Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wahoo! Wednesday

Goodness, this has been a busy week! I will have some terrific stories to tell you, soon, but I'm so overwhelmed that I'm just going to do a regular wahoo post and hope that I can catch up in a couple of days. Hope everyone is having a terrific week!

First, the wahoos, and then an update. Things I feel like saying "Wahoo!" about, this week:

1. I finally got a decent photo of a red-winged blackbird. Wahoo! And, then, of course I plastered words over his head. I do have a saved version of Mr. Red-Wing without words, of course; you can see that he was making some noise. Isn't he (or she) pretty?

2. I just peeked back at my archives to make sure and, yep, I was right. It's my 1-year Bloggiversary!!!! Happy Bloggiversary to meeeee. And, thanks to all the wonderful people who have made blogging such a terrific learning experience and a huge adventure! If you'd told me that anyone at all would visit my blog (much less my peak number of nearly 250 in one day) when I began, I would have said, "Nah, I'll just be writing to myself." I certainly had no idea I'd meet so many fellow bibliophiles, make loads of new friends and end up with an even longer wish list in no time (really, who'd have thought the wish list of books could get any longer - it was already baaaad). I'd planned to try to write up a "100 things about me" post to coincide with my bloggiversary, but . . . oops, too busy this week. I'll plan to work on that, next week. Although, I'm not sure if I can come up with 50, much less 100 interesting things about me. Maybe 20. Or 10.

3. Family - I'm grateful for family. My family is not as big as this one, though:

Hubby has been in town, this week, so we've gone out to take photos together. He patiently sits or stands while I rattle off about 50 photos of everything I see. In fact, he didn't even see the geese and their gaggle of goslings because he was waiting on a bench, beyond my view. They were between us and I didn't want to upset the geese (they bite) so I just hung around snapping away until I could figure out a way to get past them without trouble. Such fun watching a little family of geese walk and lie around, preen and tussle and then fall asleep (the little ones). Wahoo for families of all kinds!

4. Free books! I know all of you get just as excited as I do when you get an advanced reader, right? Of course you do! Thanks to my bibliophile listserv friends, I've successfully signed up for Simon & Schuster's Advisory Board and an envelope with three books arrived, this week. Wahoo! I finished one of them: The God of Animals by Aryn Kyle. I hope to get a review of it posted by the weekend. In the meantime, wahoo for free books!

We've been running kiddo to swim camp, this week, hence the busy-busy comments and lack of posts. Get a load of these calves:

I definitely need to start swimming and working out with my son (those are not his calves, actually, but youngster's look equally tough). There is not an ounce of fat on any of the people in charge of his swim camp, but there's a lot of muscle walking around.

I'm currently rereading The Secret Lives of People in Love by Simon Van Booy. He's touring, so check out his tour dates and drop by to see him read, if he's anywhere near you. The book is a breath of fresh air. Every story has so many gems of wisdom and beauty that I plan to reread it regularly. You should definitely read this book, even if you hate short stories.

Yesterday was the official release date for "our" Colleen's second book, Rises the Night. That's Colleen Gleason I'm referring to, just in case anyone out there has missed reading up on Colleen and catching up on her vampire novels. Congratulations, Colleen!! Colleen is doing signings, also. You can check out where she's headed via her home page. Yep, you should certainly buy this one, too.

I'm off. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy Wednesday and a pile of excellent reads!


  1. Yay for one year of quality blogging!

  2. Oooh, I like the word "quality". :) Thanks, Acquisitionist!!!

  3. Hey BookFool! How did you get on the S&S Advisory Board. Is it anything like the HarperCollins First Look program?

    (congrats on your anniversary!)

  4. Big congratulations on your blogiversary! I also signed up for the program to recieve ARCs but haven't gotten any yet.

  5. Happy Bloggiversary Nancy! :)
    The family of geese is very adorable.

  6. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Dahling, when you have a moment in your tre busy schedule would you be so kind as to pass on the information for the Simon and Schuster Advisory Board. I fear I may soon run out of books to read ( as if! lol) but none the less I'd love to be a participant.
    ciao bella!
    LOL Hugs and Love
    Debs (if you could email me the info that'd be great! Hope you are having a GREAT day! )

  7. Wahoo for Bookfool's one year on the internets! I'm glad you are here.

    Nice calves, but it's a wonder anyone can walk around with ankles that skinny! Yeah, I'm jealous. I've got thick, heavy cankles, myself. :(

    You were wise to keep your distance with those adorable geese. They are cute, but very territorial.

  8. I can tell it's been a busy week for you! I've been missing your posts ;)

    I wish we had as many cool birds out here as you do. We're only one state over, you'd think we'd get more than the occasional blue jay when it comes to color. I did see that hawk last week...that was different. That's a beautiful bird though! Great pic!

    Happy Bloggiversary to you! I hope we have many more years out of you. I really do enjoy reading your blog so much. It's one of my favorites. I get excited when I'm going through my livebookmarks and it shows me that you have a new post! Quality blogging it is! I'm honestly never bored with your posts. So keep on blogging!!

    Family's always something to be thankful for. I'm extremely thankful for my mom right now as she continues to let me live under her roof even after I got a master's degree and still don't have a job! Geez, I hope someone hires me soon :/

    Free books are always a great thing. I'm always trying to get ARCs but have been unsuccessful so of these days.

    Those geese are so cute! Once again with the cool birds Nancy! Why can't we have some over here ;) We do have some geese over here actually, you just have to go hunting for them in the park. I visited a friend in Florida not to long ago and they have these beautiful Swans all over the place!

    I'm about halfway through Colleen's book and it's great! Better than the first. The girl can write, eh? Looking forward to the next one already and I'm not even finished this one! Ok, now that my comment is probably longer than your post, I'll stop. Good to hear from you again!

  9. I have loved reading your book blog. :)

  10. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Happy Bloggiversary! Can't wait to hear your review on The God of Animals. I'm not sure about that book so I've been wanting to hear from someone who's read it.

  11. Malady,

    I sent S & S an email (friends gave me the address) when they were creating a new list of people for their advisory panel, or whatever you call it. It's like HarperCollins except you don't sign up for what you'd like to read and then hope you get lucky. Instead, you tell them what categories you're most interested in. But, near as I can tell, they send the same books to everyone. If I can find the address, I'll drop by your blog and give it to you, but it may be a couple of days before I can get to it.

    And, thanks for the congrats. :)


    Thank you! I think I was the last person on my listserv to get the three books, but I kind of wondered if that had to do with location, since I'm in the Deep South and most everyone else is on or near the East Coast. Hopefully, those books are headed your way.

    Hi Nat,

    Thanks! Aren't they darling?


    It may be a couple of days, but I'll send the info to you when I find it. :)


    Thank you, dear. I'm so glad I've gotten to know you this past year. :) Hopefully, I'll be back to blog-hopping, next week. I've missed visiting you.

    I've got cankles, too. I need to do some serious exercising and dieting. Blecch.

    Yep, those geese are territorial, all right. They were watching me very carefully. I've never been bitten, but I know better than to get too close!


    Next week should be a better posting week!! I'll post all about our busy week, then. I have a few good stories to tell. ;)

    Do you ever go to Audubon Zoo? It used to be a "reciprocal zoo", meaning we could get in for free with our Jackson Zoo membership, but they stopped that and we haven't been back, since. It's pretty amazing how much wildlife we have in Vicksburg. I do have to seek out the geese, actually, so don't feel bad!

    Oh, thank you, you're too kind! I love your blog, too, of course. Sorry I'm so shy on time that I haven't been able to visit.

    You know, I got tons of free books from HarperCollins' First Look program, for a while, and then . . . nothing. I have the feeling luck and timing have something to do with acquiring ARCs. Keep trying!

    I'm losing my place, here - long note. LOL I'm sorry you haven't found a job, yet. You're very lucky to have a mother who is willing to let you stay home. When I went off to school, I went knowing that I was expected to be either self-supporting or married upon graduation. I planned on the former and ended up the latter.

    Isn't Colleen's writing terrific? And, she's a sweetie, too. I'll be doing an interview with her for Estella's Revenge, next month!!

    Hi Krista!

    Thanks. :)


    Thanks! It will probably be a few days before I get a review posted, but I can tell you the book is not an upper and it's rather slowly paced. I liked it enough that I kept going, but I probably will not give it an extremely high rating because it's so darn sad. Good writing, though, I thought. The fact that it's set on a ranch and yet I finished it says something - I have no interest in horses.

  12. Happy Blogiversary!

    Very cool pix of the redwinged blackbird and the goose and goslings!

  13. I'll second Chris - I've missed your posts!

    Congrats on the anniversary and I would be amazed if you couldn't find 100 interesting things about yourself.


  14. Hi Carrie!

    Thank you. :)


    Thanks. I should be back to regular posting, next week (assuming this week doesn't completely flatten me). Aww, thanks, you're too kind. 100 seems like an awfully big number of things to come up with!

  15. Well Happy Bloggiversary!!!!

    I think mine's coming up next month. I need to go find out for sure what the date is.

  16. I can't believe the way one year has flown by so quickly, with so many terrific posts on your blog. Happy blogiversary!

  17. So many goodies to comment on! First, happy bloggiversary!!!! I'm tickled that you started blogging, and yours is one that I MUST check every single day or I might wither away.

    The geese are CUTE (even though they're mean). I saw a line of them swimming across the pond between here and yonder the other day as I was driving. There's also a herd (yes, HERD) of them at the hospital. They grace the lawn so nicely between swims in their very large goose pool.

  18. Wahoo!! Congrats on your year anniversary. The time sure flies, doesn't it?

    Cute geese. We saw a family crossing a busy road up in Omaha a few weeks ago. I actually had my camera with me, but couldn't snap a picture fast enough -- and I was in my car. Oh, well. Yours is great!

    Ooooh, I should combine swimming with kayaking. My arms are getting nice and toned, but my legs could use some work.

    I know it's only Thursday, but I'm already in the frame of mind to say "Have a great weekend!"

  19. Hi Suzi!

    Thanks. I had to go back and look to see when I began, too. And, then I forgot and went back through my files, again. And, then I didn't write it down . . . good thing the posts are still there! Time does fly, doesn't it?


    Thank you; you're too kind. It has definitely flown by!


    Thanks and I appreciate you. You're among those first 4 from B-A-W who commented on my initial post and made me feel all warm and loved. LOL I wouldn't want you to wither. :)

    Geese are very funny birds - they seem friendly and pleasant (and their offspring is awfully cute) but they can turn nasty on a dime. I like taking their picture, but I keep my distance!! I know what you mean by a "herd" of geese. When they congregate, they often do so in large numbers.

    Hey Les,

    Oh, yeah, time flies!

    It's hard to snap a pic when you're in the car. At least you got to enjoy seeing the little family, right?

    My everything could use some work. You look terrific.

    It does feel like the weekend should already be upon us. Almost. Have you had a busy week, too?

  20. Happy one year of blogging! Totally love your blog. Always interesting with pictures even.

  21. Booklogged,

    Thanks. I love your blog, too. :)

  22. Happy Anniversery!!

    Free books rock! I've done the Harper Collins thing. Hmmm...I haven't gotten any in a few months though, now that I think about it!! That Simon & Schuster thing sounds like a cool plan too!! I've heard the God of Animals is great. Can't wait to read your review!

    Happy Thursday....or I should say Friday, since it will be in about 10 mintues!

  23. Hi Stephanie,


    HarperCollins is great, when you get something. I haven't even signed up to try to "win" anything, lately, but I had loads of fun with it for a while. I hope to post a review of TGoA, tomorrow. Almost done with the busy-busy thing, here. :)

    Oops, it's Friday, now!!!

    Hi Tristi!

    Thanks. :)

  24. Happy Blogiversary, and great redwing photo! (It is a male, btw.) Nice goose family, too.


  25. Did you want us to let you know when we complete the Chunkster Challenge? If so, I did. If not, disregard this comment. :)

  26. Beautiful pics.
    Congrats on your one-year mile-stone. I really enjoy reading your blogs and the comments you've made on mine.

  27. Happy Anniversary, Nancy! Just a little late. :-)

    I also joined up with the S&S Advisory Board and got my three books in the mail. I haven't started on any of them yet, I'm afraid. I also have a First Look book here to read before the 16th, but I'm afraid it's not catching my interest right now enough to even start it. Terrible, terrible. I love getting free books in the mail, but sometimes I wish they'd be more spread out. LOL

  28. Ann,

    Thank you and thank you. Are you a birder? I just love those flying critters. :)


    Congratulations on finishing the Chunkster Challenge!! I'll have a final sign-in on the 30th of June, so we can all say how we did on the challenge - plus, I'll have a final drawing - so please check back in at the end of the month. :)


    Thanks X 2. I love reading your blog, too. And, I'll be better about visiting, now that our busy week is over!! Whew! I'm ready for a day off. LOL


    Thanks and no worries. I'm a lot late at getting around to approving comments.

    Which book did you get from First Look? I look at the "offerings", each month, but I've had too many other ARCs arriving to bother with HarperCollins. I know what you mean; sometimes they do arrive all at once. I've found some wonderful new authors by reading advanced readers - often authors I whose books I wouldn't have noticed, otherwise, so it's been a horizon broadening experience. Sometimes I'd really like to have more time to get to the books on my own shelves, though!

  29. I enjoy getting to read new authors as well. ARC's are a great source for that. My First Look book is called The Last Blue by Kim Ponders.

  30. Wendy,

    I'll look up The Last Blue, thanks. I don't recall the title, but I've just skimmed the "new this month" lists, lately.

  31. It's actually called The Last Blue Mile. For some reason every time I think of the title of that book, I want to leave out the "Mile" part. Not sure why. :-) Sorry about that, Nancy!

  32. Okay, got it. The Last Blue Mile. I do that with titles, sometimes. So far, I haven't had a chance to do what I planned, today, so there was no hurry. We had to run to Jackson to fetch our luggage (because the good airline got hold of it and they were threatening to hand our stuff over to the airline that loses things). I've been sleeping since we got home - long week is catching up with me, I guess!

  33. The "calves" photo gave me an instant flashback to the opening animation of "My Three Sons" (including theme song). Really. *grins* Maybe I need a vacation. Oh. I just had one. Hmmm... Maybe I need another one. *grins more*

    P.S. Happy anniversary!

  34. cdnreader,

    How funny! Now, the theme song is running through my head, too. I loved that show.

    And, I could use another vacation, myself. Gah, the laundry! The messes! Calgon, take me away!


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