Friday, February 27, 2009

Can't write, can't read, can't sleep but my cat still loves me

Okay, that's not an entirely accurate title, but it's close -- the cat definitely loves me.

I've got three reviews to write. Instead, I just keep staring at the screen. I pick up books and admire them but the words are not processing . . . unless they're really flowy. You know flowy, right? I did finish one book, because of the lovely, breezy, flowy writing. I can actually sleep a little. It's not good, solid sleep if you know what I mean, although I really kind of enjoyed last night's dream about adopting an orange cat and naming it "Cheeto". Tomorrow might be better. Sunday might be fabulous. The cat loves it when I lie around being useless and brainless, so I know I'll have company if I give up on everything and rest. Tonight, I'm going to soak in the tub and hope for sleep.

Incidentally, I found the above image by doing a Google image search and it was uncredited, so if anyone knows the source please inform me. I hate to post someone's artwork without asking. But, it's just so darned cute, isn't it? I did finish a book, this morning (only because I was near the end): Word Gets Around by Lisa Wingate. It made me laugh; it made me cry. I loved it.

I'll try writing, again, tomorrow. Nighty-night bloggers!


  1. The picture made me laugh. I hope you get a good night's sleep. I'm trying to think of a book that put me to sleep but it has already "flowed."

  2. Anonymous9:37 PM

    For some reason your post title made me think of the Adam and the Ants lyrics...Don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do?

    Hope tomorrow is better!

  3. I really hope that I can get some reading done at work tomorrow :p I've been like you...just unable to read lately...seems like it's going around! Enjoy your day tomorrow. Take it easy and relax! And enjoy the bath :)

  4. Anonymous7:02 AM

    I hope you got some sleep. I love the graphic, too - that's exactly how I feel some days, except I have a dog instead of a cat.

  5. The endless cycles of the reading life! Cheeto--what a great name for a cat; that must have been an interesting dream.

  6. I don't know how long your header image has been up of that cardinal- but I really love it. Let me guess- did you take it yourself? I wish I was so good with a camera.

  7. Framed,

    Isn't that a cute drawing? I got a horrible night's sleep because we had a storm and apparently my husband and I ate something bad. We were both up with tummy aches. But, I feel great, today -- rest or no. We had a terrific time at marathon training. Everything was putting me to sleep, this week, except for Word Gets Around. I loved that book. And, I started a really fun thriller, last night: Shimmer by Eric something. It's not coming out till July but it was the only thing that grabbed me. Whatever works, right? :)


    I'm afraid I'm out of touch and haven't ever heard of that song. I've spent some time pondering "Holiday" by Green Day, this week, though. I cannot figure out how a song with such upbeat, dance-worthy music could have such depressing lyrics. That's just wrong, somehow. Today has been much better already, thank you. :)


    I think the highs and lows of reading are kind of bizarro, don't you? You want to read, but your brain is just out the window from fatigue or other things are calling you. I did start a good book, last night (at least, so far so good). I hope you're able to read, today. Last night's bubble bath was just the ticket. :)

  8. Kathy,

    We both got a terrible night's sleep but we're all happy and bouncy after our marathon training (and sore). Yes, you need a cute little dog substituted for the kitty if you ever use an image like that. I love your dog.


    I find those reading cycles really great till I hit bottom and can't focus on anything. I'd throw that part out, if I could. :) Isn't Cheeto a great name for an orange cat? I don't know that I would have ever consciously come up with the name, but I woke up wishing to adopt kittens. It was a fun dream.


    I think I changed my header on Monday or Tuesday -- it hasn't been long. It's been so springy that I thought the snowy photo was outdated. Yes, I did take that picture, about two weeks ago. Isn't he pretty? I love cardinals. And, thank you for the compliment. :)

  9. Perhaps the cat dream is a sign you're ready for a new furbaby? :-)

  10. We all have moments like that when we just can't make the words come and the words already in front of us just melt. Hang in there. It's gonna get better.

  11. Bookfool, did I mention I've turned into a cat lover? Did I mention we have a new furry friend, an angora kitty whom I've named Minou? (Kitty, in French.) I'll post on her soon, but really, what's nicer than having a cat love you? I hope you're feeling better. I hate those days where everythings off in Word Land.

  12. I love that dream...I miss Cheetos. Ate some when I was home. Fingers dyed orange-y. Bliss.

  13. Oooh, that dream would have given my youngest a smile of epic proportions! But of course, he then would have spent endless weeks begging us to make his dream come true.

  14. Melissa,

    We'd all love to have another furbaby . . . except for Miss Spooky. She shows us daily how pleased she is to have our full attention. Well, there's good and bad to that. We have a really sociable girl, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to share us!


    I know it will come back. I think I've gone way overboard at loading on plenty of pressure to write and I really need to work on easing up the amount of responsibility I accept. Thank you!


    I knew Samantha had charmed you, but TWO kitties? I am stunned and envious! I cannot wait to see photos. Thanks, I still don't feel like writing, but I've got some things that can't wait. Ick. Someone ought to pay us if deadlines are involved.


    Only you would be sent into a state of dreamy bliss by the mention of a dream with a cat named Cheeto. LOL I love it!


    It's hard not to sit back and say, "Hey, this is a sign from God that there are kittens who need me!" Also, kiddo was all over that. He still misses Sunshine -- we all do, but I think he was particularly wounded by her death. Speaking of whom, he's asleep on the futon beside me, sick as a dog, poor baby.

  15. I'm astonished you continue to post as many reviews, GOOD reviews, as you do! A little break, especially one with kittehs, is well-deserved!

  16. Stacey,

    What a nice thing to say! Thank you!!

  17. Nancy, we all get in little slumps like what your going through. Don't beat yourself up! The words will come when they are ready.


  18. Thank you, Teddy Rose! I think my brain just needs a few days off. I still don't feel like either reading or writing. I do have one review that I'll need to get to, tonight, but otherwise I think I'll meditate. :)

  19. Ok, I have three things to say, and I'll try to be brief:
    1. I really like that picture you found! It could very easily be a picture of me, except that the lady is a bit too skinny to be me.
    2. Thanks alot--now I REALLY want to eat some Cheetos! I mean, I REALLY want some!
    3. I also am a few book reviews behind. I have some ideas of what I'm going to say, but the thought of sitting down and writing reviews is not fun at all right now.

  20. At any rate- its a cute little comic!

  21. Laura,

    I'm a long way gone from skinny. LOL Cheeetos. Cheeeetos. Sorry, just had to do that. And, yeah. I've been thwarted by a sick kid sleeping in my office, anyway, but man . . . sometimes you could just stare at the screen all day and come up with nothing. I wish you a brain recovery. :)


    Isn't it? Thanks!

  22. This sounds like me lately. :) Largely sleepless (gave in and started taking Ambien off and on), low-energy, but happily cuddled with cats. It is only with great effort that I have managed to get a bunch of reviews done in the last week or so. Good luck with the sleeping & such!

  23. Heather,

    I take Ambien but I still wake up, off and on. Sucky. I think I need to give up on it. Cuddling with cats is a nice side benefit. I'm still not really able to write reviews. Every now and then I go through a stage where I stare at the screen, even if I have plenty to say about a book. It's like nothing wants to come out! Misery. Maybe soon. Hope you get some good sleep, too, thanks. :)


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