Sunday, September 24, 2006

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

My first Neil Gaiman book, fourth creepy book for the RIP challenge, and a book that served as a mental break because this has been a migraine week and the doctor still has not called in a refill of Maxalt (I'm just going to have to show up on his doorstep, trip, and knock him over, I guess - migraines whack up my balance completely), Coraline was a nice diversion and a suitably spooky read.

Actually, I can't think of much to say about Coraline, but I think the reason is two-fold:

1. This migraine is killing me; I can't think straight.
2. It was pretty short; the book is, after all, aimed at youngsters.

I will say I found Coraline entertaining and that I particularly liked the fact that in the midst of a creepy, parallel world that she found behind a locked door, Coraline kept her wits about her. I loved the character. And, the dialogue was, I thought, always nicely off-the-wall in a witty but straight-forward way. Coraline spoke her mind but she was never a rotten child, even when she did something wrong that got her into a bind. Instead, she showed courage and intelligence. Although I didn't think Coraline was a mind-blowingly wonderful read, I enjoyed it and it's piqued my interest in Gaiman. I'm hoping to get my greedy little bookloving hands on a copy of Neverwhere, soon. Wish me luck. And, a cure for these darned migraines.



  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon! Headaches are awful.. you don't feel like doing anything.
    Caroline might be one I'll have to read in the store sometime (so I don't have to buy)..

  2. Hope your migraine fades away soon!!! I usually can't even read when my head's really bad so I feel for you.

  3. Angela,

    I feel better today, thanks. Hopefully, this one is over (fingers crossed)! Coraline is a good one to check out from the library, as I did, IMHO. It's very short and a fun read but not a keeper.


    Thanks, so far so good, today! I slept late because I woke up with the same pain that turned into migraine all week and when I got up (at the ungodly hour of 11:20 am) I felt terrific. And it's cool outside!!! Wahoo!!!

  4. I love the book cover on this one. I've heard good things about Gaiman, but I'm not convinced that this book should be added to the list. Maybe someday, when the list is manageable. Then, again, your remarks about Coraline appeal to me.

  5. Framed,

    I had a little trouble getting into the book, but once I got to know Coraline and her parents disappeared (the dialogue as she described her missing parents was really quite funny), I found it quite captivating. I'd suggest you just pick up a copy in the library and read a page or two, if you're interested. It's a very quick read. :)

  6. I'm glad you're feeling better and that it's cooling off down there! 11:20?! You bum! ;) Actually, I probably could've slept that late today, if I didn't have to get up and go play nanny with my niece. Hubby and I both had a tough time with insomnia last night, so tonight I've resorted to drugs! A little pink sleeping pill should do the trick. Actually, it's an anti-stress pill, but still works the same for me. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you're migraine free for the next month or two!

  7. It's true, Les, I'm a bum. LOL

    I had the same problem you and your husband had, though. I'm on Day 4 without Ambien. I really don't want to rely on it, but man . . . you just don't realize how much it helps until you stop taking the stuff! I was up and down all night and part of the reason I went on back to bed after the morning routine was just to catch up on missing ZZZZZs.

    Thanks, I hope I don't get any more migraines, too. They've been really plaguing me, this year. It gets to where you feel like you're missing out on half of your life, when they're hitting frequently.

    You'll have to tell me about your little pink pill. I've thought about asking to switch to something that isn't designed to knock you flat. Tell me more privately if you don't want to say anything here?

  8. I enjoyed this book a lot when I read. Glad to see ya liked it pretty well! :)

  9. Bookfool, so sorry you've been feeling so rotten. Are we by any chance seeing the same doctor?! Hope he finally came through with the right meds. You wrote an awesome review, especially so because you had a migraine at the time.

    The idea of an alternative life with a mother who spoils you holds a certain intrigue, don't you think? I loved how Coraline discovered that appearances can be decieving.

  10. Booklogged,

    Thanks. It's probably the ragweed triggering all those migraines. Ragweed is evil. I appreciate your nice comment about the review.

    My doctor hasn't come through, yet (and Wednesday is his day off, so no point calling, today) but I think they're mostly alike in burying messages and not getting around to some of the refills. It's a function of the job. When you're in pain, it's hard to feel sorry for the doctor, though!!!

    I have to agree, Gaiman chose an interesting concept and a unique way to portray it. It was definitely intriguing. And, I really loved the dialogue; Coraline was pretty funny at times. I'm not sure if I'll get to Neverwhere before it's due back at the library, but I think I'm most interested in finding out whether the characters in his other books will turn out to be as clever as young Coraline.

  11. I'm not going to read this review, I'm not going to read this review! :))

    But that's only because I plan on reading or atleast listening to "Coraline" sometime later this week. Will come back and comment after I get to it!

    I did read that this was a migraine week for you bookfool - hope you're feeling better now?

  12. Lotus,

    I don't think I gave anything away, but I wouldn't read the review if I happened to be reading it next, either. LOL I'll look forward to reading your thoughts.

    Last week's migraine is over but I did have one last night. Fortunately, I slept it off. I hope it stays away. Thanks for asking. :)


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