Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Five Foolery: Five Favorite Things

Today was another one of those days that I just couldn't stay indoors because it was so lovely outside. So, I'm going to revert to another former feature of mine, Friday Five Foolery, mostly out of sheer laziness but fractionally due to time constraints brought on by the urge to do yard work and walk around taking photos.

Five favorite things:

1. Favorite old photo that's been hanging on my wall forever - a photo I took when we were new to Mississippi and the eldest child was a diapered toddler (of my husband with the little one), taken on the pier at Biloxi, MS. Pardon the scratch marks - it's been in the same cheap plastic frame, forever, and I didn't remove the photo from the frame when I photographed it:

2. Favorite sign - taken in Taylor, MS a few weeks ago:

3. Favorite filthy cat photo - Our black-and-white cat, Spooky, after rolling in the dirt and pollen on the back patio:

4. Favorite paragraph from a book:

Miss Tobias raised an eye-brow and said, "She says that she is Mrs. Winbright. But Captain Winbright says that she is not. I had not supposed it to be a point capable of so wide an interpretation."

From The Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susannah Clarke

5. Favorite lousy photo that shows action so I like it, anyway - of a mockingbird dive-bombing one of the neighborhood cats:

Wishing everyone a terrific weekend, full of great reading time and beautiful moments.


  1. I love all of these photos, Nancy! You really have a photographer's eye. Doing photography is on my "someday" list.


  2. Thanks, Tammy.

    You know a great way to start would be to take a couple of disposable cameras to class with you and take photos of the kids. I promise you they'd love it. I've got a photo I took of my speech class in college when I was doing a talk on basics of photography for one of my speeches and it is a gem. While explaining how I take a deep breath and let it out slowly to keep from getting too much camera shake, I snapped off a flash picture. Half of the students were leaning forward and all were looking directly at the camera. It made them all jump and then laugh; and, I got the coolest photo!!

  3. I love that first picture of your hubby and son on the pier. Great moment.

  4. Thanks, Les. It was definitely a special moment. There was also a funny moment, some time that day, when we discovered that Daniel's diaper had slid down one of the legs of those sweatpants. :)

  5. Nice pictures. I'm usually not a fan of b&w photography, but I find yours in particular quite striking. Maybe because I actually slow down to examine them. I like the bird, too.

  6. Thanks, Kookie. That sounds like a pretty big compliment. The bird was funny. I was just outside chatting with him; he had one of the neighborhood kitties slightly freaked. Peek at my photo blog at and you can see another photo of the bird and the two neighborhood cats that came to talk to me and rub fur all over my pants on Thursday. :)

  7. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Your pictures are always such fun. Have you taken any professional classes ? That picture on the pier has such a great atmosphere.

  8. Wonderful photos as usual, Nancy! That's a wonderful moment that you captured in the first one. :)

  9. Gavin,

    Thank you. I've taken one class, on black & white photography/darkroom technique way back in the 80's. The instructor was a professional and gave us specific assignments, then critiqued them, but we spent most of our time working in the darkroom (loads of fun). And, I went to a seminar led by Stephen Kirkpatrick, a nature photographer from Mississippi (he has quite a few books). He was an excellent speaker but I don't recall doing any hands-on work with him. To be honest, I just can't remember. It was a big group and I didn't manage to ask any questions but I took loads of notes!

    Hi Nat!

    Thanks. That was definitely a great moment. :)

  10. Looove the pics! Especially the dive-bombing bird. lol Good thing it wasn't your cat that was the object of its rage.

  11. Well, if it had been my girls I'd have just shooed them inside. Spooky was actually outside with me and I sent her in when gray and white boy came down the hill. Wish I knew his name! There's a photo of him at the bottom of the page, now, and one at Recent Developments.

  12. I love your pictures and your lists.


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