Sunday, April 22, 2007

Booked by 3 Meme

I was tagged by the very cool New Orleans Chris to do this meme. And it's a hard one!!! I've been thinking about it for days and still don't feel like I quite know what to say, but I'll try.

Booked By 3 Meme:

Name up to three characters...

1. ....You wish were real so you could meet them:

Ellie in Tomorrow When The War Began by John Marsden (and the rest of the series, set in Australia). She fascinates me; she's so resourceful and tough.

Liesel Meminger of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, a unique little book-addicted girl.

Eugenie Desiree Clary - The heroine of one of my all-time favorite books, Desiree by Annemarie Selinko. Just to hear about how she got to hang out with Napoleon before he became full of himself.

2. ....You would like to be:

Meg of A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle - for the chance to travel to different worlds.

Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice, but only if Mr. Darcy looked like Colin Firth.

Stephanie Plum of Janet Evanovich's One for the Money, etc., series. Because who wouldn't want two dark, gorgeous hunks following her around and protecting her?

3. ....Who scare you:

Okay, this one's rough because I try to avoid scary books, but . . .

The Button Boy of Best New Horror by Joe Hill - terrifying, utterly terrifying blind person who is not what he seems. There are several really scary characters in that story, actually.

Those Scary Things that Suck the Life out of You in the Harry Potter books - can't remember what they're called, but death somethings . . . ???

The fat man in Joe Hill's The Black Phone. Ew, ew, ew!!! Bad, bad scary man!

Obviously, Joe Hill is a great at coming up with terrifying characters that continue to haunt a reader long after the book has been closed.

Next thing . . . tag three people. They don't say you have to desire to torment the three, but this was a hard one, people!!! Still, I had fun once I got going.

1. Kookiejar of A Fraternity of Dreamers
2. Andi of Tripping Toward Lucidity
3. Wendy of Musings of a Bookish Kitty

Tag, you're it!

Finished, this morning: The Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susanna Clarke, but the kiddo is about to take over my computer. Review later on, maybe tomorrow.

Just beginning to read: Rises the Night by Colleen Gleason

Two books that walked in the door, this weekend:
My Favorite Earthling by Susan Grant
Birds without Wings by Louis de Bernieres

In my backyard, this afternoon:

It's a mourning dove. My husband said something to the effect of, "Big woo." I'm very proud of myself for not swatting him (the husband, not the dove). He's going to Italy without me, so he deserves to be swatted. Do you think I'd fit in a suitcase?


  1. Thanks for the tag, Bookfool. This one is going to take a little thought.

    I love that you picked Desiree. That was a truly great book.

  2. Kookie,

    It took me a while to come up with my answers.

    You've read Desiree? I haven't met anyone who's read Desiree in ages!!! Cool!

  3. heh, New Orleans Chris...I like that.

    I too would like to be Meg from A Wrinkle in time if it didn't involve switching genders ;) And I love your conditions of being Elizabeth Bennet, HA!

    Can't wait to hear what you thought of Ladies of Grace Adieu. And I think the Harry Potter guys are called Death Eaters, and I agree. They were creepy as hell!

    Beautiful dove, don't smack your husband :D

  4. Cool idea of that meme. :) That morning dove is beautiful! I would love to go to Italy. Oh wait, I spent half a day there when I was on my tour of France cause it was easier to drive through Italy from Chamonix to get to Nice than to drive a straight line. :)

  5. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Oh, go smack your husband. Italy without you? I'm sure he has his reasons, but are they any good? lol.

    We've got a couple of pairs of mourning doves in our yard. So cute.

    I've never even heard of Desiree! I'll have to check it out. Memes are always way harder than you think, aren't they?

  6. Chris,

    I'll have to change your name if you move out of New Orleans, won't I?

    Hmmm, didn't Meg have a brother? You can be the brother; that'll save you. LOL I should probably want to be Elizabeth Bennett, anyway, just because she was so witty.

    I'll try to get Grace Adieu reviewed tomorrow. I did love it. So disappointing that it's a library book; I'd like to own a copy.

    Okay, Death Eaters. Ick.

    He's going to Australia without me, too. Are you sure I can't smack the spouse? I'd really like to. :)


    I don't remember every seeing a meme on your blog. You should do it; it's fun. :) Oh, brag, brag. Everyone gets to go to Italy but little old me. I told David there's a story in that book by Simon Van Booy that he needs to read - the one about the guy who didn't take his wife to the lavender fields of France and now she's in a coma and the little old lady says, "Yeah, my husband was going to take me to Europe." Bwaaah. It was so sad!

  7. Carrie,

    He's going to a conference. When hubby goes to a conference in another country, he always says, "But, I'm not going to have any fun." And, then he comes home with photos of castles and tales of adventure. Grrr. This time he keeps saying, "I'm coming home a day early. I won't have fun. I hear there's only enough to keep you busy for three days in that city - and there's just a short tour and . . . I'm not going to have any fun." Riiiiight.

    Desiree is great historical fiction. I stole my mother's copy, but she forgave me. :)

    Yep, those crazy memes. They make you think, darn it! LOL

  8. Cool meme. Great questions.

    Sorry you're not getting to tag along to Italy. CanadaBoy and I were talking about Italy yesterday; He wants to travel around the country and learn how to cook all the foods of the different regions. I want to do the same, but just eat them.

  9. Bybee,

    I told the husband he has to bring me home some pretties. He said, "Balsamic vinegar." I said that's not very pretty. He said, "I don't know, one ounce or two? The vats where the good stuff's been sitting for 400 years are nearby." I said, "I don't want balsamic vinegar. Maybe some Italian bookmarks or a millefiore necklace." He said, "What the heck is a millefiore?"

    Gah, some people are hopeless. :)

  10. Yeah, Bookfool, I read 'Desiree' last year. I had no interest in Napoleon before, but that book was really interesting. I guess because it was told through her eyes.

  11. Anonymous9:28 AM

    This was fun to read. I really must give Joe Hill's books a try - I keep hearing how scary they are and I do love a scary book every once in a while :)

  12. Another decade or two and you'll have him sorted out, don't worry. Although he's still at the top of my Very Cool Husbands list for his accomplishment earlier in the year i.e., the treasure hunt.

  13. The big scary Harry Potter things from Azkaban are Dementors. And they are scary!!!

    (the Death Eaters are what they call the followers of Voldemort....I'm a Harry Potter nerd)

  14. Kookie,

    I liked the fact that Desiree was written from her POV, too. It was a much nicer way to view Napoleon, I suppose. Pssst, I read it for the first time in high school. I'm not telling how long ago that was. :)


    Thanks. :) If you like being frightened, Joe Hill will please you! His characters are, I'd say, so vividly described that they seem very real and that makes a scary character even more so.


    There aren't enough decades left in me to straighten that man out, but he is what he is. I think half the reason I married him was for the good-looking/smart genes and in that I succeeded. So, ya know. I asked for it; the traveling to other countries to buy food without me came with the territory, I guess. And the sloppiness.

    I try to reflect on Valentine's Day whenever possible. :)


    Thanks for the correction. Okay, Dementors. Death Eaters sounds pretty creepy, too, though. I've only managed to read two or three Harry Potters. Youngest thinks that's a crime. LOL

  15. Thanks for NOT tagging me, Nancy! ;)

    I'd love to go to Italy someday. My hubby has no interest, however. And my daughter just went for graduation (in January). I may just have to treat myself for my 50th and invite all my friends who want to come along (at their expense, of course!).

  16. Les,

    I love the idea of a Girl Trip, like that. David hasn't been interested when I've brought up Italy, either, and now here he is, going without me. The one thing I've discovered about Italy is that it's a very, very popular travel destination and difficult to get a hotel unless you book well in advance. We looked last year, when we were trying to decide where to go (and, like I said, David wasn't enthusiastic at all). It was like . . . the whole country was booked solid! So, Alaska it was. Not a problem!!

  17. Woohoo! Going to meme right now! And I sent you an e-mail about a photography contest. E-mail me if you didn't get it!

  18. Andi,

    Thanks!! Can't wait to see your meme. I got your email and wrote you back. Huh. That's interesting. My emails aren't coming through on the listservs either. Weird. Anyway, I said thank you and told you what the spouse said. He was not encouraging. Hmph. Take me to Italy and I'll take some photos of Italian nature then, annoying male person. Hahaha.

  19. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Hey bookfool...I'd like to be Elizabeth Bennett too. ;-)

    And I'm scared spitless of Voldemort myself. (I'd be okay if Snape was there to protect me, however....if he looked like Alan Rickman.)

  20. Colleen,

    I call dibs on Mr. Darcy. Heh.

    Yep, Voldemort's scary. I thought about him. I adore Snape as long as he's Alan Rickman; nobody else would do in the role, now. And, wasn't he wonderful in Sense & Sensibility? I'd love to be Marianne (sp?) and take a walk in the rain to have him pace the hallways for me.

  21. You take such gorgeous bird photos!

    I'd like being Stephanie Plum not just for the reasons you mention, but also because she's always pigging out and yet if she gains any weight, it always seems temporary.

  22. Dewey,

    Thanks. :)

    Oh, yeah, good point. I need magical disappearing weight instead of the kind that sticks. Don't we all!

  23. Why take the pigeon to Italy. They have plenty there! ;D

  24. Oh no! Go with him! I'll meet you in Venice. If you ever come to Italy let me know. I know a great journal shop.

  25. Maggie,

    I need to lose a little weight to catch a ride on a pigeon. ;)


    I'd really, really like to tag along. He'll be in Florence. It would be such fun to meet up with you! Darn!

  26. As the originator of the Booked by 3 meme (I've been running it for almost 2 years, I guess), I've been tickled by how many folks have picked up on this months questions. The tagging isn't part of the meme, so it's been fun seeing folks do that and to watch it spread.

    Anyway, I post questions within the first couple of weeks of each month, so stop by Shelly's Book Shelf if you'd like to see more.

  27. Shelly,

    I almost skipped the tagging. Funny. I'll definitely drop by your blog. Thanks for stopping in at mine!


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