Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bits and Pieces

I've finished a second book that I've yet to review and I'm falling behind, but this was just one of those days that I felt like the robin, above. I just wanted to say, "I'm outta here." So, with that in mind, we grabbed the camera, hopped in the car and took a long walk in Vicksburg's National Military Park.

I am so freakin' sore. I've been a bum, lately.

But, I just had to drop back in to describe the hopelessly romantic thing my husband did for Valentine's Day. Bear in mind that he is, in general, just about the most unromantic guy on the planet. Before we were married, my spouse just about never gave me flowers (maybe once) but he did once give me a cactus. So, the fact that he made Valentine's Day special is kind of . . . baffling.

Anyway, hubby sent me an email on Valentine's Day. "Happy Valentine's Day. Pay homage to Beethoven and there might be something worth finding." Probably most people wouldn't get that and, frankly, I forgot what it meant. Paying homage to Beethoven is a reference to a British mini-series my husband and I love, Oliver's Travels. Whenever the main character is near a piano, he plays middle C as his homage to Beethoven. But, like I said, I forgot. So, I went to the piano and looked inside and behind the Beethoven music book. Nothing. I thought about looking in the bench but I had a horrible night and I was sluggish. I took a nap.

Since I failed (and I whipped out an email to that effect), later on the hubby gave me another clue. "Okay, then look in the bench." Quite a clue, eh?

Inside the piano bench was a DVD of The Sting (an old favorite) with a note that said, "Behind the Tower Bridge might be something." That one was easy. We have a framed photograph I took of the Tower Bridge in London on top of one of our many bookshelves. I moved the frame and behind it was a a lovely package that contained all sorts of adorable little bath items with a royal theme, including a package of bath salts with instructions on how to use them ("First, summon a servant . . . "), champagne lip balm with a touch of strawberry, a notebook for royal decrees, etc. Fun.

Attached to the package was yet another note: "To Edinburgh you go to find something to go with your ginger beer." That was another easy one, but darned if he didn't send the short wife to all the hard-to-reach places. We have a stoneware ginger beer bottle that I purchased in a shop in Edinburgh - very common, I think, but unique to us. And, it's on top of another set of bookshelves so I had to climb, but behind the ginger beer bottle was a heart-shaped box of fudge. Whoa. Like my butt needed that - but, how sweet is he for thinking ahead and planting all those little gifts?

So, in spite of the fact that the hubby was gone from Sunday to Friday, I had a lovely Valentine's Day that I'll never forget.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


  1. Awe...I loved your Valentine's Day story. I'm most impressed with his thinking ahead. I guess you got a keeper. :)

  2. He's a winner! I love the scavenger hunt with the unique clues that mean something to the two of you...even more than the gifts!

  3. Awww! That's so sweet! :)

  4. THAT was so incredibly sweet. Kudos to your hubby for doing something so special!!!

    ALL I got was flowers and, hardie har har, Dove Jewels chocolate because I asked for a "Jewel." Which was actually a joke, anytime you ask my daughter what she wants to get Mama for anything she says a jewel. That's my girl!!! LOL

  5. I have been to Vicksburg National Military Park and it is a beautiful place. Granted it was July and I was sweating buckets, but still one of my more memoriable vacations.

    What a great hubby. Does he have any single brothers? LOL

  6. Joy,

    Thanks, I was impressed with the way he thought ahead, too. I made him a card in advance but forgot to tuck it in his suitcase. Oops. :)


    That's exactly how I felt. He could have just sent me on a scavenger hunt with a card at the end and that would have thrilled me just as much. It's the thought that counts and I loved how much he put into it and the little private references!

    Hi Nat!

    Thanks, I thought so, too. I guess this means I have to keep him. ;)


    Thanks, I agree. And, I can tell you that there have been many years that I would have been thrilled just to get flowers and a box of chocolates. This year was extra special.

    BTW, all my jewels are cubic zirconia; we were robbed when I was expecting my eldest (a little shy of 23 years ago) and I never had any urge to replace my little sparkler with another diamond.

    What a sweetie-pie your daughter is!! :)


    I've deleted them. Post away, babe!

  7. Sherbears,

    July in Vicksburg is miserable, but the military park is gorgeous, isn't it? Winter is our best time of year. Too bad it only lasts about 2 weeks. LOL

    Hubby only has one brother and he's married with 4 kids, sorry. :(

  8. That is very sweet! I didn't get anything but I Got Tristan a DVD and Brent got him two trains he got him Thomas and then Gordon and his tender car. :) It was sweet.

  9. Krista,

    Sorry you didn't get anything; I'm sure Tristan had a blast. There's hope for anyone if my husband managed to come up with something so romantic, I promise. :)

  10. Awwwww. What a sweetheart!

  11. Anonymous4:24 PM

    That is so sweet. I'd probably be all 'just give me the darn thing already!' but the planning and planting of clues ahead of time is sooo sweet.

    That's a great pic! I hope you didn't take it while driving ;)

  12. He's okay, Les. I guess I'll keep him. :)

  13. Carrie,

    That's funny. I'm so opposite because I'm used to not getting anything, so I was in no hurry. It was definitely sweet of him to think ahead. Hubby said I played right into his hands because I sent him out to run errands the day before he left town.

    LOL! Thanks for the compliment on the pic. No, I wasn't driving! I don't know what kind of tree that is, but the birds love it! I stood on the driveway and took a bunch of photos of the robins. There were between a dozen and twenty of them in the tree, chomping on the berries. It was so fun to watch them and listen to all the chirping. :)

  14. I am really really impressed with your husband! I like a little cleverness mixed in with my romance, and I can see everyone would agree with me.

    Valentine's Day here is a bust for women. Feb. 14 is the day men get chocolate, presents, etc. Fast forward to March 14 -- White Day. That's when the men give women gifts, and that's the one that's heavily advertised, like Valentine's is at home. April 14 is Black Day. People who are single go out together with a group of friends and for dinner, they eat some kind of noodle dish with black sauce.

  15. That is so sweet! Thoughtful gifts always mean so much more!

  16. Whoa! That is freakin' impressive. I didn't know men ever did stuff like that in real life. lol

  17. Bybee,

    My hubby's not usually so impressive with gift-giving! He really made it fun and special.

    I like the idea of a day for singles, but noodles with black sauce . . . ugh, that sounds awful! So, you still have White Day to look forward to? Or did you celebrate Valentine's?


    Most definitely!! And, they're especially special, I suppose, when you're used to a spouse who ignores the gushy stuff. LOL


    I've heard of isolated cases, but this was a new one for me. Back when we were newlyweds, I was the one who did little things like hide a basket of goodies for Easter, etc. Eventually, I was converted to "ignore a holiday" mode and I think that's when hubby started to sit up and take notice. Sneaky, eh? ;)

  18. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I love how he was making you climb all over the place to get to the fudge. I bet it was worth it!! yummmm fudge!

  19. LOL! Heather, it was definitely worth the climb!!! Only, he came home and ate half of it. But, like I said, the rear end doesn't need more padding. LOL

  20. Ahhh... this is such a tender love story. Truth is better than fiction in this case.

  21. Very nicely done! I'll keep that tactic in mind!

  22. What a wonderful Valentine's Day!
    You might ahve to keep him after all. haha!

  23. Booklogged,

    Thanks, I agree. Now, if he'd just stay out of that fudge . . .


    It took a few years of restraint and then I became a little too accustomed to not giving him anything! It's like we reversed roles. LOL Oh, well, whatever works, right?


    Hmmm, maybe so. I'll have to give it some thought. ;)

  24. That is so cute! And fun. Now I'm inspired to do something like for my husband's birthday in May, although it would be better if he did it for me, no?

  25. Camille,

    It can be really fun being the giver, but the recipient has to enjoy himself. That was one of the reasons I stopped doing special things for hubby; it wasn't fun because he didn't even smile - I'd just got a flat "thanks". Ugh. It was really terrific being the one who got to hunt down the gifts, though! :)

  26. How sweet! It's those little things that make all the difference.

  27. aka_Nik,

    Yep, definitely the little things count. Now, if I can just get him trained to do such fun stuff regularly. LOL


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