Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wahoo! Wednesday

It's a little harder to do a Wahoo! Wednesday post when it's raining and you have a migraine; so, I'm going to just think positive and use the rain as a jumping-off point.

Things (and people) I feel like saying Wahoo! about, today:

1. Rain. Oh, how hard was that? No, seriously, rain gives me a day off from watering the plants. It usually gives me a day off from swim runs (apparently, not so with lifesaving). And, a rainy day is a fantastic excuse to curl up and read, of course!

2. I am so, so thankful for modern medicine - particularly painkillers, right now. I went many years without any kind of relief for excruciating migraines and while medication doesn't always work, it often does. Modern medicine has also kept my mother alive for 17 years; she was declared completely cured of one cancer and is in remission from a second. That's pretty freaking amazing, if you ask me.

3. Wahoo for the crazy dog, above, who made us laugh, yesterday.

4. My two kids - I'm grateful that they are proving themselves to be decent, hard-working, well-adjusted people. And, they both love to read! I feel so privileged to be a mother to my boys.

There were several other things I wanted to say and poof!, they are gone from my brain. I have no idea what they were. So, I'll just make this another short post.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Bad migraine! Go away! You're doing better than I do with a migraine, I usually can't get anywhere near a computer.

    Cute puppy. Cute kids. Blessed painkillers. Can you take any of the triptans? (Imitrix, maxalt, sumatriptan, etc?) I was SO happy when I found them and they worked. (Mostly)

  2. Carrie,

    I can only handle the light of the monitor for a short time. Yes, I take Maxalt. It only works occasionally and I don't take it every time to avoid rebound migraines. Triptans are definitely lifesavers!

  3. What a great dog! I love dogs...Wahoo! for them :)

    I love the rain when I can sit at home and read a book. When I'm out in it though...forget about it.

    Modern medicine is in fact a wonderful thing. Wahoo! for your mom. Relpax tends to work relatively well for me. I tried Imitrex and hated it. It gave me horrible stomach pains and made me light headed. I'd rather have the migraine.

    And your boys look and sound great. Wahoo! for their mom for doing such a good job :)

  4. Chris,

    Isn't he a cool dog? Kiddo says he jumped into the pool several times after I left.

    Rain is no fun to drive in and dangerous around here. I think people actually get annoyed and drive faster. Weird!

    I haven't tried Relpax or Imitrix because Maxalt works well for me when it works. Today, it didn't do the trick so I had to go with the other stuff. Whatever works! I still haven't gotten a new neurologist; I guess this should be my reminder.

    Thanks, I think I have terrific (and very good-looking) kids. They have good manners, too; I love it when people tell me they appreciate my kids' manners. That's always fun! :)

  5. Sweet Nancy, I am really sorry about your migraine, that's no fun at all. Hope you're feeling better today? I read something recently that just might make you feel a little better...according to researchers at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, women who suffer from migraines throughout their lives have better memories than those who don't! Who would have thought there would be a positive side effect to migraines, huh? Anyway, take care and hope you feel better soon!

    Love the pictures of your boys, thanks for sharing!

  6. Anonymous10:24 AM

    The dog seems to be enjoying himself. Nice bow around his neck.
    I would think that your children have their parents to thank for being so well-adjusted :)
    Hope you're feeling better.

  7. Lotus,

    I had to look up that information about migraine sufferers. Wow, very cool! Yes, that's helpful! Or, nice to know, anyway!!

    I feel a little better, today, but with enough of a hint of migraine that I'm going to go ahead and take something in the hope that it won't wallop me later. Thanks for asking. I'll try to visit you, soon. Glad you enjoyed seeing my boys. :)


    He was a really nice dog; the pool manager was watching out for him (and an adorable little black lab puppy just like him) while she tried to locate his owners. I don't know if she put the bandana around his neck or if it was already there, but it seemed to fit his personality!

    Oh, thanks. I hope I've been a good parent. I think parenting well can make a bigger difference than just about anything else one does in a lifetime.

    Better, so far, on the migraine thing. Thank you for asking!

  8. Yes, wahoo for sons who are the apple of a mother's eye. It seems like you did a good job with yours, Bookfool. You have a every right to be proud. And double wahoo from me for rain. A ready-made excuse to stay inside, throw some brownies in the oven and read.

  9. It rained all day Monday and Tuesday, and drizzled a little bit yesterday. I curled up with my book all afternoon on Tuesday and relished the quiet pitter-patter of raindrops on the porch roof as I read. Perfect afternoon, imho.

  10. Thanks, Kookie. :)

    Brownies? I don't cook much, but what a great idea! BTW, I'm sitting here watching Hugh Grant You Tube vids, now. I need to quit that.

  11. Les,

    That sounds like the ultimate. I couldn't focus very well, so the rain didn't do me much good, reading-wise, but I tried. :)

  12. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Your boys look about my boy's age. :)

    Yes, thank goodness for modern medicine!

  13. Dewey,

    They're 22 and 15. I can't believe I'm old enough to have kids that age!! How old are yours?


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