Friday, February 02, 2007

I Can't; I Just Can't

I can't review The Red Badge of Courage, today, because I'm just so wiped out and pissed off and want to hide from the world. I just can't. But, I liked it - even though I had to plunk a laptop on my belly and page down using a touch pad and a non-mouse button to read it. I really liked it. I thought it was emotional and fascinating - regardless of the fact that the dialogue was written in vernacular, which I truly, truly despise. But, that's as far as I can stand to go, descriptively speaking.

And, now that I think about it, I'm absolutely certain there was something that urgently needed to be shared on this blog. What? No idea. Maybe it had something to do with my discovery that photos of books in magazines like Real Simple make excellent bookmarks when chopped up and run through a laminating machine. No, I don't think so. But, that's not a bad thing to mention, is it? Shoot, I think I'll go make some bookmarks, take a bath, and read till my eyes pop. Maybe that will cheer me. Cross your fingers. I don't want this to turn into a whiny blog.


  1. I had access to a laminator a few years ago - fun!! Try cropping some of your photos to bookmark shape, then laminate! :)
    Hope the bath and book do the trick.

  2. The bath helped; I haven't managed to read, yet; but that's coming up as soon as I post a photo. I decided to go through my files in search of a photo that made me smile.

    I laminated my hawk and turned him into a bookmark, earlier this week! Funny you should say that. :) The laminator is great fun. I got it for zoo and park passes - they don't even use card stock, anymore, just flimsy paper. So, I laminate them to keep them from falling apart. But, every now and then I pull it out to make bookmarks. I'll have to take a photo of some of the ones I've made, some time.

  3. Pardon my lousy punctuation, please, Nat. :)

  4. I like the picture of the classics illustrated comic of The Red Badge Of Courage.

    I read Wuthering Heights on a computer screen; it made me feel a little crazy afterwards. This is how I'll have to read Villette if I don't scare up a copy by June.

    Sorry you're worn out and pissed off. Think bath. Often.

  5. Bybee,

    I found a page of Red Badge cover illustrations and the Illustrated Classic cover was my favorite. I thought it conveyed the emotion of the story well.

    Ugh, Wuthering Heights is long! I'd go crazy reading it off a screen, too. I'll keep my eyes out for a copy of Villette. Classics often show up in our library sale.

    Last night's bath was lavender bubble bath with lavender soap. Ahhh. It was very soothing.

  6. Sorry you're down in the doldrums :( I loved The Red Badge of Courage as well, it is such a simple yet compellingly human portrait of a young man at war. As for reading books electronically- Ithink this may be the ultimate test of how much you want to read a book, as it is such a pain! I read the last 5 (of 6) novels from Trollope's Barset Chronicles via Project Gutenberg, as I couldn't wait to know what happened. It was certainly a labour of love!

  7. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Love the laminated bookmark idea - I'll have to do that! I read The Red Badge of Courage so long ago - I remember it being very good. I love the cover of you edition! Hope you're feeling better!

  8. Sarah,

    I'm having a better day, today, thanks. :)

    "A simple yet compellingly human portrait of a young man at war" is the perfect capsule description of Red Badge! Yes, you have to be very dedicated to tolerate reading on a computer screen. I'm not sure I could hold out through an entire series, as you did, but the price is right, isn't it? You have to love the Gutenberg Project.


    I got a very inexpensive laminating machine - I think it was well worth the cost for the sake of the fun creating your own little works of art to mark your place. Go for it!

    Since I read Red Badge off a DVD, that wasn't the correct cover posted - I chose it from a Red Badge website where about 30 or so cover images were shown. The Illustrated Classics cover was my favorite. I think it portrays the emotion well, don't you? :)

  9. Ah the bookmark idea was wonderful. I love the idea. Of course I'd use my school's laminator (lol). I hope you are feeling better. There is nothing worse that the blahs.

  10. Thanks, Janet!

    I'm back to feeling blah, although we had a lovely day. I just need a new house. Maybe I should start buying lottery tickets. LOL I mentioned the house to my husband and we were standing in the hallway, where we ripped the flooring out when the carpet got wet a while back and which we still haven't finished. He gestured at the concrete and said, "What, you can't take joy in this?" and we both doubled over laughing.

    I'm having loads of fun with my homemade bookmarks. It's really fun. You should definitely try to sneak some through the school's laminator. I've used book photos from magazines, my hawk picture, a quote and photo I liked (with a cat on funky wallpaper) . . . all sorts of things. I have fun playing and they're definitely something I'll enjoy using!


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