Saturday, June 17, 2017

Almost Everybody Farts by Marty Kelley

Sisters fart.
Brothers fart. 
Sometimes even mothers f--

Mothers do not fart. 

I would like to think you simply cannot go wrong with a book that has a unicorn farting a rainbow on its cover and I'm right, in this case, but I was definitely concerned that I'd find Almost Everybody Farts by Marty Kelley an ackward or uncomfortable read and came *this* close to saying "No, thanks," to the offer to review. Wow, am I glad I changed my mind (it was the unicorn cover that got me, in the end).

Each spread has several panels in which various people, creatures, or groups are shown farting and types of farts are described (firey farts by dragons, farts that sound like horns).

Farting chicken.
Farting bunny. 
Uncles fart and think it's funny.

But, every now and then, someone tries to say mothers fart and a mother steps in to say that simply isn't so. Of course, in the end it turns out that mothers actually do fart and the mother is discovered farting behind a closed door.

Highly recommended - Hilarious. I saved Almost Everybody Farts for last because it's one of my new favorite children's books. With a subject that small children like to giggle about, amusing text with a great rhythm, and bright, playful illustrations, the book is a total winner and would be an especially fun book to read to a classroom full of wiggly preschoolers or kindergarteners; it has "crowd pleaser" written all over it. The text is minimal but invites a little bit of dramatic pause whenever the mother interrupts to say mothers don't fart and ends with a great laugh when Mom is found hiding to let one go.

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