and Fiona checking out their new cat carrier.

And, I wrote two reviews on Wednesday:

The Illusion of Separateness by Simon Van Booy (Favorite Writer alert!) and
Is This Tomorrow by Caroline Leavitt

That leaves me with only two reviews to go and I want to reread The Ocean at the End of the Lane before reviewing it, so I think I'll take a few days off from the computer to dive deeply into The River of No Return and swim through The Ocean at the End of the Lane a second time before tackling the last of the reviews I need to complete.

One more photo for good measure:

Just after I took this photo, Fiona looked down at Prissy and lazily reached out to her with one paw.  Fiona is completely at ease with the kitten and doesn't even mind if Prissy follows her around.  Isabel often shadows Fiona, as well, so I guess she's used to it.  

Back when I'm done reading books with bodies of water in their title.  Happy Monday!

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  1. You've been doing lots of reviewing! And so many good books. I'm sorry Godiva didn't work for you. I intend to read something of Galland's but it hasn't happened yet.

    1. I've heard good things about Galland's books, so I'll give her another go. I thought her writing was fluid but I didn't like the Lady Godiva of her creation, I guess you could say. She was flirtatious, which was fine, but by the time I closed the book all she'd done was flirt a great deal and completely piss off the king. I wanted more meat.

  2. Oh Isabel :( Jealousy doesn't become you! ;)

    1. Izzy's a sensitive girl. I was hoping she'd adapt better, after plenty of slow exposure but it's just not working. She still periodically chases little Prissy. I'm about ready to take a vacation from the cats.

  3. Oh I'm sorry to hear things haven't settled down with Prissy. Still hoping things turn around with the kitties!

    And, what a bummer that Godiva was a DNF. I just read a review about it and thought it sounded interesting.

    1. Thanks, Iliana. I was hoping so, too, although more for the sake of becoming a regular foster mom than because I had some great desire to adopt a third.

      Godiva did sound great! I just didn't think it was getting anywhere and I was tired of waiting for something to happen. You never know; you might love it. :)

  4. Your posts always make me smile, if not laugh out loud. Wat do you mean, you don't want to sit around getting chewed on?! Good thing you're not a teacher. ;)

    What an amazing job you do capturing your kitties' expressions,

    1. Heh. I never had any desire to be a teacher! I've had nippers, before, but Prissy does get a little more crazed than most during her wild moments.

      Thanks! They're pretty expressive animals. No way you could not know Izzy is displeased at Prissy's presence!

  5. Poor kitty turmoil! I hope they all become friends.

    1. I can't see it happening. Prissy is so terrified of Isabel that any time Izzy is near, she sets off with an ominous, low growl. I can't help but wonder if she could help matters by not provoking with that growl, but then it must just be a natural protective device to try to warn away danger. The net result is a lot of tussling.

      Then, of course, there's our peaceful Fiona, wondering why everyone can't just get along.


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