Friday, May 12, 2017

Fiona Friday

This may be a weird choice (and, oops, Friday is almost over!) but it's my favorite kitty pic of the week because it was so precious. This is Izzy lying on my left foot. My knee was cramping and I had to hold the phone past the knee to snap this but if you're owned by cats you know what an honor it is to be snuggled by a kitty, especially one with anxiety issues. Isabel is pretty much terrified of everyone but me and even I get limited cuddles (usually when she drapes herself over my shoulder while lying on the couch cushion). I loved this moment.

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  1. I go through a lot of pain to make sure my kitties are comfy. It's rather ridiculous.

    1. The contortions we go through to keep the cats nearby are kind of crazy, aren't they?


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