Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday Malarkey

Recent arrivals:

  • The Kennedy Debutante by Kerri Maher - from Penguin Random House for review

Only one book! I'm improving at the self-control thing. My mailbox is sad, but I'm okay with it.

Books finished since last week's Twaddle:

  • When Elephants Fly by Nancy Richardson Fischer
  • Mac B., Kid Spy: Mac Undercover by Mac Barnett, illus. by Mike Lowery

I had mixed feelings about When Elephants Fly, a YA about a young woman whose paranoid schizophrenic mother once tried to throw her off a rooftop and who is now involved in trying to save the life of a newborn elephant. So, I wrote my immediate thoughts at Goodreads and put them behind a spoiler barricade, just in case I'd given anything away. I'm not sure if I did, but I'll have to think about how to write about it carefully, here. 

Mac B., Kid Spy: Mac Undercover is goofy fun for middle grade readers. I loved it. It's the first in a series and I wish the publisher had sent #2 along. 

Currently reading:

  • The Birds of Opulence by Crystal Wilkinson
  • Sons and Soldiers by Bruce Henderson

I'm still only about 1/3 into Sons and Soldiers but I hope to focus on finishing that, this week. The Birds of Opulence is the September selection for author Wiley Cash's new online book group. I can't recall the name of the book group but you can find out about it by going to Wiley's website or following him on Facebook, if you're interested. So far, the book is excellent. So is Sons and Soldiers. It's just one of those nonfiction titles that's taking me longer to read because I need breaks from it. Even when it isn't stated, you know many of the family members left behind in Germany by the Jewish boys who escaped must have been killed, so it's emotionally exhausting. But, it's also very well written and yet another perspective on WWII that I've never read about, so I'm enjoying the learning process, even if I find the story somewhat painful.

Posts since last Malarkey:

Not a big week because I was tired after having visitors (and I missed them after they left).

In other news:

No shiny new things to report. No movies, just a little of the same old things we've been gradually watching. We're on Season 2 of 800 Words and Torchwood, Season 4 of Doc Martin, I think. How was your week?

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  1. Hmmm, now I really want to hear your thoughts on When Elephants Fly. It just sounds like the sad but hopefully hopeful story I usually love.

    1. Well, it's sad and meaningful and moving. It's left at a point that allows you to formulate your own ending for the elephant, if that makes sense. So, that's good. It's an interesting book. I'm glad I read it but I did have trouble with the sagging middle. And, then the last half of the book was the best part. I'll try to get that reviewed ASAP.


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