Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wahoo! Wednesday

Yes, folks, it's Wahoo Wednesday, again!!! Exciting, yes? Even if it's a little late in the day . . .

Five Reasons to Say Wahoo!, Today:

1. Butterflies - even the kind that won't sit quietly and pose with their wings open. They're miracles. See An Obsession With Butterflies for further info about just how surprising (and kind of disgusting) butterflies are. I've learned that some butterfly species sit with their wings closed, as a general rule, and some with their wings open. This fellow, at left, is "nectaring". Cool. I chased him all over the garden and he was one swift-moving little devil.

2. Miss Lottie - You don't know her unless you live in or around Warren County, Mississippi, but Miss Lottie is the children's librarian here and she is a jewel, one of those rare gentle spirits whose existence make one feel a little happier and lighter. When my children were small, they were noisy and couldn't sit still. Not once did Miss Lottie ever give them a harsh look during story hour. Not once. She is a lovely, lovely human.

3. Music - Like books, we all have our own preferences, of course. Isn't that wonderful, in and of itself? I can only listen to music in brief spurts, now that I have a weird ear condition that occasionally makes me hyperaccusive (sensitive to noise), but I still take joy in the moments that I can pop in a CD and sing my heart out.

4. Hugh Laurie - Especially Hugh Laurie doing a flawless American accent during which his character segues into a typical moment of snarkiness requiring the injection of an Australian accent. The man is so talented, witty, humble, and sexy. And, it's even sexier that he doesn't seem to realize that he is all of those things. The photo is a page from this month's In Style magazine, plunked into a frame and plopped onto my futon. Lots of plunking, plopping and snapping going on, around here.

5. The 70's - both the memories from that decade and the outdoors when the temperature hits that range (which it did today in our area, albeit briefly).

Peace, Joy, Love, and Piles of Books to You


  1. Holy crap, that's a sexy pic of Hugh. Most of them are, but that one is especially sexy!

  2. Glad you're also enjoying some cooler weather. It's so refreshing! :)

    Japan finally started to show House, Season 1. I just love his sarcasm. I'm still planning to buy the dvds though but have been putting off the ordering and nasty postage charges.

  3. I'd stop and write a response to all your 5 wahoos, but I'm late. I need to dash out to the nearest newstand and get a copy of In Style. Oh! And I need a new frame, too. ;)

  4. Ye Gods that man is beautiful. Just LOVE him! Hawt!

    I don't really remember the 70s as in the decade (I didn't grace the Earth with my presence until 78) but I love that it's in the 70s here! I went to the library on my lunch hour and I SO did not want to come back to work! I want to go sit outside and read!

  5. Andi,

    LOL - just what I thought. Hence the frame, which I ran out and bought practically the moment I found the pic. :)


    It's just cool in the mornings, but I'll take anything!!! Yeah, refreshing is right - cool weather is so nice for the energy level; heat takes it out of you.

    I'm waiting for Season 2 to go down in price and it's killing me. I love House!


    You kill me. I took that photo of the picture partly so that if the mag page yellows, I can print out the picture of the picture. Is that nutty, or what?


    Ohhhh, yeah. LOL He's a hottie, all right.

    The 70's were great. I'm sorry you missed out. At least you have the 70's weather (yea!) and you skipped right over Vietnam! Now, I can't defend the music of the 80's. I just can't. Hope you had a fun lunch!! :)

  6. One word. Kinko's. They can do an awesome laminating job on the picture, so you never have to worry about it getting torn, faded, or stained with drool.

    There was music in the 80's?

    All I can think of that I would say is worth listening to is Blondie's Call Me. For fun, check out Fer shure, dudes. It was a totally awesome decade!

  7. Hey Les,

    Typically, we don't have a Kinko's, but I do have a laminating machine. I'll have to get some larger plastic sheets and see if I can cover this one. Thanks for the idea!!

    Oh, yeah, Blondie. I remember Blondie. I actually liked Rapture. Wow, that was a while back. The 80's were just not my decade for many reasons. I was relieved when they ended!


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