Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tuesday Twaddle - Because some weeks you just don't have your reviewing groove on

Image borrowed from Jared Donovan

Seriously, I just feel like reading this week. Don't want to write reviews (although, yes, I'm sure I'll get back to review-writing very soon). So, I'm going to try to get you into all sorts of trouble by listing a few non-book blogs I love to visit . . . and then I'll probably babble about bookish things because that's what I do.

Where to start? How about showing you the place I wasted hours of my precious time, today? AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com. I got to page 65. That was a bad idea. I will never get those hours back.

One of my all-time favorite blogs, the blog of a location scout in New York: Scouting New York. Love it, love it.

This one is Nikki's fault. Ever since she posted one of Anja Mulder's illustrations, I've been considering becoming a crazed fangirl. This is a recent favorite:

Anecdotal Interlude --

I took Blind Kitty for one of her bi-weekly visits to the vet, today. When he asked how she was doing, I told him she's about the same but she can jump on the bed and yet somehow manages to run into walls. He said, "Yeah. Well, that's hard to explain --" and turned toward the wall, prepared to describe the reason for my cat's odd behavior. I said, "She can see shapes and light?" He swiveled around and said, "That's it, exactly!" See what a great vet I have? He explains things soooo well.

Back to links. In Vicksburg, I am sadly, hugely eclipsed by a number of fine photographers. What I really want to do is meet Marty Kittrell (<---that link leads to his photo blog) so I can ask him where on earth he parks to take some of his photos (not the current set -- I know where to go for those, if I could just get off my lazy butt and out the door). Southern Lagniappe is another mind-bogglingly wonderful Vicksburg photo blog.

This Christian blogger never fails to make me laugh. You can't help but fall for a guy who has a category in his sidebar entitled, "People I Think Will Still Talk to Me," now, can you?

Bookwise, I got two more books in the mail, today. I'm sure it's a fluke.

The Sum of His Syndromes by K. B. Dixon - Author's fault!!!! I was contacted by the author with a request to review his latest book and I told him I'm not accepting books ('cause I'm not) but then I read excerpts from all of them and ended up ordering The Sum of His Syndromes, which I immediately sat down to read, the moment it arrived . . . with the cat . . . who I swear really appreciated hearing me breathe beside her on the floor. Also, I am loving it. It's a nice, quirky little book.

Elephant a la Mode: An Epicurean Guide to Life by T. Roy Nakai - Accidentally requested because I'm not requesting books for review. I'm not. Honest. Okay, sometimes I forget momentarily but you didn't hear that from me. Elephant, etc. needs work before I can read it. Somehow, the gummy part of the envelope became attached to the top of the book, thus glueing (gluing???) all the pages together. Sometimes you have to work for your entertainment.

I think that's all I have to talk about. It's storming outside and normally I shut off the computer the moment I hear the first peal of thunder. Obviously, there's something wrong with me, today. I'm going to go read to see if that cures me. Peek-a-boo.

That's probably also not me. This is a day of hot denial. I'll leave it up to you to figure out how much of this post makes me vulnerable to the words "liar, liar, pants on fire".

"Not I," said the Little Read Hen (deliberate misspelling, there -- did you catch it?)


  1. I get that way about writing reviews as well. It usually passes within a day or two (and it had better soon as I have a big one due). LOVE the awkward family photos site. You knew I would. :)

  2. Tammy,

    Writing is just like reading, I guess -- now and then you need to step away from it for a day or two. I just wrote a review, finally. I think taking the day off from the computer helped.

    Isn't Awkward Family Photos a hoot?

  3. Your kitty's blind? I'm currently reading Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper which is an AWESOME story about a cat named Homer who had his eyes removed at a few weeks old because of a severe infection. So he's not just blind, he has no eyes (so needless to say he doesn't see lights or shapes). The story sounds like it will be a sob story but it's not. Homer is INCREDIBLE and I just KNOW you would love it! I should have my review up next week.

  4. Callista,

    My kitty is mostly blind, at the moment. We're hoping she'll eventually get some sight back, but one eye is definitely damaged and the other is covered in blood (from internal bleeding) so she can't see much at all, although a little bit of light is getting in -- her pupil reacts a bit. She's 15 and a pretty sick girl, probably with something on the order of early leukemia, and will be on antibiotics and steroids for the rest of her life. I have to guide her around a bit. She sometimes gets so confused she walks in circles.

    I've actually got Homer's Odyssey on my wish list! It sounds so good. I'm glad to know you enjoyed it. I'll keep an eye out for your review. Thanks for telling me about it!

  5. Thanks for introducing me to the awkward family photos blog. Another one I'm going to have to check out every day for laughs!

    Sounds like your kitty is doing okay. It must be some adjustment for her!

  6. I love awkward family photos - I follow that blog and look at it every day. Another favorite is www.peopleofwalmart.com

  7. Jeane,

    It's a fun site, isn't it? I noticed they have a book in the works.

    Kitty is doing okay, but they're just like people -- she has good days and bad. She's been frustrated, the last few days, and she's still eating but not as well. I kind of wonder if that's just because she's annoyed at not being able to get around. We're back to the vet, today. They've gotten used to seeing us twice a week. I'm surprised they don't just leave Miss Spooky's file on the counter!


    I'd never heard of Awkward Family Photos till this week, but I've been to People of Walmart and I added it to my Google Reader. It was freaking me out, so I removed it. Too many butt cracks. LOL

  8. I have 4 reviews I need to post! I am so bad. I love that AwkwardFamily! Love it! Thankyou so much cause I don't already have enough blogs to read.... ;)

  9. Paula,

    I know. It's hard to keep up with yourself, isn't it? I think I'm 2 or 3 reviews behind -- not sure, but it always seems like there's something I haven't gotten around to reviewing.

    Isn't Awkward Family Photos fun? Obviously, I posted it to keep you occupied while you're snowed in. ;)

  10. I have five (yes 5!) reviews to write and I'm feeling so unmotivated to do so. I got on a roll and read a bunch of books last week while I was sick and now I'm behind with my reviewing. Again. I'll get 'em done, but I doubt they'll be very compelling. Burnout!

  11. Les,

    I've gotten to the point that I just walk away if I don't feel like writing a review, unless there's some urgent need to write one immediately. It's not worth sweating over, ya know? :)


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