Saturday, February 19, 2011

Curse of the Crocodile God by Stewart Ross (mini review) and something cool

Curse of the Crocodile God
by Stewart Ross
DK - Children's Graphic Novel

Curse of the Crocodile God never made it into my sidebar because it's a children's graphic novel (published by DK in 2007) and at just 48 pages it's naturally a very easy read so I finished it within a short time of picking it up to read.

Set in ancient Egypt, Curse of the Crocodile God tells the story of Methen, a young boy, and his slave friend, Madja. When Methen and Madja see robbers stealing from a pyramid, they set out to find the grave robbers, putting their own lives in danger.

For a children's graphic novel, Curse of the Crocodile God packs a surprising punch. It has both an exciting storyline and a lot of useful information about Egypt. Each page has a line of text on relevant historical facts running across the bottom and there's a very informative illustrated glossary at the back of the book.

Curse of the Crocodile God would make a great resource for teachers or just a fun book for kids to enjoy. Amazon has the age range listed as 9-12 years. Unfortunately, the book appears to be out of print. I read a copy borrowed from the homeless shelter store just for the fun of it and actually learned a few new things.

In other news:

I've finished 10 Lessons from a Former Fat Girl and will review that, next. I liked it. Details later.

Yesterday, I got to meet Amy from Amy Reads! I look grumpy in this picture but Amy leaned way over in this shot so I like the fact that I don't look quite so shrimpy. Isn't she a doll?

We had so much fun chatting about blogging and books that Borders practically had to kick us out of the cafe. We didn't cease chattering until they announced that the store was about to close. Fun!!! Amy's the first blogger I've met in person. We have quite different taste in books, although we both love nonfiction for the chance to learn about a variety of topics. Did it matter that we don't read the same books? Not one bit. We probably would have chatted till the cows came home if Borders hadn't stopped us by inconveniently closing in the midst of our conversation.

And, on that note . . . I'm really happy that we still have a Borders.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Yay! Meeting bloggers is so fun, but of course, I haven't actually met anyone yet... One day, maybe. :) I am glad you had fun!

  2. Kelly,

    I was kind of nervous since I don't see many people, period. Should have known better. Next, I really need to meet a few people who actually live not far away, like New Orleans Chris!

  3. What an awesome treat!! I am jealous. OBTW, I told my Airman that we need to visit him in Biloxi so I could try to arrange to meet my friend, Bookfool and her cat Fiona. He was more than a tad bit confused!! Maybe it sounded more like a threat.

    I enjoyed your feature and review of the DK book. Some of my 3rd graders would love that book. I will try to find it at some of the used bookstores or on Alibris.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Inside a Book,

    I am always up for a trip to Biloxi, so I'd happily meet you there. My cat, on the other hand, would rather not travel! LOL

    I hope you can find a copy of that book. I considered sending mine to a friend (the cost is just the cost of a donation) but then Isabel chomped down on the spine and made such a mess of it that it's not worth the cost to mail. It's a really fun book and more informative than I expected.

  5. You lucky, lucky girl! I love Amy and her blog, and would love the chance to meet her one day. She is such a cool lady, and I imagine that you guys had such a nice time hanging out and talking books together!

  6. Zibilee,

    Amy's even more awesome in person. Who'd have thought? LOL We did have a great time. Now, I'm dying to meet more bloggers.

  7. So awesome about meeting Amy!! Glad y'all had such a great time :D And I love seeing another pic of you :D I treasure those. We really do have to meet up sometime soon Nancy!! Yes, definitely this year! You know, I've been thinking more and more of going to your headache clinic which if I DID start going would mean I'd get to see you a couple of times a year! Wouldn't go there without stopping by you! Or maybe I'm just looking for excuses to come visit you :p

  8. Chris,

    I hate pictures of me because they make me face the fact that I'm fat and really need to get moving. Not that I don't like exercise but I get so frustrated not being able to just hop on a bike and ride through my own neighborhood (because of the dogs).

    It would be great if you went to the headache clinic because I'd kidnap you and drag you around town. Haha. Seriously, we've got to quit delaying and get together!! Feel free to come up with any excuse you'd like! :)

  9. Anonymous11:01 PM

    How rude of Borders! ;-)

  10. Ms.Fizz,

    I know. So rude! But it didn't stop me from giving Borders a little cash infusion. Amy showed admirable restraint.

  11. How fun!! I know I'd be a bit nervous, too. But you and I are definitely going to have to meet soon. :) And I hope to meet Bellezza sometime this coming summer (in Chicago). Wanna come?!

  12. Les,

    It was such fun and yes, definitely, we've got to meet soon. I think Chicago is out of the question. Looks like we're going to have a wedding to attend in the fall (wahoo!!) and that just leaves us time for one vacation if we can get our act together. We were planning another London trip and then husband threw a spanner in the works. I think I'll be lucky to get to go anywhere.

  13. Woot!! A wedding?! ;)

  14. Les,

    Yep!! Looks like eldest and fiancee are finally about to set a date!!!!! + !!!!!!! (And, did I say, "!!!!!!!!!!!") :)

  15. Did I say Woot?! !!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  16. Les,

    LOL I believe you did, but it's worth a second "Woot!" They're apparently just waiting for confirmation of availability at the place they're planning the wedding and it's a matter of which date is open. Have I mentioned that I'm so excited I could burst? This is going to really push the weight-loss program, also. That's a good thing.

  17. Oh I'm jealous! :)

    How fun that you got to meet. I finally got to meet a few bloggers last year and that was such a treat.

  18. Iliana,

    You're not allowed to be jealous if you've already met several bloggers!! You're right, it's such a treat. I absolutely cannot wait to meet more and I'm hoping Amy and I will be able to meet up again when she returns to Mississippi!

  19. I'm late to the game here but I had such a great time chatting! I still can't believe so much time passed and they had to kick us out ;) Also, you don't look grumpy at all! Can't wait to see you again next time.

  20. Amy,

    I hope you've recovered from all your travels! Me, too -- I was really totally shocked when they announced that the store was closing. I was having such a grand time chatting with you that the time just flew! Can't wait to see you, again, too!


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