Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Pic

Because sometimes you just need an upper, I searched through my photo files in order to locate a photo that made me smile. There were more than I expected, actually, but I settled on this one because I love cat photos.


  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    What a sweet kitty! Love the tongue!

  2. Lynne,

    Isn't she pretty? That's a neighborhood cat and she's loads of fun. I'd keep her if I could. :)

  3. lol, great photo, bookfool! Also, like the new look of your blog. Will stop by for a longer visit later, we've had a busy week, my daughter was writing exams.

  4. Hope you are feeling much better today. I also think that sweet animal pictures are the perfect pick-me-up and I often post them, just to amuse myself. Keep your chin up!

  5. Lotus,

    Thanks! I just love that kitty. We haven't seen her in a while, so we're hoping she's still around but the other cats have driven her off.

    I'm still unable to post on your blog, but I visit, now and then. Good luck to your daughter!!!


    This has turned into a migraine weekend, so I'm not accomplishing much. Thanks for the wishes. Same here on posting animal photos to amuse myself. I wish I lived nearer to the zoo as I can often get some goofy photos there. :)

  6. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Oh, migraine. Yuck. Hope it goes away soon.

    Kitty pic! With tongue! My favorite kind.

  7. Carrie,

    Thanks. This is just a lazy day for everyone; hubby also is acting ill (although he doesn't suffer from migraines). Maybe we just need a goof-off day. :)

    Glad you like the kitty. I think they're such fun.

  8. I love this picture. Too cute.

  9. Thanks, Barbara. :)

  10. You might like this one...Here is my cat examing my Bookswap package. I caught him mid-yawn.

  11. Malady,

    I'm getting a "service temporarily unavailable" message, but I'll try again later. I love kitty photos!!!

  12. Thanks bookfool, you gave me a smile too! Especially welcome since I'm headachy and blah right now! :(
    Hope you're feeling better!

  13. Nat,

    I'm feeling much better. I think it was the change of weather that gave me a migraine and the blahs. Well, that and UPS refusing to mail a parcel - that was just weird and upsetting.

    Sorry you feel lousy. I'm sending get better thoughts and glad to know the kitty made you smile. :)


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