Monday, January 15, 2007

This Pirate's Weekend Plunder

We made two book pit stops, this weekend. There's one book missing; the top two books are from Harlequin's Silhouette Bombshell series, which ends publication this month. I snatched up three titles. Not pictured is The Seventh Key by Evelyn Vaughn, which I actually bought before the weekend but Friday is close enough to count. The other four books were purchased with gift cards at Borders. Wahoo, that was fun!


  1. Anonymous5:07 AM

    I just went on a small buying spree at B&N and bought THE LOTTERY by Shirley Jackson. I had read that story in college and loved it. I'm anxious to read the other stories in the book.

  2. Anonymous5:41 AM

    I just looked up THE THING THEY CARRIED on B&N. It looks like a really interesting book. I'll have to try to find a copy. Reading about Vietnam has been painful for me. I had quite a few friends go over there - some of them didn't come back.

  3. Lynne,

    Yay, maybe we'll end up reading The Lottery at the same time! That's always fun. :)

    I read several positive reviews about The Things They Carried. Les at was the first to pique my interest. I don't know how to post a link in the comment section or I'd do that for you. If you page down to her post about her favorite books, there's a link to her excellent review.

    Vietnam is hard to read about; it must be doubly hard for those who lost friends. Let me know if you read it; I'd love to read your thoughts.

  4. Looks like some fun books! Looking forward to your reviews...

  5. Thanks, Angela. I had way too much fun in Borders. :)

  6. Oooh, I can't wait to hear what you think of The Things They Carried, Bookfool! I'll bet your husband and son would enjoy it, too. I was going to give you a quick lesson in html to link to a post in this comment section, but Blogger won't accept it since it thinks I'm messing up with the html. So, I'll email you offlist with the directions. :)

  7. Les,

    I hope I can get to it soon. You aren't the only person I know who has raved about The Things They Carried!

    Thanks for the html lesson. I got it and I'll hang onto that till I need it!

  8. The Harlequin books sound good but then I have more than enough books to read here not to mention the books that I have on both of my lists at both county libraries I visit. lol

  9. Hi Bookfool! Glad to know that you will be joining us for the Non-Fiction Five Challenge. FYI...I responded to your thoughts regarding putting a limit on the biographies.

    I just put THE THINGS THEY CARRIED on my iPod this past weekend. My husband is currently listening to it. My thanks go to Les also! :)

  10. Krista,

    I really have way too many, myself, but I figured I should grab a few of the Bombshell books before they're gone. I can't get them at my library, unfortunately.


    I'll dash over to read your response, thanks. Yes, Les is I major influence on us, these days, isn't she? LOL

  11. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Non Fiction 5 challenge? Will be popping over there.

    The Lottery! I've never read the book but I did see the movie in the 7th grade and spent a sleepless week convinced my parents were being stoned to death - wherever they were off to that week.

  12. Yeeks, Carrie!

    Maybe not good to read that story if you're young and tender or prone to nightmares. Oops, I'm the latter. Oh, well. I read one book by Jackson and I enjoyed it. Definitely creepy, but I liked the atmospheric touch.

    I'm already thinking about my nonfiction reads - which to set aside specifically for the challenge. Some are more challenging to me than others. I'm horrible about not finishing books on how to write, for example.

  13. Bookfool, you (and Lynne) made my day! I always love it when someone buys a Shirley Jackson book.

  14. Bybee,

    Well, shucks, if I'd known I could make your day by buying a book, I'd have done it a lot sooner. :)

  15. It's always so much fun to go into a book store and browse, and double the fun to have gift cards to buy with. Looks like a good stack of books. I really enjoyed Crispin and just learned that there's a sequel. I need to ask Les to help me with that link thing, too.

  16. I just received a book order from B&N and I'm salivating over your new stack. I think I'm losing it.

  17. Booklogged,

    I'm with you; I love just walking around browsing for the atmosphere. It's rollicking fun to do so with gift cards, though. Thanks for telling me there's a sequel to Crispin! If I like it, then . . . sigh . . . another one for the wish list. :)


    It's a vice, no doubt about it. I've just been reading Oprah's magazine - there's a great article about why it's so hard to change and I was thinking about habits (book-buying is one of them) and how much joy I get from opening a box of new books or coming home with a little bag. It's a dopamine thing, according to that article. We're hooked. LOL At least books are low calorie. Now, if I can just get off the Mt. Dew and get back to running . . .

  18. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I read non fiction at the speed of a slow, tired, aging snail. I don't know why, I read more non fiction than fiction lately.

    Oh yeah. Impressionable, prone to nightmares and a wee bit on the obsessive side. Age has helped slightly.

  19. Carrie,

    I think some nonfiction is just . . . dull. It helps if you happen to love a topic but even then, there are just some writers who can make how-to or travel or history fascinating and some who drone. I guess that means it's like any other writing. LOL I love the way you described the speed of your nonfiction reading. :)

    Age has made things worse for me, nightmare-wise. Strange. You'd think I'd have been more sensitive as a child, but I think that it has to do with understanding the bad in the world, the reality of it, in a way I didn't as a child. My brain likes to play with that stuff. Poor brain. We'll see how The Lottery goes over. ;)

  20. Looks like you got a great haul. I am jealous as I am only allowed to read shelf-sitters and buy nothing. I wanted to heartily recommend THE THINGS THEY CARRIED. Awesome book. I read it for my bookclub and was really moved by it. Hope you find it as compelling as I did.

  21. Anne,

    I'm not spending money on books, myself, apart from the library sale - that's my one splurge place because you stack them up and they cost a quarter per inch. And, I let myself use the gift cards, but that's it. It's difficult not buying! I looked at the B & N online sale and saw a lot of good things, but I passed.

    I've heard nothing but positive comments about The Things They Carried. I hope I'll get to that one soon. So glad to hear you also enjoyed it!


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