Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Malarkey

Things that are on my mind, today:

1. The general suckiness of trying to go off Ambien. I need sleep. Lots of sleep.

2. What exactly Hugh meant when he said, "A woman in boots knows her own mind, and that's appealing." Did he mean a woman who is willing to throw on the ugly Wellies and slog in the garden is appealing? Or was he referring to the kind of woman who will endure the pain of 3" suede heels just to look good in that long, swingy skirt? Could it be that he means a woman in jeans and cowboy boots has a mind of her own or that a woman willing to don ugly snow boots to keep from breaking her neck is worth investigating?

These things concern me. Of course, I love boots when it's cold (that last week of January and the first week of February, of course) but there's such a narrow window of opportunity for boot-wearing in this region that I'm greatly disturbed. I wonder what exactly Hugh thinks of a woman in beaded flip-flops.

3. Why does the word "boots" bring up some really bad links when one does a Google search for images of them?

4. Am I spelling "malarkey" correctly? Does it really matter?

5. Did I do a lousy job of imparting the fact that I still actually enjoyed the book Haunted, in spite of its flaws? For the record: I did enjoy Haunted despite the low rating. The novel was actually quite entertaining and a quick, fun read (if a bit flawed, plot-wise). My review probably veered strongly toward the negative because I think the writing style would also annoy many of the bloggers who drop by regularly (and it was one I think I might have ditched in different circumstances - I found no quotes worth marking, other than one really bad one). But, I still thought it was interesting and unique. Allow me to go find a bigger shovel to dig myself a hole with.

6. What possible purpose could God have for sticking me in a hot climate where I'm allergic to everything? Am I missing something, here?

Things I'm still reading, as of this evening:

36 Views of Mt. Fuji (getting close to the end) by Cathy N. Davidson
An Obsession With Butterflies by Sharman Apt Russell
A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott (not far into this one, yet)
The Messies Manual by Sandra Felton

Very tired and foolish Bookfool in need of a Vacation


  1. Referring to #5, I have experienced that also...poor rating, yet still enjoyed the book on some level. It can be difficult to convey our real feelings about a book without leading others astray.

    I've also found myself thinking about a book months later with different memories than my rating indicates. Ratings can be fickle depending on many variables, but in general my memories (better or worse) are usually within reason, so I'm not going to worry about it.

    All we can do is the best we can, with the most we know. :)

  2. Not to worry.. I'd still be tempted to read Haunted.. tho I'd pick it up at the library, as opposed to actually buying it.

  3. I'm sorry you're so tired! I hate that feeling of complete exhaustion and sympathize with you 100%. I think you've got malarkey right. Yep, I just checked at Webster's. :) I've been thinking about boots this past week myself! I have a pair of hiking boots to stomp around in the snow with when it's not too deep; a pair of real snow boots that are UGLY!; and a pair of black boots to wear with jeans, but I'm thinking I want a dressier pair with a more pointed toe. I'm not really into fashion and clothes and am perfectly comfortable in jeans, tennies and my Birkenstocks. However, sometimes I feel like I should dress up a little bit, ya know? Sorry your allergies are troubling you. I'm looking forward to our first hard freeze so the ragweed will leave me alone. BTW, thanks for the House link. Just what I need. Another site to spend hours on. ;)

  4. Hehe! I love your sense of humour! I don't have anything else to add just wanted to say thanks for the chuckle! :)

  5. Joy,

    What a nice post, thanks! I'll have to remember your quote to do the best we can with the most we know. That's worth printing out.

    I've done the same, thinking about a book and realizing I feel different about it down the road. I remember one in particular that I gave a 5/5 rating but two weeks later I couldn't remember a single scene! I guess end-of-year reading lists are best for bringing up what's memorable and what ended up not sticking. :)


    Thanks, glad I didn't completely put you off Haunted. I love your website, btw. Tried to post there but it took forever (I have dial-up) to register and I was so tired that I gave up and crashed. I was just going to tell you I like it and ask if I can put you on my bloggy list because I'll want to return.


    I've decided to give up on going off Ambien, for now. It's been a disaster. Today, I woke up with such a bad migraine (probably from fatigue) that I had to take the tough stuff and go back to bed. Enough of that! LOL

    I hear you on the boots. I have some of both cute and ugly and hardly ever get to wear either but it's great to have some for dressing up . . . just, you know, for those two cold weeks. In case I actually go somewhere. :)

    I've just stopped taking allergy shots because our local medical corporation likes to cash checks but not post them. Sigh. I think I'll have to find another allergist. We have an 11-month pollen season; I will always long to return to a climate where there is such a thing as a hard freeze!! And, all women need that House link. Really. That and a constant infusion of Hughness.


    There's nothing that pleases me more than knowing I made someone smile. Thanks for letting me know I succeeded. You get the warm fuzzy award for today. :)

  6. thanks! sorry you had trouble with the site.. i'm changing the whole format soon, so it'll look more like a blog.. none of the fancy flash stuff, so it shouldn't take as long to load.
    and please do put me on your list.. i'll be adding yours to mine as soon as the new look is up & running..

  7. Thanks, Angela, I've added your site to my bloggy links! I just have a really slow connection; we're kind of unusual in that way.

  8. Don't worry, people in England with their "Wellingtons" often wonder why God has them stuck there, too. I mean, goodness, all that cold and damp?! What if we invent beaded boots? Or beaded Birkenstocks?

  9. Beaded boots . . . like the type the Native Americans wore? I think they were kind of cute. Yeah, I could go for that, myself. I don't know if the English would, though (not practical enough, that's my guess) and beaded Birkenstocks sound so very un-German. ;)

    I've asked God for an idea what I'm supposed to do here and darned if he didn't just stay quiet. I suppose that implies that I'm obligated to figure it out on my own, but after 20 years of pondering it doesn't seem like I'm getting anywhere! I'd happily switch places with a frozen Englishwoman, at this point.

  10. bookfool, I didn't know you didn't like your town...state? I don't know the history. It's hard to be where you don't want to be, but I'm sure you're doing good where you are. If that helps. Which it probably doesn't. Post on why you are where you are if you want to sometime. I'm interested.

  11. you poor, poor thing. So many questions, and so few answers. Take a break, no shovels. Visit exotic places, where your allergies don't trouble, meet interesting people. You are after all, A bookfool!! (and I mean that as the highest compliment)

  12. Bellezza,

    It's the city that's the problem, I guess. Even people from elsewhere in MS don't like Vicksburg. I might post our story, one day, but it's probably a very dull thing to read about!


    Traveling really helps. We used to travel quite a bit, even just weekend trips, and I miss that. I keep thinking I need to gather some women and go on a Girl Trip - just take off and have some fun with friends. :)

  13. Now that sounds like a great idea!! Where are we are going? ;) Sedona? Santa Fe? Big Sur? Del Mar (my former home sweet home)?

  14. Well, hmm, how about anywhere but here? It'll have to have some really great bookstores, of course. :)


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