Saturday, June 23, 2007

When it's hot outside . . .


  1. hehe! Hope it wasn't your ice cream! :P

  2. No, he found it in the parking lot of our hotel in Ann Arbor. It was so funny - the squirrel actually unwrapped it and left the wrapper in the parking lot. I got a photo of him sitting to munch on it in the parking lot and then a couple under the tree he ran to, when he thought we were going to steal his ice cream. It just seemed fitting, because it's getting so hot out!!

  3. Thanks, Chris. I thought you might like that one. ;)

  4. You get the most amazing critter pictures! They move too fast for me.

    We're hot here today, too. Of course, it's relative. It's 77 with high humidity, which is horrible for this part of the country. It has, however, given me something to be thankful for with my 100-year old house. It stays fairly cool. Open windows and a fan are usually enough to keep it comfortable.

    Here's a question - are we EVER happy with the weather we have? I know I complain about it far too much.


  5. That's my kind of squirrel. Too wonderful.

  6. CJ,

    Thank you. It's hard taking critter photos because they frighten easily and move fast. I think luck, patience and practice all have their place. Also, a fairly quick lens and reflexes help, but if you enlarge that photo you'll see it's far from perfect. :)

    We're kind of hot and muggy, but the temp has dropped since storms moved in - now down to 80 with 67% humidity, which is fairly low for this time of year.

    As to the concept of whether or not we're ever satisfied . . . well, I'm happy when it's cool and breezy. That means winter. :) When we were in A-squared, I often walked through the snow rather than bothering to drive to the home of a friend. She thought I was nuts, but I love the cold! Plus, she was from New Zealand and knew how to fix a rocking cup of hot tea when I got there!


    Smart one, eh?

  7. What a great shot and a great caption too...made me smile!

  8. I was surprised at first that he unwrapped it, but then I realized they're used to getting inside nut shells, and paper is probably not tht big a challenge. So cute!

  9. Dewey,

    Good point! Squirrels seem to have some pretty amazing manual dexterity. I love looking at their little fingers when they're gripping something (tree, nut, ice cream cone . . . whatever!).

  10. This is pretty funny. Speaking of which, have you ever visited this site:

    My hubby absolutely loves it. Sends me links two-three times a day!

  11. Isn't he adorable, Les?

    I've never been to that site - I'll check it out, thanks!


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