Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Saving Winslow by Sharon Creech

In Saving Winslow, Louie loves animals but he hasn't had the best of luck keeping them alive. Now, his father has brought home a premature newborn miniature donkey. He's brought the donkey home to keep it comfortable till it dies. But, Louie is determined to make sure the donkey survives. Louie names the donkey Winslow and then sets to work feeding him, keeping him warm, and letting him know he's safe. Louie won't let anyone around him say anything negative about Winslow's chances.

As Winslow grows bigger and stronger, his chances also grow. But, he's still fragile. Louie was born prematurely, himself, so he knows a tiny newborn can survive. Will Louie be able to keep little Winslow alive long enough to get past the dangerous newborn stage?

Highly recommended - I love Sharon Creech's writing but Saving Winslow is something special. I love the way Creech connects Winslow's premature birth to Louie's, the way Louie keeps faith in spite of relentless negativity (everyone wants Louie to be prepared, in case Winslow dies), and the way Louie's confidence begins to rub off on everyone around him until even the biggest skeptics want a part in help caring for Winslow. There is one neighbor who can't bear Winslow's squawking but eventually an event occurs that brings the neighbors together and enables them to understand each other. There's also a sweet friendship with a little girl and tender affection for Louie's big brother, who is in the military and sorely missed. A lovely, touching, uplifting story for middle-grade elementary readers.

Saving Winslow is scheduled for release on September 18, 2018.

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  1. I’m going to have to double check but I’m pretty sure I’ve read something by Creech. This one looks cute.

    1. She wrote the Newbery Award book Walk Two Moons. Maybe you've read that? She's also written some books that have similar-looking covers to this one: Love That Dog, Hate That Cat. Not sure if there are others. I love her writing.


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