Monday, February 17, 2020

Monday Malarkey

Recent arrivals (click to enlarge):

  • The Night Watchman by Louise Erdrich - from HarperCollins for review
  • Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel - from Berkley for review/tour
  • Nerp! by Sarah Lynne Reul - from Sterling Children's Books for review

I'm still sticking to my book-buying ban but I had a close call when my bestie texted me about the library sale, last week, "Want to go?" I'd set my cellphone down on the kitchen counter and I always leave the ringer off, so I didn't see her text until 2 or 3 hours too late. I have mixed feelings about that, of course. If I acquire anything at all, a library sale seems like the best way to go. But, right now I'm in get-rid-of-it mode, making piles of books to donate and filling a box with books to swap. So, missing the book sale was probably for the best. Right? Right.

Books finished since last Malarkey:

  • Crosstalk by Connie Willis
  • The World of Sanditon by Sara Sheridan

Crosstalk is about 500 pages and I liked it but I thought it was maybe 100 - 200 pages too long. It's a romantic comedy with a touch of sci-fi, closest in style to Bellwether if you're a Willis fan and unfamiliar with it.

I talked about The World of Sanditon a little within my review of Sanditon but neglected to mention it in the subject line (link below if you missed it and are interested). It's a fun and educational read that I enjoyed pairing with the book and mini series.

Currently reading:

  • Freedom is a Constant Struggle by Angela Y. Davis
  • Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

I'm almost done with Freedom is a Constant Struggle but didn't quite manage to finish, last night. And, while I started to read Red, White, and Royal Blue about three days ago, I only read a handful of pages and then didn't manage to read anything at all for several nights, so I'm looking forward to digging into that, this week. I've entirely stopped reading my insomnia workbook. Maybe I should have known better. I have this weird problem with workbooks. Whenever I'm instructed to "keep a log of [this, that, the other thing]" I have this tendency to tell myself I don't want to wreck the book so I'll find a notebook to keep my log in. And, then I don't get around to finding a notebook. That's what's happened with the insomnia workbook. I learned a little from the introductory material and I'll try to get back to the workbook, soon, but I think for now I'll set it aside and maybe start one of my other books on insomnia.

Posts since last Malarkey:

In other news:

I watched an episode each of Sanditon and Chicago Fire and then looked to see what else Rodger Corser has done besides The Heart Guy (aka Doctor Doctor) and Glitch because he's become a favorite actor. I discovered Rush (a police ensemble show) is available on Amazon Prime, so I watched an episode of that.

The difference between an Australian police show and an American one seems to be the amount of talking during dangerous situations. The Australian officers in Rush try to talk people down from the emotional ledge rather than charging into every situation with guns blazing and shouting to put the weapon down or whatever, although there's no less tension. I was fascinated by that. That minor difference makes for a very different viewing experience and I'm looking forward to more.

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  1. Right. Definitely right...

    1. LOL Still working on convincing myself.

  2. We like shows from other countries more than we like American shows, to be honest. One of our favorites is The Brokenwood Mysteries from New Zealand. Unfortunately, it's hard to find streaming, but we discovered in on an app called Hoopla from the Free Library of Philadelphia. You only can borrow four titles a month, but it's been a nice journey into New Zealand.

    1. Yes, so do we. We enjoy the change of pace. There's something about American shows. They just all seem alike. Not many interest either of us. I just looked and our library system has Hoopla for e-books. I don't know if it works for streaming but I'll have to look into that.


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