Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wahoo! Wednesday

This will be an abbreviated Wahoo post. Since I haven't been outside much, for the past few days, I haven't taken a single photograph - not one!! Weird. So, here's a cute little wahoo from five days ago . . .

1. Wahoo for the gorgeous cardinal, a lovely bird that is always a joy to see. Not a great photo because this particular cardinal was so far away, but I love cardinals in flight:

2. I got the neatest thing, today. Malady at Life By Candlelight regularly posts links to sites where you can sign up to get free samples of various products (I've been having loads of fun trying all sorts of new products). Today, the Fed Ex man dropped a tiny little package on my doorstep. I knew from the label that it was a lotion sample, but sent by Fed Ex? That was surprising. Youngster and I opened the box, which was filled with blue tissue paper. Inside the tissue was a pretty little glossy drawstring bag with two samples of Kinerase lotion. Wow! How cool is that? It was like getting a Christmas gift - okay, maybe a stocking-stuffer, but very nicely wrapped. Wahoo for fun things dropped on the doorstep.

Malady also recently had a drawing for an "Oprah tote" full of sample products, which I won. Here's a photo of the booty:

Can you believe all that stuff? Goodness. Only Oprah could possibly round up samples of that caliber (and quantity).

3. While in Ann Arbor, hubby and I dropped by the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market, where we happened across a booth with some polymer clay photo transfer pendants that I really liked. Ann, who makes the pendants, has a nice little website. And, she's a sweetheart. Wahoo for nice people who make pretty things. I don't have a photo of the pendants I bought, unfortunately, but she uses a variety of designs - some vintage images and some by a friend of hers. I'm particularly fond of the kitty images.

4. I took this photo for the kiddo, who is enamored of Mini Coopers and it's become one of my favorite Ann Arbor photos:

I love the primary colors of those vehicles lined up at the stoplight. And, doesn't it feel like you're kind of spying on that woman? Wahoo for colorful, silly, human moments.

Okay, gotta go - counting down to putting hubby on an airplane and sending him to the Australians. I've decided that the Aussies have to give him back in two weeks because he cooks. It's the best reason I can come up with. Okay, I'm kidding. I kinda like him, too.

Hope everyone has had a fabulous Wednesday!


  1. I love that lady in the Mini Cooper...she's my favorite, lol..

    Wow! Looks like you won't have to worry about lotion for awhile, eh?

    And I love that cardinal picture! Very cute!

  2. Chris,

    Isn't that a funny photo? I love it.

    Yeah, I'm about on lotion overload, here. It's good stuff, but I might need to dole out some to a friend or two. :)

    And, thank you.

  3. Dang, I've been spending a lot of time this year being jealous of your husband's travels.

    I loved the cardinal picture. I have a weakness for them because of the St. Louis Cardinals.

  4. You never said he cooked! Hope he has a fabulous trip.

  5. What splendid mail you've had! I am feeling very envious of your husband's travels. Australia and Italy in just a few months!

  6. Bybee,

    You and me both, babe. He's going nuts trying to figure out the packing for this one. I'm using that as my reasoning to be happy that I'm staying home - no packing! Okay, it doesn't really work.

    I love cardinals, but St. Louis doesn't really have anything to do with it. ;)


    He's an excellent cook and gets better every year. Unfortunately, he also leaves explosive messes behind, so the first day hubby leaves town is always the day I go out to unbury the kitchen and scrub madly. The rest of the time, it's so scary I sort of dip in and out without stopping, except perhaps to poke something and toss it in the microwave so the kid won't starve. :)

  7. Tara,

    I've had a lot of fun with the mail, lately! :) And, of course, I'm also jealous of my husband's travels. I keep thinking, "Surely we could have figured out a way for me to go along." Oh, well. Maybe another year.

  8. Love the photos, especially the mini cooper lady! I'm gonna have to get me some free samples, that sounds fun!

  9. The picture is really cool. I could use some of that lotion my skin is super dry.

  10. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Love the photo of the lady in the Mini, and the cardinal - you take some great photos!

    I'm also signed up to various web sites to get free stuff, but I've never had a haul that big - that's amazing...

  11. I was sitting on my porch reading last Saturday, I was very engrossed in my book when in the very back of my mind I realized that I'd been hearing this odd, very loud chirping for at least five minutes.

    So, I slowly looked over to my right and there is this cardinal (and red is my favorite color, so my heart gave a little leap of joy) standing there looking at me. He chirped once and then flew off.

    It was like he wanted to get my attention before he went away. Weird, huh?

    Also, what are those bars bundled up on the left side of your picture? I'm quite the fan of nutrition bars and I'm wondering if they are a brand I've tried before.

  12. And some extra wahoos for new web sites!!! I can't wait to peruse.

  13. Gentle Reader,

    Thanks. It's loads of fun getting samples - not only for the excitement of opening those little boxes, but also for the chance to try new products and decide whether or not they're worth buying. I'm easily entertained. :)


    Same here. Most of those lotions (not all) are either formulated for dry skin or have sunscreen in them, so it will be great to see which of them don't cause the makeup to slide right off - kind of a problem in the summer heat, if they're not formulated well!


    Thank you. :)

    I've never really signed up for freebies till recently - that particular haul was surprising, even though I saw a photo of the stuff on Malady's blog. There were a couple of things we ate before I got around to photographing, also!! LOL

  14. Kookie,

    What a neat experience with the cardinal!!

    I'll go look . . . some kind of soy bars. Okay, they're called "Soyjoy". I've got Mango Coconut and Raisin Almond, here. Kiddo had an apple one and said he thought it was awful. They say they're free of trans fats, 130-140 calories with 4g of protein and gluten free, so probably they're good for people with food allergies.


    Hope you like them both! I've been having way too much fun with my cute jewelry and all those samples. I'm going to have very soft, clean skin (and good-smelling laundry - I got samples of detergent and fabric softener in nifty new scents, this week). :)

  15. That cardinal picture is breathtaking! Do you ever enter your pictures in contests?

  16. Tristi,

    Thanks. No, not really. I've sent a couple to Parade magazine, but I've had a little trouble figuring out whether or not the photographs are even going through - there doesn't seem to be any message to let you know if you've succeeded. So, I'm not sure I even managed to send those.

  17. It's a good thing Les doesn't look like that in her red Mini! She's too cute with her Cooper, Kayak, and blond self.

  18. Yep, Les is adorable. I wouldn't mind looking like Les and owning a mini and a kayak. LOL

  19. Eeeek! I'm so far behind with my comments on your blog! I've been reading very quickly, jotting down things I want to say, and then get distracted and the notes sit here, all piled up waiting to be keyed in. Sigh. Double sigh.

    Anyhoo... I think it's a great picture. Cardinals are so darned flighty (pun intended), flitting about here and there, absolutely refusing to sit still long enough for a photograph. You did it! And in flight, nonetheless! Amazing!!

    What fun to get all those goodies from Malady's sample drawing. Looks like some great products.

    Whoohoo for MiniCoopers! That's a darling one. I'm tempted to trade mine in for a new convertible. Of course, I'd stick with red, but I do like the white stripes. :)

    I'm not going to jump around and see if this goes to this post or a previous one. I'll just say, "EEEEK!" I think I'd have to hire a gardener if I came upon a black widow. Yeeeeikes!

    Has your hubby read Bill Bryson's book about Australia? Mine has and neither he nor I have any desire to every go. Too many poisonous animals/insects.

    I read Mrs. Mike a few year back and enjoyed it enough to buy the sequel, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I think you've convinced me to skip Kathy Little Bird. Thanks for the review.

    Off to read your recent posts.... Toodles!

  20. Les,

    It's hard to keep all those notes straight, sometimes, isn't it? It's great to "see" you! I know you're busy.

    Thanks. Yes, cardinals do whip around a lot, don't they? They're so beautiful that I keep hoping I'll eventually get a really good, fairly close photo. Thank goodness I'm patient. :)

    I need to do another post on samples. I'm not just letting them sit; I'm having loads of fun trying them!

    We all love Mini Coopers, really. I can't imagine owning a convertible, down here - too hot and muggy to open a car to the elements, although we really have enjoyed the moon roof on our Honda during the winter.

    David hasn't read In a Sunburned Country, but I have. I dug around and couldn't find our copy. Yeah, he did focus on the poisonous critters - I'd still like to go, though. David says Florence comes first. Okay, I'm fine with that! :) Oh, and I don't let myself live in fear of the spiders and such. I'm cautious. I've walked past a copperhead snake with no problem, here.

    Oh, good, I'm glad you liked Mrs. Mike. I may read that one, some day (a long time from now).


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