Friday, September 08, 2006

RIP Update and a Friday Freakout

Nat has informed me that it was Carl V. who came up with the R.I.P. (Readers Imbibing Peril) challenge and that the books must be finished by October 31. Thanks to Carl, I'm enjoying a second novel that is very atmospheric. However, I must revise my goal list because it turned out that Don't Look Now by Daphne du Maurier is "short stories". They look novella length to me, but that's what it says in the book. I hadn't bothered to check, as I haven't picked up the book in a very long time. So, after removing it from the shelf to read and rejecting it because I'm in the mood for a longer work, I tiptoed into the office and located another du Maurier: My Cousin Rachel.

So here's my new challenge list:

1. Girlfriend in a Coma - Douglas Coupland (finished - review forthcoming)
2. Now You See It - Richard Matheson
3. My Cousin Rachel - Daphne du Maurier
4. Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury
5. Haunted - Heather Graham (just arrived in the mail!!)

Others I want to read:

The House of Seven Gables - Nathaniel Hawthorne
A Long, Fatal Love Chase - Louisa May Alcott
The House on the Strand - Daphne du Maurier (if I can find it)
and I'd like to reread
The Return by Daoma Winston, as that's an old favorite that has a great, spooky atmosphere.

I hope to get the Girlfriend in a Coma review up by tomorrow evening.

I'm trying to inject some Autumn color into this post, in case you were wondering. Also, I have no idea how to put the challenge icon in a side column and I'm embarrassed to ask for help, once again, but if anyone feels like telling me I'm willing to learn.

And, now for the freakout. Whilst reading the evening news, which I haven't managed to read for at least a week (figured I ought to at least try to squeeze one in, since I'm falling behind on world events), I had a bizarre epiphany. Has anyone followed the story of the Austrian girl who spent 8 years imprisoned in a small cell? As I was reading a story in which she spoke to the press about her experience, I remembered that I had a very strange dream a few weeks ago. I looked in my outbox and here's what I wrote on the morning of August 24:

Last night was one of those fascinating nightmare nights. I wish I could put together the bits of the dream that I remember because it was actually really interesting. I can "see" the house, the basement (very tight staircase and everything was neatly organized but it was tiny), the countryside (gorgeous), the bad guy (handsome but with sinister eyes), etc. Weird. Someone was kidnapped but I can't figure out who.

I read about the extremely cramped cell Natascha Kampusch was forced to live in, this evening, and that's what spurned the idea to look up images on the internet. And, I nearly fell out of my chair. The staircase, in particular, was almost identical. The cell itself wasn't as orderly as my dream, but there were some stunning similarities. So weird.

Here's a link with photos, if anyone is interested:

BBC News Article

This is not the first time I've had one of those, "Oh, wow, I dreamed that," moments. But, they never cease to stun me as they don't happen often (maybe once a year or less). I thought this was a fitting story to mention with spooky reads on the menu. Nothing like a little real-life weirdness.

I've been under the weather, today, so I'm going to head on to bed to read. Thanks, again, Carl and Nat!!

Freaked-Out Bookfool


  1. Spooky indeed!! Hope you're feeling better. To shut out the world and read for a bit always seems to help me.
    BTW, I just sent you an email about the sidebar image thingy. :)

  2. I'm working on my A~Z Challenge so I won't be joining you all, but have fun! :)

    BTW, I have that book it! I think I'm going to use it when I list my entire A~Z Title List.

  3. Ooooh, creepy!! I hope you're feeling better, too. When you're up to it, wanna forward Nat's email to you about the sidebar image placement. I could use a template lesson or two myself. ;)

  4. Good morning, everybody!


    I'm feeling a little better but not 100%. Reading *always* helps. :) I'll look for your email, thanks!


    I'm having fun reading about your A-Z books. I never did find your cute new image; that pile of books is one I've had for about a year. It is a good one, isn't it? My computer and connection are so archaic that I get tired of waiting for things to load, so I gave up looking at images.

    Hey Les,

    I'll forward Nat's email right now. I just found it (thanks again, Nat!) but I've got to get ready for today's swim meet and won't get around to trying the process till later. I could really use a class.

    Have a great day, ladies!!

  5. HOLY CRAP! That dream business would've freaked me right out. I do that kind of thing all the time (dreams that "come true") but if I actually pre-dreamed about something that showed up on the news I might actually throw up from the freakiness.

    Great list of books you have there. I'm curious about the Louisa May Alcott because I've never read anything of hers that wasn't Little Women'ish. Yay for creepies!

  6. That dream story is just freaky!

    I'm considering the RIP challenge, but since I'm just finishing up two A-Z lists (title and author) I'm really looking forward to some random reading for a change. It's a tough decision.


    ps. I'll be very happy when the beta blogger logins work on all blogs again.

  7. Hey Andi!!

    Good to "see" you! I can think of four times, off the top of my head, that I've dreamed something and then watched it on (or read about it in) the news. It's creepy. I don't heave, though, it just makes my heart go pitty-pat. It's just sooo weird.


    I know what you mean!! I get involved in group reads a lot and find myself yearning to just read whatever calls to me, instead. This is the first time I've done a challenge in which you choose your own books, though. So far, so good. I'm a fickle reader, so I can tell myself I'm going to read something "next" but it doesn't always work out that way! We'll see how it goes!

    BTW, I know who you are. Hope your login problem gets cleared up, soon, though!

  8. Wow. Pretty cool, in a freaky sort of way.

    Do you keep track of those happenings?

  9. Colleen,

    I don't keep track of them, per se, but they're kind of unforgettable - in part, I suppose, because they happen very rarely. And, I'm pretty happy about *that*. Too many dreams like that could make a person nutty.

    So, obviously, I can't use it as an excuse. ;)

  10. yeah, It's always unsettling when that happens. So I can identify completely with you. By now, you are, I am sure, feeling on top of the world. Interesting blog. I found you via Lotus

  11. hope I'm not sending the same comment twice. Blogger gobbled up the last one. Anyhow, nice blog. Found you via Lotus. And yes, having something like that happen is extremely unsettling. I can identify totally

  12. Saaleha,

    I think that first message probably went through just as I was changing my comments to "moderated", hence the brief gobbling episode. Sorry about that. :)

    I'm glad you found me! I'll check out your blog as well. Thanks for visiting!!


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