Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wahoo! Wednesday

I thought it was going to be really difficult to come up with reasons to say "Wahoo!", this week but I was wrong. There are always things to be grateful for and I think we probably all need to reflect on them even more during those days that watching the news brings tears.

1. I'm grateful for every single person who survived Monday's horror and for those who had the presence of mind or courage to do something to protect themselves or save others.

2. I'm grateful for little growing things, peeking up through the spring soil. Wahoo for new life!

3. I'm so glad to have a crazy, dairy-addicted cat who makes me laugh. Last week, she knocked a slice of pizza down onto the floor while I was busy walking my husband to the front door after lunch. I heard the crash but ignored it. By the time I got to the kitchen, she was chowing down. What a hilarious sight it was to see my cat munching on her own personal slice of pizza. She loves milk, cream cheese, sour cream, that cheesy crap from Taco Bell - you name it. Tonight, I kept telling her that my fish sandwich was all gone and it was just the spirit of the sandwich that remained, sorry, nothing to share. I was sure she wouldn't be interested in my fruit and yogurt parfait. Guess again, lady. Some time, I'll have to have my son hold a yogurt cup up to the cat's nose so I can get a photo of her licking up the yogurt remains. What a riot! Wahoo for goofy, lovable pets!

4. We're finally out of red beans and rice! Wahoo! It was good, but I was right. I did get kind of weary of red beans and rice after the first couple of days (see the bottom of this post, if you missed the story).

5. Two weeks and my orchid is still thriving. Wahoo!

6. I just peeked at Chris's blog, Stuff as Dreams are Made on and I see I've been tagged for a meme, so I guess that will be my next post. And, what the heck, Chris is a big Wahoo! I love his upbeat posts and enlightening reviews. I keep forgetting to ask exactly where one finds such a thing as a poppet. They're cute, but I sure don't remember ever seeing one prior to seeing photos of poppets on his blog.

7. Possibly a very silly wahoo . . . maybe . . . I'm grateful for toilet paper. Geez, what a weirdo. No, really, I am. I spoke to my mother, the other day, and talking to my mom always makes me think of bizarre things to be thankful for because she was born during the Depression, the child of one of those men who couldn't support his family so he abandoned them. I never knew my maternal grandfather, but his absence meant a childhood of deprivation for my mother and I hope I've learned to appreciate simple things a little more because of her experience.

Happy Wednesday and thank you for visiting me!


  1. Ha ha, I loved the anecdote about your cat! I got some books in the mail from bookmooch today, and my cat started to eat one of the stamps! Anyway, I found you through abookinthelife, and I'll definitely be back!

  2. Dewey,

    Cats are funny things, aren't they? Wish I could have seen your cat chewing on the stamps. What a hoot! Thanks, I'm glad you found me. :)

  3. My heart goes out to everyone at Virginia Tech. What a horror. I join you in your Wahoos!

    Dairy addicted cats are always things to Wahoo about :)

    Beautiful orchid! Looks like you're treating her well.

    I'm a Wahoo?! hehe, thanks for that, you get the biggest smile of the day :D Poppets are wonderful things. They're made by an amazing artist named Lisa Snellings-Clark. She's done plenty of work with Neil Gaiman and Gene Wolfe, two wonderful authors. Even some work with Ray Bradbury. Her website/blog is . There's a whole website that's wonderful dedicated to popppets Poppets are only available during her seasonal sales and I always post when she has one. She's a wonderful person!

    And I must say, toilet paper is always a wonderful thing ;)

  4. Chris,

    Yep, you're a wahoo, all right. :)

    My cat is such a nut. You should see her chase a plastic container with the remnants of cheese sauce around the kitchen. She's so funny.

    Thanks for the info on the poppets. I'll watch for your post on sales. I can easily imagine a couple of little poppets on my cluttered desk. I have some odd things, here. My desk seems to reflect my quirks.

    My orchid thanks you for calling her beautiful. :)

  5. Anonymous1:35 AM

    I'd say Wahoo to books for making sense of the world!

    You might like this book site. Is a cool resource.

  6. I second your Wahoo for goofy, lovable pets! I'd love to see her with her head in a yogurt container!
    Oh and congrats on getting your photo in the paper.

  7. That story is why I want a cat. So I can Wahoo! about it.

    Beautiful pictures as always.

  8. Melanie,

    Yes, that's a definite wahoo. Thanks for the link. Looks like a fun site!


    I'll try to get a photo of her licking up yogurt, some time. It was pretty funny when Spooky finished and had yogurt all over her face!

    Thanks about the photo. People who know me through David have said, "That's Nancy, right? They just spelled the name wrong?" He seems to be enjoying that. ;)


    Are you unable to acquire an Italian kitty? You definitely need a cat to Wahoo about. And, of course, you'd have to post loads of pictures. That's me being selfish 'cause I love cat pics. Heh.

    And, thank you. :)

  9. I can't even watch the news any brings me to tears. What a horrible tragedy.

    Thanks for a nice Wahoo Wednesday post!!

  10. Stephanie,

    Me, too. Glad you enjoyed the post. :)

  11. In trying times like these, it is great to just turn off the news and read things that make you glad to be alive. My blogging friends, like you, help me do that. Thanks, Bookfool. Gorgeous orchid.

  12. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Lovely pictures. The color contrast in the 1st picture is beautifully striking and that orchid seems to be prospering under your care :)

  13. Kookie,

    Thank you; I feel the same way. Even reading other folks' rants feels kind of comforting but it's particularly nice to read upbeat posts. My orchid thanks you for the compliment. :)


    Thank you. So far, so good with the orchid! I'm trying to be meticulous about not letting it dry out and not over-watering. It's a joy to walk out to the kitchen and see that splash of color on my table. :)

  14. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Okay I'm reading Wahoo Wednesday on Thursday but I think I'll just say Wahoo for best friends who are there with smiles and hugs to go around.

  15. Iliana,

    Absolutely. That's a perfect wahoo. And, it doesn't matter what day you get around to reading. :)

  16. I enjoyed being reminded that there are so many wonderful things in this life to be grateful for. Thank you.

  17. Wow! The Orchid is bee-u-tee-full! ;)

  18. Framed,

    You're welcome and thank you for letting me know it was an upper, for you. :)

    Miss Maggie,

    Orchid says "Thank you!" She just loves being told she's pretty.


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