Friday, December 04, 2009

It's snowing in Mississippi!!!!

Snow!!!!! How cool is that? Poppet Noelle had fun playing in the snow. I pretty much just got wet and froze my patootie, but it was still a great time.


  1. Thanks for sharing the awesome photos!

  2. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Noelle looks pretty happy...did she get to build a snow poppet?

  3. Cory,

    You're welcome and thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos!


    No, unfortunately it wasn't a sticky snow. Poppet just danced around a bit and admired the falling flakes. She was very, very happy. :)

  4. Poppet pics!!! I miss the poppet pics!! :D I'm so glad you got some snow :) We didn't :( The stupid weather people got the whole city so excited...I hate it when they do that. snow for us. But I saw on the radar all of that snow y'all were getting and I had a big smile on my face for you!

  5. yay, snow :D LOVE the pictures.

  6. It's supposed to snow here this weekend, but so far just looks like rain... what a pretty snowfall you had. I love the first snow of winter, everything covered white.

  7. Snow in Mississippi in December? Whodathunk it? No snow here in South Carolina.

  8. Pretty!
    And bummer, we're just getting rain today in NC...

  9. Oh my goodness Nancy
    There is a ton of snow covering everthing down here too. It is kinda freaky but cool. I need to go get my oil changed. It is way overdue but it is not oen of my favorite things to do. lol By the way I will be in your area for a little bit tonight. My cousin has a violin competition there tonight. :)

  10. I'll bet you're happy, happy, happy, too! I hope it doesn't melt to quickly so you have time to enjoy it.
    Great photos, btw!

  11. Well we have plenty up here, I'd be happy to have you come visit. :)

  12. lol-Great photos. I wish I could get as excited about snow as you but we just got over a foot and a half yesterday and that's just not pretty anymore.

  13. Chris,

    I thought about you and wondered if you were getting any snow. Remember, you got some last year and I was burning with envy? Aw, thanks. It was such fun to watch. I only knew where one of my poppets was located -- the rest are hiding somewhere -- but I thought it was rather perfect that one named Noelle ended up doing the posing. :)


    Thanks! I love snow, too. We don't see it very often so it's always exciting.


    We only get snow every 2-3 years and just get enough to stick about every 7 years, on average. This will likely be the first *and* last of the season (and a couple more seasons) so I tried to soak up as much enjoyment as possible!


    No kidding. It was a rare treat. :)


    Maybe you'll get lucky later in winter. I call winter rain "Southern Snow" because we so seldom get the real thing.


    Wasn't it pretty? All gone, though. Where is your cousin's violin competition being held?


    I was very happy. I kept running in and out, in and out to take pictures. My camera doesn't like darkness but I thought the photos with Noelle turned out pretty well (because the porch light was nearby). It's all gone except for a tiny bit in the shade. We only get a snow that lasts a day or more about every 7 years, on average.


    I just need to move to New Hampshire (one of the few places my husband could easily make a lateral transfer). Then, I'll learn to hate snow, I'm sure. ;)


    I remember I didn't care for driving on packed snow in Michigan and Oklahoma, but here . . . we see flurries about once every 2-3 years and snow only sticks about once in 7 years, on average. So, it's always exciting. I can't even fathom the kind of snow you get!!!

  14. Wow! It's cold here in So Cal, as a "storm front" is coming in (read: should be a little rain some time in the next day or two), but nowhere near snow. I miss the white stuff! Enjoy!

  15. We were hoping for snow, but all we ended up with were a few pretty flakes that disappeared in minutes. Pretty Poppet Pictures!

  16. Gentle Reader,

    I miss the white stuff, too. We only see flurries every 2-3 years. Usually, that's enough to carry me through winter. :)


    As long as I get to see a little bit of flurries, I'm happy. I do miss real snow - the kind that sticks around for more than a night and covers everything - but I'm happy. Thank you! :)


    Thank you. :)

  17. Love the new banner! I just adore your poppet pictures.

    I'm so glad the snow went South and you got it, I believe you enjoyed it a heck of a lot more than I would have. haha!

  18. Kris,

    Thanks! I love your new Myla profile pic. ;)

    I did love that snow. We get so little that when it does arrive, I go outside to enjoy it. The guys stayed indoors. They were not so impressed.


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