Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Are you reading your chunksters? I am, but I'm not yet finished with the book I've been reading for a week. It's quite interesting having people at home when you're used to being alone. Nobody wants me to sit down to read, check e-mail or update my blog. I thwarted their usual efforts to drag me away by saying, "Let's go run around!" first, today. Hahaha. Beat the family to the punch line. We had a great time walking around the mall, trudging around the track at the Y, playing on the exercise machines (yeeow, I'm getting old and stiff!), and tossing the medicine ball back and forth. My bad shoulder will let me know if I did anything wrong, later on tonight. I'm confident that I'll be able to at least prop up my chunkster on a pillow, though.

Currently reading:

Finders Keepers by Linnea Sinclair (loving it - just need more time)
God is an Englishman by R. F. Delderfield - Chunkster #1 (only on page 18 but already know it's going to be a whopping fine read).

Number of Challenge Participants, as of this very moment: 66!!!!

Still listening to:

Idiots who can't tell time, still shooting off firecrackers. They started around 7am on the 31st. Duh. Middle-aged woman whine: Where I grew up, setting off fireworks in residential areas was illegal (it still is, actually).
Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong (I don't care if Christmas is over; I love the music).

I am still having a ridiculously horrible time posting and visiting other blogs, but since I'm repeatedly getting "the connection has reset" messages elsewhere, I'm assuming the problem is my lousy connection. Hard to say, but it's certainly not worth the price we're paying and I will be switching ISPs, soon, if only to save a few dollars each month. Wish me luck. I had to upload the New Year's image, above, to my old photo blog (still on Old Blogger with that one) and then upload the URL to get the darned photo to show up. This is my own photo, since I attempted to find an image and the only photos I liked were stock photos which cost money. I have a camera, a clock, ribbons, Mt. Dew, a champagne flute, and magic markers . . . why not. I had fun coloring, cutting, and propping. The entire image isn't showing up, but I'm just going to paste on a big, Grinchy grin and give up.

Hope to be back to regular posting, soon. I wish everyone a safe, healthy, happy, phenomenal reading year in 2007!


  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I love your New Year's picture. We must live in the same neighborhood - they're still shooting off fireworks here too. Give it up people! Get a life!

  2. Thanks, Lynne.

    Pretty wild what thrills people, isn't it? LOL We had fireworks going non-stop for twenty minutes, last night, after midnight. And, it wasn't like they hadn't already been blowing things up all day, but . . . okay, these were loud ones and just one on top of another. Somebody wasted a LOT of money on explosives!

  3. Happy new year! I hope this new year brings lots of juicy reading your way.

    I also had fireworks going off well into the night. I guess people are universaly annoying :)

  4. Happy New Year, Nancy! I thought the snow and cold temps would keep people inside, but nope. We had our share of noise on Sunday night, too. Not too bad, though. Nothing like the 4th (which sounds like a war-zone)!

    I started my first chunkster late Sunday night. Only about 60 pages in (of 800+), but I'm enjoying it so far (As the Crow Flies). Rod keeps teasing me, asking if I'm finished with it yet. Haha. I think it'll take me a couple of weeks. :)

  5. I started Vanity Fair and I'm really enjoying it. Thackeray is a hoot! Eager to hear your thoughts about God Is An Englishman. Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year to you, too!

    I haven't started my Chunkster yet, but hope to today. I HAD to finish my first Classics book to get it out of the way.

    Happy Reading, Bookfool.

  7. Happy New Year!
    Thankfully, no one around me shoots off fireworks on New Years.. they save it for the weeks around July 4th.

  8. Ha! I can relate to having everyone home driving you crazy. Just when I thought I would send my husband back to work (after being on vacation for 2 weeks), we find out the university (where he works) is closed for the national day of mourning! Aargh! Get off my couch!! Sorry, can't say it to him, so....

  9. Happy New Year, Bookfool!! Best wishes and the best books for this year. I really liked your pic!
    Oh, and I've started with my first chunkster, too.


  10. :) Great idea on the photo!

    I'm having a lot of trouble posting pictures and can't decide where the problem lies, but am fortunately able to visit and read my favorite blogs.

  11. Welp, while I'm not chunkstering it aling with you all, I am currently eyeing The Historian in the spirit of chunkster reading. :D

  12. Hi! Very nice New Year's picture! I just bought Wintersong a week before Christmas and I love it, too! Especially the one about the river. Wish I could be doing Chunkster with you all but my two-year-old has other plans for me. :)

  13. Happy New Year! I haven't started reading my chunkster yet. Yes, I tend to procrastinate :)

  14. hehe this whole post had me smiling and giggling!

  15. Happy New Year and I am on day 2 of my first chunkster. :)

  16. aka_nik,

    Thanks, Happy New Year and many juicy reads to you, too! I love the way you put that. I think everyone's finally run out of explosives. LOL Hope I'm right!


    Happy New Year! I should have had you send the snow this way, although it would have just delayed the inevitable. Southerners (at least here) hate snow, but they really do love blowing things up and shooting them. LOL

    Oh, that silly Rod! My husband never even knows what I'm reading unless I start quoting. I'll look forward to your review of The Way the Crow Flies and hope I can load the page when you get to that point! Have fun reading!


    Happy New Year! Uh-oh, did I screw up by passing up an inexpensive copy of Vanity Fair? Darn. But, I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


    Thanks and happy reading to you, also! Ah, yes, those classics are crucial. I have most of my challenge books set aside on a specific shelf, now. That doesn't mean I won't lose a few before I get to them. I'm that way. :)


    Happy New Year! Well, you're just a lucky chick! We get the fireworks noises twice a year. And, I never remember it's coming till I see the Black Cat tents! You'd think I'd have things figured out by now. LOL Incidentally, I've been prattling about Finders Keepers to the family. I'm almost done and it's gotten so exciting!


    Me too - federal hubby has been hovering for his entire extra day, annoying the blank out of me. He does actually seem rather rooted to the sofa. ;) Thanks for the laugh!


    Happy New Year and good reading wishes to you, too! Thanks, glad you like the pic. And, yippee, glad you're reading a chunkster!! Aren't we having fun? :)


    Thank you, ma'am. I think this is the first time I've tried to upload one of my own photos since I switched to New Blogger and it just wouldn't work. I have no idea why. It was a jpg and it was beneath the size limit, so it should have worked but kept giving me a "java void" message. Grrr. So, I've chosen not to update my photo blogs (which are under separate IDs). Don't know what I'll do if they switch me. Viewing blogs has gotten to be just exhausting. It's good that you can at least still get around!


    Your entire life is like one continuous challenge, Babe! LOL This is not to say I wouldn't like to trade lives with you, of course. You've heard about my yearning to get back to school. I'm not surprised you're eyeing The Historian. It sounds like your kind of book. I hope you read it, if only so I can hear your thoughts!! :)


    Thanks! Ooooh, yes, I love that wish I had a river song. It's so pretty. One thing I just love about that album is that I can plug it in and it's such relaxing music that nobody complains - not even the teenager! Cool!

    I hardly had time to breathe in and out, sleep or eat when I had two-year-olds, so I can certainly understand why you can't join in! There will come a day. Enjoy your little one; the time goes way too fast. :)


    It's only the second of January. Now, if we get to June and you're still saying, "Oops, haven't started," you'll be right up there with my husband. No, actually, he's much worse. Those new window screens were supposed to be ordered about 14 years ago. There, don't you feel better? Happy New Year!


    I live to make people smile, thanks. You just gave me my warm fuzzy for the day. :)


    Happy New Year! And, slow down, lady! I'm going to start praying you have triplets if you keep reading at the rate you did last year. LOL Told you those other two books would be done by the New Year! Just think . . . three diapers at the same time . . . ;)

  17. Can't wait to read your review about "God is an Englishman." I read it so long ago and loved it. "Atlas Shrugged" is my lst chunkster and classic. Fun, fun, fun.

  18. Framed,

    I'm enjoying God is an Englishman, but it's a slog. And, my husband moved my lamp, so I might just go to bed without reading. Oh, dear, that sounds so awful! LOL


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