Friday, February 25, 2011

Fiona Friday - Feline Whispers

Isabel says, "Pssst! I have secret!! Don't tell human."

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  1. Hi,

    Have to say that I am not a cat lover, but the shot you managed to get is fantastic, the tag-line you came up with is brilliant.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Yvonne,

    Thanks! Aw, I'm sorry you're not a fan of cats. I have terribly affectionate kitties. I don't know if I'm lucky or it's just that I spoil my cats to death but I've had some real sweetie-pies.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Fiona looks like she's hot on trail of something.

  4. Kathy,

    She was in Intrepid Explorer mode!

  5. Too cute! These two have really become good pals, haven't they?

  6. Pretty soon you'll be speaking cat, and then the secrest will be all out in the open. When you do, teach me? XOXO

  7. Les,

    They have. They're really adorable together. I can't get enough of seeing the two curled up together. :)


    You may not realize it, but I speak fluent flamingo:

    Cat, however, is one of the romance languages and much, much harder to understand. I'll be happy to teach you if I can ever figure it out. ;)

  8. This is such a great really does look like she is whispering in her ear. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Samantha,

    Thanks! I thought it was a great moment. They actually did both pause like there was some little exchange of secrets going on. :)

  10. I think they're planning something! I would keep my eyes wide opened if I were you... ;-)

  11. Kay,

    I'll keep a sharp eye out for trouble. They're always up to something.

  12. I love it when kitties are sweet to each other, which doesn't ever happen at my house!

  13. Zibilee,

    My last two kitties were not very good friends, so it's extremely heart-warning (and a bit of a relief) to have two that get along just fine. Sometimes Izzy annoys Fi, but they don't avoid each other or pull out the claws when they wrestle. That's a very big wahoo! :)


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