Friday, December 04, 2009

Essie in Progress by Marjorie Presten (DNF)

Essie in Progress by Marjorie Presten
Copyright 2009
Kregel Publications - Fiction/Christian
320 pages

I hate DNF'ing a book when the author seems like a totally charming person and I'm absolutely certain that at some other time I would probably love a book but . . . bad timing, I guess. I thought this book had the feel of the kind of women's fiction that I normally enjoy (a little light with nicely three-dimensional characters) but it just wasn't grabbing me.

Since I made a promise to myself to set aside books that aren't grabbing me, nearly a year ago, I've been much happier with my reading and that's what made me decide to go ahead and close the book, for now. Essie in Progress is about a woman who finds herself overwhelmed juggling her job, motherhood, wifely duties and dealing with a father-in-law who still grieves the loss of his wife, 30 years after her death.

I highly recommend reading the sneak peek chapter in my previous post and visiting Tara's View on Books to read her brief review.


  1. I made the same resolution about setting aside books and did well the first half of the year. Not so well the second half--I've finished a lot of books that should have been set aside.

  2. Jenclair,

    There've been about 2 books I should have set aside but went ahead and finished, this year. Not bad for me. I've always had a tendency to feel like I have to read every book from cover to cover, so it's something I have to work at but this year I've had such a great year and I really think that's part of the key -- giving yourself permission to stop reading books that aren't grabbing you.

  3. This one looks like cute chick lit--one of my comfort genres--sorry it didn't work for you.


  4. Melissa,

    Chick lit is one of my comfort genres, too (along with YA), but I'm not always in the mood for it. I really think it was just bad timing.


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