Monday, February 09, 2009

Love Is In The Air *Drawing*

I have not yet read these books but it's time to put up the info about the drawing for them (pardon the interrupted text -- I'm having a formatting problem on this post). I got my copies to read for the promotional effort and seriously . . . airhead alert. I wrote the dates down wrong on my calendar. I'm always working against myself in that way, confirming the "fool" in "Bookfool" -- trust me, it's not deliberate. For the moment I'll give you links to Amazon so you can read about them, if you'd like:

The Love As A Way of Life devotional
For Couples Only boxed set by Shaunti & Jeff Feldhann
I Do Again by Cheryl & Jeff Scruggs

I sat down and flipped through all 4 books when they arrived (For Couples Only is a boxed set of books -- one for him, one for her) and I'm very excited about them. I love reading about love, marriage and how to make life as a couple even better. This is a set of books geared to Christians. While you're jumping up and down, waiting for my thoughts, you're likely to burn a lot of calories (seriously, you could be bouncing for a while) and occasionally you'll need to sit down to rest. So, you might as well sign up to try to win a set, right?

Here you go:

You can sign up to win this entire set of books, right now. Just leave a comment with your email, so I can contact you for a mailing address if you win. It's that easy.

I'm going to give this drawing 8 days because I had a very long, very busy day and I'm just now finally sitting down to write. Check back for the winner's name a week from Tuesday on the 17th of February and good luck!!!


  1. This is a terrific giveaway. All of these look great.

  2. All of the books look great! I would love to be entered.

  3. Found your site via Twitter. A boxed set~ Does it also come with instructions on how to get our other halves to read their side? (grin)

    Sounds great.

  4. Rebecca,

    I wish! When the set arrived, I said, "And, this one is yours . . . " to the husband. I got a bit of a blank look, but we shall see. Maybe if I tell my husband what I'm learning about him, he'll become curious . . .

  5. Oh, hubby and I could surely use these books!

    Thanks very much!

  6. Anonymous11:25 AM

    How exciting!!


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